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    Hi guys...somewhat new...again

    Don't worry, dude, gotcha covered. I give out two hugs a day.
  2. Karamsoul

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    Recent game purchases: Majora's Mask collector's with the guide, Sniper Elite 3 for $10 from the Ultimate Sale, and Metro Redux for the PS4 from a Gamefly sale. March and onwards though - stuff is going to get real, and my wallet will most definitely feel the pain
  3. Karamsoul

    Hi guys...somewhat new...again

    Thanks, Royzoga! Maybe GamePodunk attracts intellectuals of the IT kind *Virtually moves Jordan's hand aside and gives Jordan a bear hug. Jordan then proceeds to (unsuccessfully) gasp for breath*
  4. They definitely need to come out with that game. I'd play it
  5. Karamsoul

    Do you preorder games?

    I used to pre-order games back when Amazon offered those crazy "$20 credit towards your next purchase" pre-order deals. I think they stopped doing that about 5 pr so years ago. I remember timing my pre-orders just right so that only the first game was the one I payed full price for - most of the rest of my pre-orders were usually just $40 each as I staggered purchases and launch dates. Those were the days... Recently, I've just been using Gamefly. I get new releases in with some clever Q manipulation and some of the older titles I can just pick up on one of their crazy sales. If it's a collector's edition that I want and know that it will run out of stock because of a limited run, I'll definitely pre-order those (e.g. Majora's Mask, Witcher 3 Collectors, Homeworld Remastered, etc.)
  6. Karamsoul

    Hi guys...somewhat new...again

    Yeah we noticed. Thanks, TK! Yeah GameWires is an aggregate site - we have member sites that submit their news through us so visitors can visit one handy place and click on to go to what they're interested in. Kind of like Zergnet, but with voting, commenting, etc. Anyways, glad to see you're doing well. I'm sure we'll talk soon.
  7. Karamsoul

    Hi guys...somewhat new...again

    Ointment time, Jason.
  8. Karamsoul

    Hi guys...somewhat new...again

    TK, you lucky sonovagun! Was it you or Dr. Pixel who won like two of our contests back to back? I forget Yeah glad to be back, man. Looking forward to being part of the community again! About the logo: thanks! Make sure to sign up with us and vote on your favorite content!
  9. Karamsoul

    Ideas for some contests? What do you want?

    Just a heads up, Podunkers: GameWires' first contest will be starting within a couple of days. As promised, I'll reveal the details (criteria, expiration, prize, etc.) here first in a new contest thread, prior to socializing it. Pretty straightforward reward for now, but we think you guys will love it.
  10. Hey Dunkers/Podunkers/Podunk (whatever you please)! We'll be starting up some contents soon (read as: anywhere from now to the next couple of months) on GameWires.com, and I want to know what you guys would love to see as prizes. Now obviously we have to work around our set budget for prize rewards, but do you guys lean more towards PC games or console games? I bet there's an even mix around here, but still we're interested to know. For the first contest, we'll most likely have a reward targeted around a single game (say Battlefield: Hardline), with the option of the winner to receive it in any format he or she pleases (PS4, XOne, or PC). It might be tied to the US/Canada territories, so just be aware. The criteria for winning the award will be set by us (as this is not my first rodeo setting rules/criteria and creating contests) and will be mentioned here FIRST, a full day prior to us socializing it ourselves. Why? Because you guys are the best (Dr. Pixel and TK Knight can also attest to winning some of our older contests). Still, we'd love to hear your thoughts on some cool ideas about rewards, whether it be games, swag, or other forms of media like game-related comics, films, etc. The best ideas will most probably be selected for future contest opportunities. Let us know!
  11. Karamsoul

    Hi guys...somewhat new...again

    Thanks! Looking forward to getting the goods out soon Thanks, bud. Opa-Ages is the dark, underbelly of NeoGaf. Cool place to be, but things can get...real lol
  12. Karamsoul

    Ideas for some contests? What do you want?

    Yeah we can definitely manage some console/handheld games for prizes. Those would be the default option. Amiibos are fair game as well.
  13. Karamsoul

    Ideas for some contests? What do you want?

    Good to hear! I'll let the votes get higher to get a better idea.
  14. Karamsoul

    Ideas for some contests? What do you want?

    Didn't even think about those options. Definitely a great idea. Also, as far as books go, artbooks and strategy guides are definitely under consideration too (Titanbooks, Future Press, etc.).
  15. Karamsoul

    Hi guys...somewhat new...again

    Thanks, Jason! Looking forward to contributing to GPand its members as much as I can.
  16. Karamsoul


    Sup, Tyler!
  17. "The installation manual for the Xbox One has been leaked online. It isn“t in English, however, but you can still see the images of the console and the controller. The manual shows you how to turn on the system using the power button on the console or using the controller, as well as where the batteries go on the Xbox One controller. It also shows where everything connects to the back of the console (the HDMI port, the Kinect port, etc.), and also shows that the console can connect via wireless or ethernet. Also of important note is the diagram urging people not to stand the console vertically. Click the image to view it bigger. For the full sized manual for an even better look, click here." http://www.spawnfirst.com/news/xbox-one-installation-manual-leaked/
  18. Hey All! We've got another contest that you might want to check out! Just read through the interview, check out the video at the bottom, and comment on yout thoughts on The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, or the interview itself! After commenting, make sure to add us on Twitter and DM us with your contact email address, OR you can go to our "Contact Us" page and send in the contact informaiton from there. Check it out! http://www.spawnfirst.com/articles/interview-and-contest-the-incredible-adventures-of-van-helsing/ "Contest time! Watch SpawnFirst“s Video Content Director, Justin “SlasherJPC†Celani, tell you just how you can win a copy of this highly entertaining title. We have 3 Steam codes to give away, courtesy of Neocore Games, so that right there gives you 3 times the chance of winning! After dropping your comment below, make sure to add us on Twitter and private message us that you“ve written a comment. We“ll contact winners via their Twitter accounts, so keep your eyes open! Also, make sure to check out our review of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing as well, and see just why this fun gothic noir, steam-punk action-RPG deserves a play." The 3 winners will be announced next week via our Twitter page, the article, and here.
  19. Hey guys. DM is Direct Message (Twitter). Same as PM (Private Message). And thanks for participating The contest winners will be announced tomorrow (Wednesday, 16OCT2013).
  20. As you can guess, SpawnFirst.com and SlasherJPC LOVE contests, so, without further ado: HERE'S ANOTHER ONE!!! http://www.spawnfirst.com/previews/outlast-walkthrough-part-4-outlast-contest/ Outlast Walkthrough – Part 4 & Outlast Contest!Welcome all, to part 4 of SlasherJPC“s walkthrough of Outlast! Actually, this might be the best episode yet, considering the amount of $#its SlasherJPC utters. And the scare counter? Well, it goes off the charts in this one, believe you me. Also, thanks to DJShauny1 (Shaun): SlasherJPC and The_SpawnCast are gifting a copy of Outlast to a certain lucky individual as long as they meet the following criteria: 1. Subscribe to SlasherJPC“s Channel and make a comment on his Outlast Walkthrough #4 Video. 2. Follow @The_SpawnCast on Twitter! There you have it! Once you meet the above 2 criteria, you are eligible to WIN a Steam code of Outlast, and the winner will be announced in Part 5 of the Outlast walkthrough videos, so stay tuned to SlasherJPC, The SpawnCast, and SpawnFirst.com!
  21. Here's another contest for ya guys'n'gals! This time, it's a Scourge Outbreak code for Xbox Live. Check out the details below in the post: http://www.spawnfirst.com/media/the-spawncast-episode-8-release-dates-vrs/ Xbox One Release Date, Sony“s VR Headset…and a CONTEST!This week, hosts Brian and Chris discuss the Xbox One“s recently revealed release date, and Sony“s upcoming (or rumored) virtual reality glasses. And of course, be prepared for the every-present signature humor that our two incorrigible hosts love to throw out to their listeners. HUZZAH! Also, just by following The SpawnCast“s TWITTER feed, you can (and will) be eligible to win a free Xbox download code of Tragnarion Studio“s recently released Xbox Live Arcade 3rd-person sci-fi shooter, Scourge: Outbreak! Out of all the current and newer Twitter followers of The SpawnCast, one lucky winner will be selected this Friday, September 13th, 2013, to get their sci-fi on! Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner on The SpawnCast“s Twitter feed that day.
  22. Here's another contest from SpawnFirst. 2 Steam codes for the Payday 2 Career Criminal Edition, each code includes the full game, loot DLC, and also the first upcoming Payday 2 DLC: Armored Heist. 2 ways to win! Check out the link below for details: http://www.spawnfirst.com/payday-2-giveaway/ Good luck, guys'n'gals!
  23. Karamsoul

    Payday 2 Career Criminal Giveaway Contest

    No problem, guys. Every contest we do will be showcased in this forum. I love this community.