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  1. Imst

    Cryptocurrency in games

    Sorry if it appears as spam. I was just really curious about getting into the game and wanted to know if anyone else have any experiences with it or cryptocurrencies, in general. Rest assured, I'm not an ad bot.
  2. Imst

    Cryptocurrency in games

    Sorry to hear about that. It hasn't been a year since I started mining but, in my opinion and experience, it does seem worth it. Either you get lucky or not in terms of the cryptomarket. Your currencies can double or triple in a short amount of time or blunder.
  3. Hello! I was looking around the internet for topics and articles about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, Etherium, etc. I stumbled upon some websites showing off games where you can invest/buy monsters and pet using cryptocurrencies and you can engage in combat, buying, selling, trading, etc. with other players online. Some examples of these types of games are Bitpet, Cryptopet, World of Ether. It's like the same concept with mining coins but gives people (mostly gamers who invest, I guess) a certain game factor in mining. What do you guys think about this overall? May I have your opinions? I personally like the unique concept in it but I have yet to try it out. Thanks for your inputs.
  4. Imst

    What Pokemon Sites Do You Use?

    I also use Bulbapedia to look for pokemon information, almost everything is already in there.
  5. Imst

    New (2nd) Trailer for the LEGO Movie

    I agree this is really cool and I think it's great to include some superheroes in the movie.
  6. Imst

    Your Top 5 Series

    Here's my top 5 Anime Series Dragon Ball Z One Piece Cowboy Bebop Trigun Naruto I hope you like it
  7. Imst

    Old But Still Funny!

    Lol Weird Al surely is funny. I love all his songs and I enjoyed listening to it. I don't know that he also made some videos like this. Thanks for sharing the video now I'm gonna share this funny video to my friends.
  8. Imst

    Awesome Fan-made Batman/Superman Teaser

    Wow, awesome fan made video, It's like a real teaser of batman and superman. I can't wait to see the movie I hope the outcome will be great. Of course because I'm a fan of these super heroes.
  9. I'm watching One Piece and Naruto right now. I actually watch the anime episode of One Piece every Sunday. But I both read manga series of them every Thursday. Its really a great anime and I can't wait to see their ending,
  10. Imst

    Iron Man 3 Discussion (spoilers abound)

    I agree to lizzardpt the first Iron man is the best movie in the sequel but still i enjoy this movie. maybe because of the main character personality. I like marvel movies i'm their fan.
  11. Imst

    Wolverine - The Musical

    What a nice video, really cool and funny. I was impressed when the puppet draw his claws haha nice job.
  12. Imst

    Aquaman The Movie (Official Fake Trailer)

    Funny but not much. I think i saw that guy from a video before? i think he also have channel on youtube i dont remember the name but I he looks like him.
  13. Imst

    Favorite Apps?

    Here are my favorite apps in my device. Zenonia 5 Dark Avenger Zombie Tsunami most of my apps are games
  14. I love Chinese food too but i think the panda costume is creepy. "The Panda will fly away on the rainbow" I don't get it. But Still i love Chinese food for real.
  15. Imst

    Awesome Music Tribute Videos

    Here's a great song by Tenacious D, the vocalist in this band is Jack Black you can see it in the video. This is a tribute to all the great and best song of the world. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lK4cX5xGiQ Watch it and you will enjoy it Rock on!