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  1. John Kidman

    October's PS+ Lineup Revealed!

    I forget that we haven't even gotten that on PS+. I know I picked both Knack and Killzone up for $5 during Christmas at Hastings (RIP) and was definitely worth it, but I'm shocked we've seen none of these (but saw NBA2k16 during basketball season).
  2. John Kidman

    October's PS+ Lineup Revealed!

    Meh. I'm good with the RE Remake Remaster Republished, since I don't have it/haven't played it. I am still amazed that Last of Us Remastered hasn't popped up yet.
  3. John Kidman

    Crazy: Disney might be buying Twitter

    A full paid version of Twitter would push me out. Having more ads would also push me out, but I'd love to see movie advertisements over the scams, garbage "viral" sponsored tweets, etc that are currently pushed to me.
  4. John Kidman

    Share your last beaten games here!

    So true. At the same time, it is also a million times more of a story than all pre-taken king content. I got around to some game clean up today. I finally finished the last Chapter of Valiant Hearts. Hits you in the feels. Gauntlet. Apparently, had forgotten where Barrel/Venom and myself stopped playing Gauntlet. I went on to load it up and was just before the final stage. So I decided to knock that out so I could clear it off the HDD. No crown thieving.
  5. John Kidman

    Share your last beaten games here!

    Actually got around to finishing Taken King story in Destiny.
  6. John Kidman

    New Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Remix trailer is pretty bonkers

    When you walk away, you don't hear me say... "Please release another compilation bridge." The update looks nice, but honestly... just give me Kingdom Hearts 3.
  7. He's not worth that much. It's not like they don't have a laundry list of people capable of being the next bond for 1/3rd of that.
  8. John Kidman

    PS4 Pro: Will you buy one?

    Nope. I'd rather have a themed old version than this one. As of right now, I have little-to-no interest in PSVR stuff... so we shall see.
  9. John Kidman

    September's PS+ Games Revealed

    I finished Lords of the Fallen on XB1. It wasn't too terrible. It can be frustrating, but way more forgiving than Souls. Most bosses have that same gimmicky boss crap.
  10. I won't put these in any particular order and will skip a few that I've already seen listed. These are all pretty solid lists. A Link to the Past: I can't make a list without mentioning Legend of Zelda. Boogerman - A Pick and Flick Adventure: This game is awful, but as a kid I found it hilarious. Tales of Phantasia: Not my favorite Tales game, but I enjoyed it. Final Fantasy III/VI: Venom mentioned this one, but this one deserves a spot on every list! #BestFinalFantasy Secret of Mana: I see the mention of Seiken Densetsu 3, but I didn't get a chance to play 3 until deep into the Gamecube era. I did get to play 2 when it came out. I liked it. I liked it a lot. Chrono Trigger: Let the record show. Chrono Trigger is still amazing. Earthbound: Great game. Shame I didn't just keep the rental copy that I played all those years ago
  11. John Kidman

    PS4 Slim leaked (probably?)

    They've also posted pictures of retail boxes, which seem to reflect the system in that picture.
  12. John Kidman

    Watchu' Buyin' August 2016 Edition

    I am probably holding off on anything new this month. Unless I get a cheap copy of NMS.
  13. John Kidman

    2016 August Games with Gold!!

    I need to remember to add a month to my XBL in August.
  14. John Kidman

    PSN Flash Sale (7/15-7/18): Battle-Ready Deals

    I will probably pick up TLOUR and Into the Nexus. Not that I have any HDD space.
  15. John Kidman

    Have you made the jump into Pokemon GO yet?

    Oh, I have. I am only like, level 10... but I am sporting a Snorlax and Scyther. I came across an Alakazam, but couldn't get to him because he was in a restricted area (middle of a football field that is not open to the public) I also dump a CP100 Psyduck at claimed gyms. Just because Psyduck is hilarious.