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  1. From the album: Shrimpy's Images

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  2. Arriving in mid-June this year, Lollipop Chainsaw is just as ridiculous and raunchy as the title may suggest. I mean, it“s pretty hard to ignore a scantily-clad cheerleader prancing around with a chainsaw decapitating zombies by the hundreds. It actually sounds like a dream I may have had one night. That being said, I can“t help but wonder why such a ridiculous concept could possibly keep me interested. I'd like to think I“m a decent person; I play games for innovative gameplay and intriguing story. Don“t get me wrong, I think Lollipop Chainsaw has that. Its hack-and-slash style is like Devil May Cry on estrogen pills, and as for story, while the life of a high school teenager doesn“t seems ripe with originality, Juliet Starling is no normal teen. I'm curious to find out why a legion of undead take over a high school, even though I get the feeling that it“s just an excuse to get the game going. But there has to be more that I“m not seeing here. Or perhaps, something that I may be seeing too much of… Juliet uses a pink-outlined chainsaw that emits bright sparkles. It's certainly a pretty picture when combat starts happening. Alright, gentlemen. Let“s think about Lollipop Chainsaw“s main protagonist. Juliet Starling, a fresh 18-year-old blonde in high school, is dressed in a cheerleader outfit which, if I may, seems a little skimpy for sporting event attire. Let“s not forgot that she loves the color pink (i.e. her bracelets, headband, and studded chainsaw), slaughters zombies, has a certain favorability for sucking on lollipops, and carries her boyfriends head around on her waist. Chances are, for males, you liked nearly every quality listed above, know few girls who share these qualities, or at least dreamed something of this sort once in your life. Is Lollipop Chainsaw really just a blatant representation of women in order to attract male gamers? If you take a quick look at Lollipop Chainsaw“s developer, you“ll notice that this title is under the flagship of Grasshopper Manufacture. These delightful people have brought you games such as Killer7, No More Heroes, and Shadows of the Damned. Apparent in the aforementioned games and all of their games in general, Grasshopper Manufacture“s games all share a certain over-the-top style, each with its own flare depending on which game you“re talking about. However, each of the games also has its fair share of phallic references, but it's done in a way that it wasn“t too offensive (hopefully) and was tasteful for that specific game. Now, when we look at Lollipop Chainsaw, it seems that sexual references are found right at the game“s central concept. One could argue that Juliet“s revealing appearance was a stylistic choice, and there“s nothing wrong about that. Grasshopper Manufacture“s games each display over-the-top action through different means, and in this case, it“s the exploitation of the stereotypical high school cheerleader and the adolescent fantasies that usually follow. But how far is too far? Flashy moments like this blend the barrier between violence and imagery Not too long ago, there were new screenshots of extra DLC costumes available for Juliet. One good thing I“ll say is that they truly follow the spirit of the game. These include a bunny suit, a throwback to Bruce Campbell“s Evil Dead character, and a few shirt/skirt variations. Then there“s the skin-tight leather suit (Whose zipper is very far down), and straight-up beach bikinis. Now here's something you don't see everyday... Tasteful, huh? Well, it turns out that some of these are available as pre-order bonuses, which means you can probably buy them later on from the Xbox Live store or Playstation Network Store. I was never a big fan of pre-order bonuses or DLC trinkets, and to see bikini alternate costumes as a purchasable bonus just doesn't set right with me. I sense some Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball syndrome since it“s so obvious that it“s an easy ploy for money. Enticing the gamer with nearly-full nudity for a few bucks is a sad but easy tactic. And maybe you“re saying to yourself, “Oh, I would never stoop to such a level.” But there will be people who will buy it, and we can“t blame them or get mad at them because cash traps are designed for a reason. While the costumes are following Lollipop Chainsaw“s theme, I can“t help but bring up the serious social commentary this topic sparks. It“s hard to decide whether or not Lollipop Chainsaw“s use of the female body is simply style or an attention grabber, but nonetheless, I still can“t wait to play the game for its other notable merits. It seems to play nicely, has a good art style and graphics, and because I“m a big zombie buff, there“s no way I can miss out on this game. But then there“s still the issue of certain themes apparent in the game. Today“s world runs off of a few factors, and one of them happens to be sexual appeal because, as the saying goes: "sex sells." Depending on whom you are and what your beliefs are, you may find some of it offensive or demeaning. But when you consider the developer“s history and the true nature of the game, Lollipop Chainsaw can be considered a colorful romp through high school slicing up zombies with a chainsaw and a mini skirt. Talk about imagery.
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    Grand Theft Auto IV - Too Cool For The Street

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    Grand Theft Auto IV - Monster Truck Sandwich

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    Grand Theft Auto IV - Red, Hot, And Flaming

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    Lollipop Chainsaw - Surrounded on Both Fronts

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    Lollipop Chainsaw - Knocking back some Zombies

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    Lollipop Chainsaw - Admiring The Assets

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  10. Back in Microsoft“s 2010 E3 conference, one of the highlights of the day was the presentation of the Star Wars game for Kinect. At the time, the Kinect was making its debut that year, so gamers were anxious to see how the new technology would implement gaming and full-body capture into one solid product. After a few tech demos including re-hashed sports games and main menu action, one game that caught people“s eyes was Star Wars (At the time, an unnamed Star Wars game). The big screen showed off a Jedi fluidly swinging his lightsaber back and forth, deflecting laser shots and cutting through battle droids like butter. However, the part that was even more impressive was that there was a young man on stage mimicking the same movements as the Jedi in the game. When I first saw this, I was immediately impressed. Sadly, if you look closer, you“ll notice that the presentation was very fake. The movements were most-likely pre-rendered CGI footage judging by the video, and even if it wasn“t, the gameplay was surely pre-recorded before the night before things got under way. Fans were a little disappointed, and the game continued to show off some snippets over the next two years. "Look at me everybody! This is what acting looks like!" Okay, enough of the history lesson. Now, Kinect Star Wars is a full-fledged product. It“s out for Kinect right now, and so far the reviews, well… let“s just say it didn“t bomb as bad as the Death Star did. But it has received some good and bad scores. While some of the concepts are neat and it looks flashy, it doesn“t exactly live up to the footage from 2010 by a long shot, and some of the mechanics don“t work the way they should. With all things considered, I“m surprised LucasArts didn“t decide to scrap this game and make Battlefront 3! But that“s for another time. Some people may not know it, but Kinect Star Wars is actually a group of mini-games, with the lightsaber slashing stuff being part of the main story mode. So, you“ll surf through the main menu and sift through all of the available modes. And you“ll see great classic Star Wars activities, including pod racing, lightsaber dueling, a strange rancor-destruction game, and…dancing? I never knew Threepio was so...flexible... It“s true. Star Wars has been touched by the gift of dance. Start up Galactic Dance-off and dance with your favorite characters such as Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Lando Calrissian. Yuck! I“ve had it up to here with LucasArts' excuses for Star Wars games. Force Unleashed 2 was a let down, the Old Republic is pricy, and now this? It may not sound so bad to witness your childhood heroes become degraded to nothing more than hipster-music-dancing fools…or maybe it is? Speaking of music, the songs are actually popular songs that you may have heard on the radio (If you still bother using one). The twist here is that the songs have been modified lyrically so that they relate to the Star Wars universe. So don“t be surprised if you fail to remember the words to “I“m Han Solo,” “Hologram Girl,” or “Princess in a Bottle.” You may even see some new dance moves like “The Trash Compacter” or “The Speeder.” I warn you: if you cringe easily and you“re a hardcore Star Wars fan, then you may want to consider avoiding searching up gameplay footage. Trust me, as a pretty big Star Wars fan, I couldn“t help but shudder as I saw Han Solo dance to a Jason Derulo song. It“s almost like a big “screw you” from George Lucas because everything related to Star Wars goes through him no matter what. That means he saw this, and thought it was okay! Who would ever want to give the green light to the sinister Emperor Palpatine doing a dance-off with Lord Vader himself to random pop themes? It makes me wonder if the man is still stable with himself. And maybe by now you“re thinking that I absolutely detest Kinect Star Wars because of what they“ve done. And to a point, you“re right. But somehow, there“s a part in me, deep down past all of the pride and shame that tells me it“s okay. A part of me finds it all to be kind of quirky, even a little amusing. And I have to hand it to the developers for making a fully-functioning dance game in a game with four other modes. It“s really quite a daunting task. And I hate to admit it, but some of these lyrics are just so darn catchy! The songs are all ones we know, and for some odd reason, hearing Star Wars words in between like subliminal messages is sort of memorizing. I hope this isn“t some sort of brainwashing technique. Changing a song about a booty call to being metaphorically more meaningful than a hologram is a win in my book Think about it; Kinect has always had a focus on all-age gaming, and with that there have been slews of kid-friendly games on Kinect. It shouldn“t be any surprise that Kinect Star Wars is just trying to get in on the action. That“s another thing: it“s a kids game! Well, it practically is. Hell, there“s a kid on the front cover. This game was designed to attract people of all ages, and that definitely includes children. The dance mode was created out of light-hearted fun, and hopefully some of the fans can understand that. And if you don“t like it, then don“t buy the game. Simple as that. Or, if you want to have a little bit of fun, don“t be shy to drop into Galactic Dance-off for a little while. Not for the squeamish, of course.
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    E3 2010 - Faking The Force

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    Kinect Star Wars - Princess Leia Is Doing Great

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    Kinect Star Wars - C-3P0 Getting Down

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    Kinect Star Wars - Ain't No Hologram Girl

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  15. While still not officially announced, Dead Space 3 has been revealed to be in development and is definitely still a game to look forward to in the following year or so. So far the Dead Space series has been consistent with its console releases, using the original game“s formula to craft an excellent sequel. As long as Visceral Games can keep doing whatever it is they do, then perhaps Dead Space will perform a rare feat of producing a series in which every game is incrementally better than its predecessor. In order to achieve that, however, Visceral will have to do a few things first, and here“s what I hope to see them do in the next game. Plasma Cutting the Fine Edges The outer space sections in Dead Space 2 really showed off some fantastic lighting and sound effects This one is kind of a given, but it still deserves to be mentioned. It's been rumored that Dead Space might be receiving the Frostbite Engine 2.0 makeover, which can be seen in such games as Battlefield 3 and Need for Speed: The Run. If you have seen those two, then you“ll know that the games look fantastic and add an unmatched realism to the game. Now, Frostbite has been used on real-life first-person shooters and a surreal driving game. How would the engine fare on a sci-fi horror game? Besides enhancing the engine, Dead Space 3 could definitely improve on the art design even though I thoroughly enjoyed the art design in Dead Space 2. The markings in the Church of Scientology and some of the window shots of the Sprawl were some of the more memorable moments in my mind, so I hope that the icy environments that they intend to work with in this installment will still have some variety. Maybe there could be some frozen caverns or a stage based in the middle of a snow storm just to name a few. Considering that the past two games featured a lot of indoor industrial places, some weather effects and outdoor stages would really light up some of the fans eyes. Taking Charge Even though this is from multiplayer, sadly, this is pretty much what "Point B" is for most of the game I had one problem with Dead Space, and it“s that Isaac Clarke spends the game running errands for everybody! The Ishimura was probably the most annoying ship on the planet because once Isaac finished fixing one thing, another thing on the other side of the ship was already broken, and this would repeat throughout the whole game. And what happens? He leaves the ship anyways! Same goes for Dead Space 2. While some developers claimed that Isaac would “take charge” and start “giving orders,” I didn“t really feel that. It still felt like Isaac was going from one thing to another, but the only difference is that he had Ellie to supposedly help behind the scenes. In Dead Space 3, Isaac needs to have some serious leadership. Considering that his mind is now healed and his girlfriend is “dealt with,” I“m hoping that this game is more of a rescue mission, and Isaac Clarke is captain. Or he“s at least doing things his way instead of taking orders from his communicator. Sharing the Fear with Friends Only in Dead Space will you see two grown men become overpowered by a single child Dead Space 2 introduced the series to multiplayer. Two teams, one human, one necromorph, are pitted against each other. The humans have a set of objectives, and the necromorphs must stop the humans from doing them. It“s a simple formula, but I actually enjoyed the multiplayer component. I liked unlocking new weapons, skins, and necromorph upgrades. Sure, it“s certainly dumbed down compared to other multiplayer games, but it worked (when EA“s servers feel like working correctly, at least). Now they can take that build and really add some depth to Dead Space 3“s multiplayer. Dead Space 2 had only five maps on launch day, so I can only hope that Dead Space 3 will have at least twice as many. The problem with a small selection of maps is that it allows for more players to learn the maps quickly, and everyone begins to use the same tactics over and over again because the maps didn“t really have too much strategy to them besides using your team numbers to your advantage. Speaking of numbers, Dead Space 2 could have up to eight players with four on each team. I like this because it forces you to work with your team no matter which side you were on. Humans, while powerful, can be easily demolished by three or four necromorphs, and necromorphs tend to die pretty quickly so backup is practically required. I“m hoping that the player cap is increased to ten, with five players on each team. The only changes would obviously be decreasing the humans“ weapons and adding more necromorph NPCs on the field. Personally, I hope that they decide to continue Dead Space multiplayer, and perhaps with a few tweaks it can become something really big in the future. More Necromorphs! If there's one thing you never want to be in free space with, it's with a bunch of bulbous tentacles This is another given if you“re a Dead Space fan. There“s no doubt that Dead Space 3 will bring new foes, just as Dead Space 2 introduced the aptly named “Puker” and the never-ending “Pack.” Every necromorph that has been added to the list each has their own strengths and weaknesses, and were all very memorable. Now we“re left to wonder what types of horrible creations can come out of the Dead Space closet. I“m hoping to see something that flies or hovers, considering that there hasn“t been a necromorph that does so thus far. Also, anything that uses sound to detect its prey as its main weapon would also be fun to fight with. Another issue with the Dead Space games is the way bosses are handled. They usually turn into a pattern-based ordeal where the player avoids some hits and then shoots a central weakpoint. Bosses in the first Dead Space were okay, but in Dead Space 2, the only boss in the game (which is at the very end) is a run-and-gun ordeal. Dead Space was built on tank controls, so running around and popping off quick shots really isn“t the intended way of play. Dead Space 3 needs to have more boss battles, they need to work around the control scheme, and they should be as epic as any random encounter with any other necromorph. What do you think? Are there any specific additions or changes you'd like to see in Dead Space 3?
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    Dead Space 2 - Tentacles In Space

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    Dead Space 2 - Shooting A Pack Monster

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    Dead Space 2 - Press And Hold B

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    Dead Space 2 - Out In Space

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    Dead Space 3 Fan Cover

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    Living Life the Adam Jensen Way

    After spending an extensive amount of time with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I feel that Adam Jensen, the game“s protagonist, has taught me a lot as far as surviving in the real world and dealing with situations that may fair more difficult than throwing out the garbage. Of course, if its Adam Jensen we“re talking about here, these solutions may not seem orthodox, or even rational in some cases, but they“re solutions nonetheless and I thought I“d take a moment to share how you too can solve your problems the Jensen way! No Entrance? No problem! Vents also make good storage components, especially for those pesky dead bodies! Ever find yourself completely mind-boggled when you approach a high security gate and can“t find any way to pick the lock or hack the computer system? You may consider turning right around and heading back home. But if you“re Adam Jensen, then you“ll just find a vent. It“s common knowledge that every building that was ever made in the history of man has a ventilation system tucked inside. All you got to do is find a vent shaft, open it (Because they“re always unlocked), and crawl right through. And don“t worry, because in today“s day and age, vents are pretty much clear of any traps, sharp fans, or spider webs that would normally get in someone“s way. Vents: transportation of the future! Sunglasses, Day In, Night Out Sunglasses so cool that the lens aren't even connected to each other It could a cloudy day outside. It could be pitch black in a power outage. It could be inside of a black hole. It doesn“t matter. All of the greatest icons in media history have adorned the legendary sunglasses. David Caruso could do it, and he even had one-liners in between the time he took out his sunglasses and actually put them on! Adam Jensen takes this another step forward. Not only do you rarely see the hero“s eyes, but his sunglasses are augmentations themselves. His sunglasses are etched into his scalp, and he always has them on. They literally never leave his face. And through alleyways, sewers, and nightclubs, you can guess that they“re still on, all the time. When you have a fashion statement, you have to rock it, and that“s what Adam Jensen does. Good with his Pheromones The 'Gun' is also a viable and effective speech choice, as seen here In games like Fallout or Skyrim, speech can be a vital choice for the player who chooses to try and talk their way in or out of a situation. Generally, this is done by leveling up speech and hoping to pick the correct statement in order to move on. This may seem adequate for some Wasteland brute or dragon-born warrior, but for Adam Jensen, a silver tongue must be as sharp as its name. Coming from an ex-SWAT background, Jensen can instantly compile a few handy lines right on the spot. But even then it may not help. How does one get around this? Simple. Just install a social identification augment and download background information on your target as your speaking to them. Perhaps they“re aggressive, or have been in jail, or their favorite color is blue. You can really find a lot about a person by simply stalking their lives from a historical database. And, in the bizarre case that all of the provided information doesn“t help, why not just discretely slap some pheromones in your target“s face, guaranteeing complete and unquestioned cooperation from that point on? Whether it“s legal or not isn“t the main concern. It“s just spectacular to pull a 180 on your suspect through invisible chemicals, that“s all. Icarus Never Took the Stairs Pikachu would be so jealous Imagine scaling to the top of a hundred-story skyscraper. The arid breeze sifting through your skin, you can“t but feel the urge to just fly. Well, too bad. According to gravity, you can“t do that, or else you“d end up on the floor with your feet going through your shoulders. But look at this with a Jensen mindset, and in case you haven“t figured it out yet, yes, you can totally jump off that skyscraper. Take a step off the ledge, and strike your best ninja pose as you levitate down in a yellow, sparkling flash of glory. Add some “whooshing” noises and the ability to stun anyone at your landing at that earns you the Jensen seal of approval. Never Ask for Anything Just don“t.
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    Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Adam Jensen

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    Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Vents

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    Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Sunglasses

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