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  1. Nice to see Konami getting booed, but outside of that I tend to find the whole game awards/GOTY lists thing to be a waste of time, much more interesting to just talk about games, then to slap awards on them. Like no one ever sat down and went "This is what makes Her Story a stand out game (even though it isn't, but whatever)" they just gave it a few awards and moved on. Just talk about all the great games we have had this year, without all the categories and picking winners crap, it is how we end up with situations such as Undertale barely getting a mention, or Beginners Guide not even getting that.


    Also KennyS as esports player of the year? Over Olofmeister or Guardian? Complete nonsense.

  2. Had a few times when I had enough people to run everything efficiently and all the people the radio brought in had bad stats. Which basically means I was stuck in some kinda end game where I didn't need more people to run my vault, so I was kinda burning out on it at that point. I did keep playing and just ended up throwing people in the training rooms so I had something for them to do.


    I stopped playing after a group of Deathclaws attacked, because getting my guards to chase them around the vault was so dumb and I just couldn't be bothered firing up the creepy breeding engine that game encourages you to have to replenish my vault. So I am back to listening to history podcasts on the bus ride, find it better than forcing all my female vault dwellers to breed with the one dude who has good stats though.

  3. Monster Hunter is my jam, but I haven't played any since the move to Nintendo, so it will be nice to get back into them (especially since they are bringing back monsters from earlier games). 


    Also I kinda need something to do during these weird 3 hour breaks they are going to give me next semester...