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  1. Bizarre Monkey

    heyo, not new just taking a swing by

    I'm surprised there's ANYONE still here, kek. Also you flatter me, but virtually none of the art for Fantasia is made by me, it's my artists who do that, unless you mean those pieces i put in the game podunk art gallery, then yes- guilty as charged. I've been really enjoying art lately. When I enjoy art i do it a lot, and when i do it a lot i get better without even really trying. I've continued to use virtually no references, it's a slow but much more independent learning process. I don't get hung up if i can't find a decent reference, i just guess and reshape until it looks about right. I have taken to drawing a guide layer, which is just a very rough and vague pose reference i draw for my own sake. I also sometimes have to check another drawing to check if the character details are right. So yeah there's a couple recent drawings. Just as speed draws so you can see my unseemly and impractical drawing practises, lel.
  2. Bizarre Monkey

    GP New Years Resolutions

    FOOL. YOU MIGHT WANT TO THINK AGAIN. Sillyness aside, my resolutions for this year are easy to keep too, do tai chi lessons when-so-ever I can afford them, get Fantasia Demo 2 released, and do a bunch of art. Last year one of my resolutions was to up my animation game, and that went very well. She's such a sweet.
  3. Bizarre Monkey

    heyo, not new just taking a swing by

    Over a year later hi I'm back! :0 I don't think that will ever stop, I think this is the first time I've come back and haven't finished that project and moved onto a new one, wow. Released Demo 1 of that on 3/14 of 2018, (who'da thought rite?) and Demo 2 is underway, this game got WAY ambitious WAY QUICK. Okay this uses the LINE BREAK LIKE A CHEEKI BREEKI UNTIL THE VIDEO SHOWS UP formula, forgive me there's a lot of variant embed methods. If you're blown away by how impressive this looks well thats why it takes so long to develop, it's very resource intensive and my artists are working round the clock to butt out the placeholders with the premium standard of their art. I also have my own website now for quick easy access to all my big games and their trailers etc. https://www.crazychimps.biz/
  4. Bizarre Monkey

    GP New Years Resolutions

    Then i completely forgot all throughout 2018, how impolite! Dx
  5. Bizarre Monkey

    heyo, not new just taking a swing by

    God I can't believe how much trouble I used to go to when it came to readmission threads, lmao. Anyway I've a diploma in Game Design now, and I also released a game recently, around august this year, and I'm soon to release another. Here's a video that shows its kind of grandeur.
  6. Bizarre Monkey

    Share your last beaten games here!

    i think broforce was the last game i beat, late 2016 definitely recommend that game, its good sugar
  7. somewhat, anyway i have most of you on twitter, but is there some discord server you guys might be all bogarding yourselves on?
  8. Bizarre Monkey

    GP New Years Resolutions

    -to visit gamepodunk at least once this year [tick] sorry :0
  9. Bizarre Monkey

    heyo, not new just taking a swing by

    I'd never willingly be one, don't worry. Sometimes using fear to get what I want regrettably becomes the only option. Pretty good! I'll see about updating my signature later with a bunch of them. Edit: Darn, only three images. I'll just link to all six of the blogs I loosely maintain here, the latter four are catered exclusively around my big IPs. Websites:
  10. Been ages since I been around, seems the Member's Lounge died after my latest thread, wow. I'm a creative sort, I do art, make games and am studying full time at University of Canberra (not actually at Canberra, it's a TAFE that is a subsiduary/partner of said University) in how to make games. Most of you already know me, for those who don't, sit back, and enjoy as I illuminate on what the Biz is all about. Make way, for the monkey! please stay, for bizarre monkey! Hey clear the way, it's the ol' bizarre, hey YOU, let us through, he's got quite some guile, oh please, be the first on your block to meet his eye! make way, here he drums, cover your eyes coz here he comes, or you're gonna loathe this guy! BIZ MONKEY, YES IT IS HE! HE IS QUITE SOMETHING! Don your specs, wear some protects, or you'll be sorry... now try your best to hold on, he probably wont be for long, because he's gonna just tell you 'I'm busyyyy!" BIZ MONKEY, HE'S PROBABLY... NOT THAT IMPORTANT. But can he make your day just okay? DEFINITELY! "I hear he's broken their laws!" "Become an infamous horde..." He's pretty much just a cool rebel, but he's so trendyyyy!!! He's got five games he wants to show you, (and wont shut up about) and when it comes to price they are totes free (he'll also keep on about that) When it comes to big tiem gaem maekinggg has he got you schooled, he's been telling you, "submit admiration to me!" BIZ MONKEY, ALL GREAT IS HE, DON'T YOU AGREE NOW? HOW COULD HE BE ANY LESS UNIQUE, IT'S TRULY BAFFLING. Well get all on out there, embrace your vision impaired, because all these bright colors will let you love shiiii--! He's proud of his 12 exiles... (He's counting em, he's been counting 'em!) He's got more creative juices than you can see! (He's scandalous, so scandalous!) He's got 15 people to do work for him... Oh hey here's a twist, it's the 16th bit. You're just dying to here the pleas! CORP SIXTEEEN.... CORP SIXTEEEN C-O-R-P SIXTEEEEEN. YES IT IS THEM, THEY ARE OOO-KAAAY-ISH. Heard some places didn't like em, that's just silly! And that good people is why, you should just for once try sampling the glorious divination all ripe with trendy rumination brimming with determination covered in blistering detonation the epitome of life that is he say it with me! BIZ--ARRE MONK-E-E-E-E-Y!!! Now if you weren't singing that aloud to the theme of Prince Ali (Disney's Aladdin) then that's my fault for not clarifying. I hope you appreciate the effort of paraphrasing that song to be way lame and not good like the original but hey, gotta try it, y'know? Right so, basically that did tell you a lot, kind of a big name in the rpg maker crowd, of which I'm 75% responsible for ruining or destroying I think? Mostly I'm heralded as some sort of eventing god who can make games good, I'm infamous to the point that where I go, those who once tried to oppose me just sort of shuffle out, which is an amazing feeling, does that make me a terrorist? heck if I know! All I know is I didn't start the fire but it was REALLY FUN TO KEEP IT BURNING!!! Okay so, megalomania, check, song paraphrased, yup, nailed it. The only question that remains is, how long will I stay around to be a cool guy? I dunno, really! I don't have any big plans here or anything, just thought it'd be cool to chill here for a bit.
  11. Bizarre Monkey

    Game Podunk Suggestion Thread

    i have an awesome idea art gallery > make it so i can post in it again, or make a new one why was it even archived
  12. Bizarre Monkey

    So I Gotta Rant: PS3 Patches/Install Data

    I only bought a PS3 recently and i honestly don't mind the wait, it just means I **** around on my PC instead until it's ready. I see a lot of this as unnecessary entitlement, based on your emotional urges... it is your story writing taking play again, you have made emotional demands of the game you have bought and in particular, those in charge of it, but you can not hope to be the developer, only they can... and since it is for your benefit alone that you play this game, you will be forced to put up with it as everyone else is. If the game you have bought and await installation of isn't up to your standards and doesn't meet the standards of what you deem critical to your palette, it simply means the developer is not optimal for you, not a scoundrel. Ofcourse, you could simply rely on PC and get things done at a nominal speed, as Ludono said the PS3 is terribly optimized. Sadly some amazing games are exclusive to consoles which is a point of frustration for me because consoles are essentially a second PC but with less features and like a PC you have to buy a new one every 4 or so years. Everything a console does a PC can do and do it better, I can understand the appeal of handhelds like the DS and Vita because they have portability going for them. With computers getting cheaper and cheaper the original reason to buy a console is lost on that computers are getting closer to the price range of their originally cheaper dysfunctional cousins. I say stop making consoles and start with competitive OS's instead, there hasn't been a large OS War since the days of Microsoft Versus Apple, imagine that chaos again. Currently Microsoft have gotten cozy being the mainstream OS and it's given them an excuse to be rather lazy. I say the OS wars should come again, no I do NOT count smartphones as a PC and neither do a lot of people.
  13. Bizarre Monkey

    Hello, it is I, the Biz of Monk.

    I'm sure I will. Also, don't worry too much, this post was copy-pasted from another site, albeit heavily improvised, I'm not commonly exhaustingly smug, just smug enough that my charisma lets me get away with it.
  14. Bizarre Monkey

    Hello, it is I, the Biz of Monk.

    I think so?? I still think you need to be taken out behind a chemical shed and shot in the ****.
  15. Bizarre Monkey

    Hello, it is I, the Biz of Monk.

    I'm the Bizarre Monkey, I'm a game developer and I'm awesome, the end?? I'm also a part time artist, and no I don't do requests (atleast not very often, also my art looks like a geyser of rainbow piss and you could do better) I also reserve the right to go back on any promises/statements/claims I make or requests I accept if I feel like it. I sort of like to think I can do whatever I want. Time for a short smug and self-indulgent Q&A: You sound like a smug tool, are you always this self-absorbed and egotistical? No, not always. Just most of the time. Who are you, and why are you shoving all this wicked stuff in our coffers? My name's Robert, and my goal is to make your day just that bit more god damn amazing. I like the nickname Biz, but any variation of Bizarre Monkey is fine. Call me by my real name and I'll slap you though. Are you crazy? I've certainly been described as crazy, along with insane and mad. I've also been branded as an Anarchist and Psychopath. I suppose I'm a little crazy and I do like the idea of chaotic good anarchy. I wouldn't say I'm a psychopath or outright insane though, generally I tend to use large words, which combined with my lack of fear about things that would pacify most people leads those around me to label me odd. Ofcourse it could be that I am incredibly intelligent and I just put forth this facade of oddity to allow people to accept me with ease. No one wants to admit when someone is smarter than them, its much easier for you to call me insane than admit I'm a genius. I've seen you around, how many sites do you have an active account on? Quite a lot, I'm Bizarresheep on DeviantArt, and just about everywhere else I'm Bizarre Monkey/Pep Cookiedoe. I don't go on my twitter ever and my facebook is dead to me. You commonly rag on artists for putting a lot of stock in their graphics, why? A false presumption on your part. I rag on artists who think graphics can excuse everything else in a game. I like to call it the Crysis effect. I always say that gameplay should come first, Story and Graphics next. Are you willing to contribute? Yeah. Your vernacular is rather snarky, coarse and insufferable, can you stop that? If you ask that politely, I'll consider toning it down a little, if only temporarily. What do you have interest in if you don't mind being asked? I have a broad spectrum of interests, Homestuck, Neopets, My Little Pony, Invader ZIM, Ed Edd and Eddy, Photography, drawing with MSpaint or pencil, creative writing and in particular interactive Picture Novels like this one, Anarchy for the greater good (as already covered), trolling sites with disreputable user-bases and also just trolling in general, making games, practicing and improving my art style, voice acting on occasion, skyping with good friends, satirical or facetious humor, as well as Lampshade hanging, making up bogus words and stating immediately afterwards that it was a bogus word I made up just then, and a whole lot of other running gags I've become known for. Oh, I also like rainbows, believe magic is real (but that we as humans aren't yet intelligent enough to make really cool things happen) and commonly have a cuppa tea in the morning because I really like tea. I think that's enough. What do you dislike or hate a lot? Okay, this is a question I'm not going to answer because I don't want to bring this thread reel down... because it is going to be just a lot of bitterness. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's my first FAQ ever, so if its too long I apologize. Now say hello to me, if you have any questions I didn't cover I'd be more than willing to answer, this does not however mean a straight answer will be given.