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  1. Most people who were interested probably own Dragonfall at this point and Chronicles seems like a gamble and it's honestly surprising Kiwi has not heard from it considering how many fans.of Shadowrun Kiwi knows. Not a very good sign. Kiwi's never actually heard of Dreamfall either and isn't terribly enthused with the idea of another adventure game. No interest in Magicka 2 either, one was enough. Warmahordes looks vaguely interesting and Kiwi could probably trick someone else into trying chronicles with him.
  2. For games with tight narrative/atmosphere and not a whole lot of action, such as Metro 2033, Kiwi will stick with in game stuff. First play through usually gets full focus, audio-wise. For grinding stuff, repeat play through, and online stuff? Kiwi has a whole lot of playlists and stuff set up for whatever he feels like listening to.
  3. That voice acting made Kiwi want to cry. Can't really judge the game play because there was about 5 seconds of it.
  4. Kiwi's pretty much done buying video games right now as he is pretty much out of money and his next shot of munner is going to go towards art bullocks.
  5. Why are there reskins of the same guns/vehicles? Did Halo add a drop system while Kiwi wasn't looking?
  6. Stuff Kiwi's currently into at the moment: Warframe, Phantasy Star Online 2, Company of Heroes 2, and Men of War Assault Squad 2. Honestly Kiwi would say his average is about 3 with the reasonable max being 6, though usually half of them are multiplayer affairs so Kiwi only plays them when he has people to do so.
  7. Hello, Neighbor!

    Looks interesting, Kiwi probably wouldn't play it though. One of the things that bugged Kiwi was the magically appearing barricades. Would have been a lot better if the guy actually had to spend time putting them up. Unless the secret is that the guy is a wizard. Neat concept but it seems like it will, by it's very nature be a very short game with not a whole lotta life to it.
  8. Halo 5 reviews are rolling in ^^

    Except that's not true. Kiwi is currently playing through Red Alert 2 campaigns for probably the 6th time and he's gone through Halo 1's campaign more times then he is willing to count. Some single player stuff is not good to replay, true, especially if they go heavy on the forced tutorials.
  9. Kiwi will go with the impossible. A Mechwarrior game with procedural generation and co-op that goes whole hog with what Battletech has to offer. The Reunification Wars, Star League Era, Amaris Coup, Succession Wars, Wars of Reaving, the Jihad, Dark Ages, drones, warships, tanks, physical attacks... Options to be a mercenary unit or be beholden to any specific faction, even ones that last like 3 years and then die. Mod support. It would play a bit in between Mechwarrior 4 and Mechwarrior Online, just without the terrible company running it. It'll never happen because of the sheer amount of resources that would be needed to do it well, but Kiwi can dream. As for getting a game translated to English, one of the Super Robot Wars titles. Kiwi doesn't know which one but he wants the ones other then Original Generations in English
  10. Kiwi's interested. Steam was mostly inoffensive at the start, but, as a program, it's slowly been getting worse, at least for Kiwi. The only issue is, Kiwi's bank throws a fit about GOG and Kiwi has to jump through hoops if he wants to buy anything from them. Kiwi likes GOG a lot more then steam lately, and would actually like to buy more from them. His difficulties with buying from them is aggravating as GOG tends to have the better deals on older games.
  11. My Top 3 Shmups / Danmaku

    Kiwi has played a Touhou before, but did not enjoy it very much. The bullet hell thing is pretty uninteresting to Kiwi. There are some shmups Kiwi enjoys, but he can't recall them off the top of his head.
  12. What's On Your Mind?

    Kiwi has massive writer's block on a philosophicals paper which is aggravating Putting off getting all the paperwork that Kiwi needs to take into work tomorrow morning, won't take long to get it in order but Kiwi is lazy. Kiwi misplaced his phone but he probably knows where it is. Waiting on someone to show up so Kiwi might get to play Killing Floor. Kiwi now that Kiwi actually is looking at having money he realizes how much he actually needs. Kiwi's going to go shoot things or something.
  13. Star Wars Battlefront

    Kiwi is more bothered that the shouting and stuff made it feel like they just took a trailer from another battlefield game and just slapped Star Wars on it. Kiwi was never that huge a fan of the space battles, but their exclusion is still a cause for concern. It says to Kiwi they'd prefer to cut down as much stuff as they can for DLC/laziness. Also Kiwi's guessing there's no Republic/Robutts so there's that too.
  14. Making Sense Out of Nonsense: Nintendo & YouTube

    That seems to be based on the assumption that what a person would watch a LP is for the game itself, rather then the person playing it. For some it may be true, for Kiwi definitely not. Kiwi does not watch many streams or Let's Plays. Kiwi can really only recall one Let's Play that he took the time to watch that was of a game he hadn't played before (Starsiege, in case you're wondering) and Kiwi played it immediately afterwards because it seemed rad (and it was). The window is often in a corner, sometimes even covered up partially by a game Kiwi's actually playing. So the statement that the game and not the commentary is the "real content" (unless Kiwi is misunderstanding the statement) does not seem true.* Then what is the issue of someone making money off of a Let's Play? Kiwi would follow up on the Sport's commentator thing but it's late and Kiwi actually dun know too much about it to begin with so feel free to mock him for that or something. *Of course, there are some who do just watch them to see a game's story, but basing the worth of a work on the intent of a portion of viewers seems a bit silly.
  15. Making Sense Out of Nonsense: Nintendo & YouTube

    Is stand-up comedy not real content? It's just a dude standing on a stage talking. He's not "creating" anything other then jokes, so why should he make any money off of it? Before Kiwi gets any sillier with analogies, the point he's trying to make is that you're kind of creating an artificial divide here. How's it take more creativity to string together 3 minutes of video game footage and put it to a song, then it does to make entertaining commentary on the spot for an hour (Or however long they do the game for at a time). The good stuff will take effort and creativity no matter how you slice it. The Let's Play can go through editing and such just as the montage can. Kiwi was getting somewhere with that stand-up comedian bit... what was it? Oh yeah, commentary is pretty simple and straight forward as far as "effort" or production values go, but how is it any different from sports commentators? They're not the one making the stuff they're commentating on, but they still make money from it. Kiwi could probably type more on this but he's forgetting half the bullocks he thought of so he'll leave at this.