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  1. *sigh* Guess we're not getting an FF7 update

    1. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      Yeah, super bummed by that too.


      I hope they show a teaser or something at TGS later this year. But man, we're not getting that game till next gen for sure.

  2. Bottom line for me: Free to Play - Charge for all the garbage you want to give players an edge Games I Spend Even A Dollar on - GTFO
  3. Broke Overwatch's hold over me; Crushed Fractured B-Whole and am about to Finish BOTW.  I see a relapse coming.

    1. Venom


      If not sooner, then definitely when the holiday event starts. :P

    2. iwx Leprechaun

      iwx Leprechaun

      I KNOW.  I want to try to get another game beaten before that starts.

  4. iwx Leprechaun

    The Official "Post Your Black Friday Buys" 2017 Thread

    Told myself this year I was only getting 2 games, I bought 8... STILL am getting a bonus 20% off from Amazon for making our wedding registry on there so a lot of these prices factor that. Also gift cards and stuff put my total out of pocket at around $60, not bad Wolfenstein 2 $20 Persona 5 $24 I am Setsuna (Switch) $24 Horizon: Zero Dawn $16 Nier Automata $25 Nioh $16 Resident Evil VII $15 Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle $29
  5. iwx Leprechaun

    MoviePass Week 1 Impressions

    You can sign up at their website, moviepass.com or on their app I think. If you go to the website, you can see the theaters near you. I love the service, my wife just got her card in the mail so i can finally see the things like The Kingsman, she's had me waiting for. But I've used it to see movies that like Chasing the Dragon (a Donnie Yen film in Mandarin) that I never would have thought to go see, and that movie was great.
  6. iwx Leprechaun

    Watchu Buyin' September 2017 Edition

    Pretty much at that point in the year where I'm locked down regarding gaming purchases until Black Friday
  7. Impressions on MoviePass in the forums; spoiler alert: it's dope.

  8. iwx Leprechaun

    MoviePass Week 1 Impressions

    So I signed up for MoviePass back in August when they announced their $10 unlimited movie plan. Unlike many others calling for the head of the CEO for not having their cards yet, I patiently waited and sure enough it showed up. Hadn't seen Spiderman: Homecoming yet and saw that it was still playing in a local theater, so i grabbed my phone and headed to the theater. In order to load money onto your MoviePass debit card, you need to check in to the theater with the movie and showtime. This was simple and painless. Being that it was the first time I used my card it asked for my last 4 digits on it to verify and activate; punched them in and 15 seconds later I was good to go. Up on my screen popped "You have reserved Spiderman: Homecoming 6:00PM. You have 30 minutes to check in." In addition to that, there are buttons where you could cancel or change the reservation as well. I walked up to the counter and told them the movie, $13.00 pops up on the screen and I hand them my card. I hold my breath as I wait, convinced its going to mess up. PAID. What Whaaaaaaaaat! Walked in and watched a movie in a theater to myself. Yesterday I get off work early and will be passing the same theater, figure might as well check the showtimes. Hey American Assassin in 15 minutes! Same process, same result, another "free" movie. Today, might just go see Mother with my wife. The service is legitimate, and as of right now I'm EXTREMELY pleased. That's not to say there aren't a few caveats. 1 movie a day, and you can only see a movie once, can't just go insane and watch the Emoji Movie every day for a month. Also, it appears there are quotas that can pop up, I've only heard about it happening once when IT released. So checking your app before you leave is definitely helpful. They do offer E-Tickets, but few theaters support the program, so having a nearby theater really works best. Overall, I'm not sure how long they can sustain this program on this price, but in the meantime I'M FREAKING SEEING EVERYTHING!
  9. Going to have a lot of fun with the new "reason for edit" feature

    1. Venom


      As long as you don't steal my reason of "wouldn't you like to know."

  10. It really is a hard apple to grasp. On one hand a skilled player is going to give us an honest, deeper impression of the actual game. While someone who is not as experienced can lend a different nuance to the review. Honestly both have their place and people are, as per usual, butthurt over nothing at all. Edit: that said, the game looks incredible, I don't care.
  11. iwx Leprechaun

    Madden 18 Free for Verizon Wireless Customers

    https://slickdeals.net/f/10535888-verizon-wireless-up-rewards-madden-18-ps4-xbox-one-digital-code?src=pdw Part of their UP rewards program
  12. iwx Leprechaun

    What have you seen recently and what did you think?

    Checked out The Hitman's Body Guard this weekend, fun summer movie. Honestly think it would have been one of the best grossing summer films had they released it earlier
  13. iwx Leprechaun

    How to be a retro gamer in the modern world.

    If Upscaling is not a goal of yours; you can cheaply buy (30 or less) composite/component to HDMI switch boxes on amazon.