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  1. CSGO update: We made everything more inaccurate, expect this new revolver we added which is basically a sniper pistol, but is accurate while moving and one hits anything. Oh we also changed the pro round/bomb timers, you guys wanted the MM timers and the pro timers to be the same right? Well we changed both so they could meet in the middle, because smokes are OP or something. Also you can pause competitive now because sometimes you need to stop the action to just really yell that one guy who...

    1. Khorne


      Always buys on eco rounds.

    2. Rex705


      Also broke the game with crap rank system so I can't even play competitive until I spend forever in crappy casual just to rank up. Then after not playing for a while the rank goes back down and you gotta do crappy casual again. I no longer have any interest in the game sorry.

    3. Khorne


      It wasn't as bad when the operation was going on, because you could get decent XP with it, but now it is just a massive grind to get to level 3.