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  1. Quick update:


    I shipped the controller yesterday. However before doing so I realized that the email I was sent did not contain a shipping address. I hopped on chat and asked for one. It took about 10 minutes for the person to respond.


    At UPS the woman tells me that the zip code brings up a different city than the one I was given.


    Thanks, Sony.


    They're testing your patience. You of course will be rewarded with nothing.

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  2. @Jerad - I've heard about the Walking Dead game recently, and it mainly being good things. Having never watched the series, and not being a horror fan, would I enjoy it? I think it's an adventure game or something, but I wanna make sure there's not a tons of scares. xD


    @siridan - The candy sales are the best. We usually stock up enough on them to have enough sweets till the end of the year! xD


    You don't need any real knowledge of the TV/comic series. The game's story is completely separate from those. There are very few jump scares throughout the game. It mostly relies on tense situations with tough choices.

  3. The whole issue of internet services not being that great around the world (including places like the United States) is the main reason I think we're still far off from a completely digital game system. Just look at what happened with the digital version of Resident Evil 6. Capcom released a patch that killed all of the preordered copies of the game. Their solution was to just delete it and redownload it. That's 20gigs in a single day.