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  1. Never played any of the Pixeljunk games before but I love tower defense games! Hope I can grab a 2-pack during the winter sale or something to play it with my brother.
  2. Exams exams exams :<

    1. Ciel


      Midterms? *blinks*

    2. TKtheknight


      Crysis, you can do it!

  3. CrysisX

    Game Podunk Is Now On Raptr!

    I don't use Raptr much but I joined anyway
  4. CrysisX

    Starbound a better Terraria

    Hmmmm, didn't play Terraria much cause none of my friends wanted to play with me at that time + wasn't that interested :c Guess I gotta finish it first or something before playing Starbound! D:
  5. CrysisX

    Logitech Deal of the Day

    Oh my, wish I had a credit card right now :c Really hate my mouse right now since it double clicks most of the time when I do a single click
  6. Just finished watching Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai and the ending was great! I guess I enjoyed watching it more than Season 1 since it's less gory...? Not sure if I should watch the next season though it only has a few episodes :|
  7. CrysisX

    Mass Effect Trilogy (PC) for $11.84 @GMG, North America Only

    Tried playing Mass Effect 2 before and it was kinda boring for me :| I'll probably give it a try again some other time.
  8. CrysisX

    Chalk Art

    Wow, really creative! Makes me want to try drawing some stuff too but I'm pretty sure I'll fail since it requires years of practice >_>
  9. Just finished Bastion recently, awesome indie game! Trying to finish a ton of other games but Warframe gets in the way :<
  10. CrysisX

    Fall 2013

    Only looking forward to watching Infinite Stratos 2 and Strike The Blood. Don't recognise the rest/doesn't look interesting :|
  11. CrysisX

    Anti-Aliasing Can Really Make a Difference

    FXAA is good enough for me since my laptop is weak
  12. CrysisX

    Where did you get your username from?

    Let's see, I like this character called Zero from Vampire Knight and I used to play as Razor in Dota 1 a lot so that's how I got my name as Zero-Razor :b (It's in Japanese at the moment lawl)
  13. CrysisX

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    Groupees Be Mine 9 and Capsule Computers Indie Bundle + the current Humble Bundle weekly x3
  14. CrysisX

    Steam may allow game sharing - Report

    I wonder if there's a time limit to how long you can share your games with someone :|