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  1. I've picked up my axe again. I'm doing the bass expert carreer on Guitar Hero World tour. I'm getting pretty good Also doing Skyrim... man I love this game, and the Kinect voice integration is a wonderful addition
  2. Tanelorn

    Hello everyone !

    yeah.. that's not how to say it in English ? sorry, i'm French Canadian umm.. the name rings a bell
  3. Tanelorn

    Hello everyone !

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I always like to join new community about gaming, it's my favorite hobby. I don't play video games a lot these days, due to my 2 beautiful daughters eating lots of my time I play mostly on the X360 and a little bit of Retro games on my PC. And I have to confess something.. I am an achievement hunter... I love achievements Happy gaming !