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  1. Snowolf


    Although it may seem a lot of my posts are missing. I'm pretty sure I had close to 1000.
  2. Snowolf


    I'm just seeing who is still here. Interesting I'm actually surprised to see this website still going. It makes me happy
  3. Snowolf

    True or False?

    True, I'm a competitive gamer myself. Compete online tourneys and LANs next person sleeps in pajamas
  4. Snowolf

    True or False?

    True, George Bush (both senior and junior), Roy Jones Jr, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and more. the next person has never flown in an airplane.
  5. Snowolf

    Game Podunk Suggestion Thread

    I pm'ed the suggestion to Jason, maybe he'll find time to get at it.
  6. Snowolf

    Game Podunk Suggestion Thread

    So I would like to still suggest GFX thread, and a new suggestion now; Forum Games Thread, for forums like: Rate the signature above you, rate the avatar above you, count to 1 million, etc... There are a few FUN and a few just PC +1 threads. But it still encourages forum activity. I'm not going to write a whole page for each suggestion anymore due to mainly I feel it gets more neglected and negative feedback.
  7. Snowolf

    The Book Recommendation Thread

    Follow the River by James Alexander Thom
  8. Snowolf

    The Meteorite That Crashed in Russia

    I'm with Kik, the natural beauty from it is astonishing.
  9. Snowolf

    Where did you get your username from?

    Snowolf was a Wikipedia admin who helped me out in the past, I become fond of his name and took it. I've had it since 05 so 8 years now.
  10. Snowolf

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    I only buy Call of Duty Although I did beat FF XIII and FF XIII-2... 2 was terrible.
  11. Of course, I left my feedback on why I think it'd be a good idea. I made votes public.
  12. Man I'm 1-5 on this one. :l