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  1. Did anyone else get a cardboard cutout of Juliet Starling in the mail today? o_o

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    2. Jared


      Apparently quite a few of us got one. It was a hassle to set up, but I ain't complaining. A thanks to the company that sent it out to us.

    3. Sean Dimagiba

      Sean Dimagiba

      Yeah no kidding, I felt like such a dope until I figured out how fairly easy it was to put it together.

    4. Leah


      Yeah, the instructions were pretty stupid :(

  2. Graduating high school today :D

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    2. Jared


      You get a swat for each year you attended, then a pinch to get into college... I think.

    3. Rex705


      Congrats you have graduated from school welcome to slavery.

    4. Marcus Estrada

      Marcus Estrada

      Yay! You made it! Now onto level 2 of life :o.

  3. Prom Night! Woo!!!

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    2. Sailor Liztress

      Sailor Liztress

      My prom wasn't too bad. Then again it was like 10 years ago...

    3. Marshall Henderson

      Marshall Henderson

      Proms are boring! I hope you pre-gamed!

    4. bink


      Hope you had a good and safe time.