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  1. lizzardpt

    Win Valkyria Chronicles on Steam!

    I play way more RPG's than I play SRPG's, so, I'll say my two favorites in both genres. Starting off with RPG, the one that is easily my favorite is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I had played some Bioware games before this one, but KOTOR was the game that turned me into a fan of Bioware. I love Star Wars and this game was perfect, good characters, good gameplay and a fantastic feel of immersion in the world. But what really sold me on this game was the story, I still get a feeling of awe every time I think about the big revelation of the game, it made the game feel perfect for me. As for SRPG's, this last summer I tried a game called XCOM: Enemy Unknown and I feel in love with it. The freedom of choice, the number of choices, the gameplay and the satisfaction when things go according to plan. It's definitely a game I could see myself playing again and again from time to time because it always brings something new because you always want to try and do things differently. And of course, the emotional attachment you get to the characters (although this is a common thing in all the SRPG's I've played), it can make you cry and despair when things go sour. Thanks for having this contest, this is really cool of you!
  2. I will wait a little before jumping into this one, I still haven't recovered from the emotional stress Season 1 put me through. I don't want to see yet how Clementine is doing, I'm sure it's horrible
  3. lizzardpt

    The Evolution of Gaming Consoles

    So many consoles, I'm glad things streamlined and we now have less consoles and more quality
  4. lizzardpt

    The First Video Game Console

    I remember seeing this a while back in some youtube internet show. Pong took off because it had a better push.
  5. AG - Bioshock Infinite AH- Rayman Legends AI- Ni no Kuni AJ- The Wonderfull 101 AK- Grand Theft Auto 5 AL- Luigi Mansion AM- Fire Emblem AN- Blood Dragon AO- Tomb Raider AP- Saints Row IV AQ- Gone Home AR- Legend of Zelda AS- Last of us AT- Super Mario 3D World AU- Pokemon X/Y AV- Battlefield 4
  6. lizzardpt

    Pokemon revealed so far for X/Y (spoilers, etc)

    There are some really cool desing in here.
  7. At the moment I'm playing GTA V on my PS3 and Tomb Raider (2013) on my PC
  8. lizzardpt

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    My latest purchases were GTA V and Kingdom Hearts 1.5. In a week I'll have Pokemon Y!
  9. lizzardpt

    Hello from Romania

    Well hello there! Welcome! Enjoy your stay
  10. Happy Birthday Lauro! Hope you have an awesome day and best wishes! :D

    1. lizzardpt


      Awww THanks! :D I'm back at GPD for the time being

    2. TKtheknight


      You're welcome! Dang it's been a long time since I've seen you lol. Howya been buddy!? xD

  11. lizzardpt

    The Nintendo 3DS Friend Code Thread

    Hey, my friend code is 2079-6732-4665 And yes I have New Leaf I'm ading you all now.
  12. The game it's really intersting and I really like it, however it will drive you mad with the puzzles. The pressure you go through to finish every puzzle is big, I started on normal and after a few hours of frustration I changed it to easy.
  13. lizzardpt

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    it cost me 219€ but this is a limited edition 3DS XL from February, It can be hard to find now.
  14. Kasumi was really a great DLC and I would love to see more of her. I would also love to play as Garrus or Wrex.