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  1. I'm a big Smite-er on Xbox, and there are certain skins you can get for referring people to the game. Smite is a 3rd person MOBA that is free to play w/ gold, and very very fun! there is no pay 2 win which is the best part. And you even get money by loginning in 7 -days in a row (15 and 35 gems - 7.99 = 400 gems) Do the math i dont feel like it But anyway, if you are interested, don't boot it up! Send my GT a message saying you'd like to, and I'l sned you an invite! The more we play togther the more Favor you even get! (that's for buying gods also a daily login bonus yes they just GIVe stuff away ) Anyway hope to see ya GT - Darklurkr23
  2. Atm just to let people know, you can get up to 60/50 (pc vs xb1 or both if u want) extra gems a day per each first win of the day in SMITE. If you were EVER on the fence about starting to play, this is the week to do it. Also daily favor rewards and gem rewards have bee doubled for this time. http://www.hirezstudios.com/smite Remember people even playing on PC, all favor, purcahses, and gained XP will transfer to Xbox One if you ever do that as well! (not sure of last day but probably sometime in july) And if you HAPPEN to join fresh, don“t forget to give old Darklurkr23 a referral as your guy https://account.hirezstudios.com/smitegame/default.aspx?ok=1&utm_source=RAF&utm_content=13728923&utm_medium=email
  3. Join Smite! //account.hirezstudios.com/smitegame/default.aspx?referral=13

  4. Darklurkr23

    Get a $10 Off Code For Use Toward Pre-Ordering MKX

    I snagged this last saturday whent hey were doing it and i cancleed my gamestop order. Inf act i've canceled the limtied editoin too because the kombat pack i thought included 4 extra was just a season pass. so 50 for a base game, plus they took otu a bunch fo classics sad face, but meh i get they're do MKX gold down the line I'll buy a collectors of that
  5. Darklurkr23

    Any plans to get new consoles?

    I'll probably pick up a PS4 down the lane if it comes with a nice Red or Orange one. Im tired of black and grey
  6. Darklurkr23

    Share your last beaten games here!

    Just beat Limbo AGAIN on XB1. i thoguht they'd give more content but nope
  7. Darklurkr23

    Three EA games free on PSN until 6PM PST 12/7

    So glad I didn't buy M-edge last week on 360 for 3 bucks And added ps4 and vita game to my account just in case te future.
  8. Darklurkr23

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Yes. I'm pissed I didn't get Stuffing. I need to learn my aunt's recipe already
  9. Needs a podcast. I love me ma podcasts
  10. Spooky Haunted Waffle House

    1. Venom


      Waffle Houses are frightening enough without them being haunted.

  11. Well at least I don't have to change my Avatar! It's always Spooky!
  12. Darklurkr23

    Game Podunk Suggestion Thread

    Podcast is always cheap and easy to advertise. Plus i need osmething to listen too while grinding trophies and achevos
  13. Darklurkr23

    The Legend of Korra Discussion Thread

    O those are their ages? Good. You know I was kind of like ehhhhhh in the first avatar with the relationships and everyone was like 12. what the hell 12 years know about love But 20ish is perfect! Can I just say I hate that new hair. Long all day. - cough Jinora
  14. *brushes off built up dust* Well that depends is it cross buy?