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  1. $26 million to find out that we will not be changing our flag. Cool

    1. TKtheknight


      What?! Wasted that much money just for that? Yikes terrible handling of money.

    2. Venom


      It's not like they could use the money for anything important like schools, healthcare, or banana creme pies, right?

  2. Khorne

    Dark Soul 3 - True Colors Trailer.

    Unless the walkthrough has a way to not kill Sif, then there will always be regret.
  3. Black Desert doesn't have any options for scars, so it is now the worst waifu maker 4/10

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    2. barrel


      Time to get a Wii-U and Xenoblade Chronicles X. Your waifu won't be nearly as attractive but you can place scars and make them huge.

    3. Khorne


      I will just wait until XCOM 2 and make a squad of waifus.

    4. Rex705


      Yes just like XCOM 1 and my super awesome female power ranger squad.

  4. Black Desert beta experience: Spent half an hour dicking around in the character creator, but when I went into the actual game it gave me a file corrupt error, and told me to use the file-recovery tool, but no such option exists, and I can't be assed redownloading it. 6/10.

    1. barrel


      To be fair, I really don't think anybody is actually playing Black Desert for any real reason other than the character creator.


    2. Khorne


      But you gotta see your waifu walk around in-game!

  5. CSGO update: We made everything more inaccurate, expect this new revolver we added which is basically a sniper pistol, but is accurate while moving and one hits anything. Oh we also changed the pro round/bomb timers, you guys wanted the MM timers and the pro timers to be the same right? Well we changed both so they could meet in the middle, because smokes are OP or something. Also you can pause competitive now because sometimes you need to stop the action to just really yell that one guy who...

    1. Khorne


      Always buys on eco rounds.

    2. Rex705


      Also broke the game with crap rank system so I can't even play competitive until I spend forever in crappy casual just to rank up. Then after not playing for a while the rank goes back down and you gotta do crappy casual again. I no longer have any interest in the game sorry.

    3. Khorne


      It wasn't as bad when the operation was going on, because you could get decent XP with it, but now it is just a massive grind to get to level 3.

  6. Khorne

    What'd you think of The Game Awards 2015?

    Nice to see Konami getting booed, but outside of that I tend to find the whole game awards/GOTY lists thing to be a waste of time, much more interesting to just talk about games, then to slap awards on them. Like no one ever sat down and went "This is what makes Her Story a stand out game (even though it isn't, but whatever)" they just gave it a few awards and moved on. Just talk about all the great games we have had this year, without all the categories and picking winners crap, it is how we end up with situations such as Undertale barely getting a mention, or Beginners Guide not even getting that. Also KennyS as esports player of the year? Over Olofmeister or Guardian? Complete nonsense.
  7. So Rainbow 6 Siege looks like a good game, weighed down with a whole bunch of bollocks you don't need. A shame considering I liked the beta.

  8. Khorne

    Samurai Jack is... back?

    Gotta get back indeed :/
  9. Khorne

    Back to the Future in ACTUAL 2015

    The future: An eternal disappointment
  10. Khorne

    Anyone else here playing Hex TCG?

    LCG = Living Card Game. The difference is that instead of getting packs with random cards in them, they release packs that have specific cards in them, so anyone who buys the 'Breaker Bay' pack will get the same cards as anyone else who buys it.
  11. Khorne

    Anyone else here playing Hex TCG?

    A) It isn't a LCG so it is automatically a bad card game It isn't Netrunner so even if it was a LCG it would still be bad by comparison. But no, I haven't played it, but after Hearthstones RNG nonsense, it probably won't be the worst digital card game available.
  12. Battlefront: A boring shooter for boring people. Add it to the list.

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    2. John Kidman

      John Kidman

      The spawning is god awful. Khorne is right about that.

    3. barrel


      You really notice it for the uplink focused level because good/bad spawns basically lead to free kills/easy captures.

    4. Ludono


      It was pretty terrible :P

  13. Interestingly enough, that is the same amount of non-obese people that live in America.
  14. That's because I'm the only cranky New Zealander you know.