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  1. Might as well get this out of the way! The Gamepodunk 3DS Friend Code Thread is here! Add other member's codes, post your own! Make friends with the people who visit this site! Send drawings of animals playing instruments! See what others are playing and much much more! When adding your friend code to the thread, be sure to add the ones already posted so we can be on each other's friends lists! Friend Codes Collected So Far Adam McCarthy: 3480-3034-5202 Barrel: 1607-1869-6432 Christopher Haygood: 1633-4512-7755 Elizabeth: 4184-1843-7645 Gaiages: 4554-0674-7726 Jared: 0301-9872-9579 Jason Clement: 1075-0761-3968 John Kidman: 2277-6680-7945 JohnnyC: 2277- 6820 - 1992 Jordan Haygood: 5284 - 2393 - 6951 Kat Leonard: 1891-1677-6846 Leah: 4038-6018-4468 Marcus Estrada: 4983-5095-4821 Marshall Henderson: 4940-5655-2370 Number 905: 0060-9632-5541 Slayn Bacon: 0404-5956-4902 Venom: 3738-0044-8509 Have a friend code to post? Be sure to put it in this thread! Don't have someone on your friendlist even though you totally added them? Just say so in this thread and I'm sure their name will appear on your list in no time!
  2. I haven't been paying super close attention to the different companies as I've been too busy/I want to be surprised. But I have a few off the wall predictions. Project Morpheus gets a price announcement, Sony will go cheap with it in an attempt to get a better foothold on the market. $200/$250 is what I'm guessing. The Last Guardian will appear because it has to. Everyone who disagrees can shut up and stop trying to kill my dreams! Surprise in the trailer will be Project Morpheus support. No idea how it would work, but that's just a crazy prediction. The ruse cruise pulls into port, Kojima reveals that he's still developing Silent Hills/PT. A new portion of PT is released for free on the playstation store.
  3. Jared

    Do you have an arcade cabinet?

    It has been a dream of mine to get either a Pacman or Donkey Kong machine some day. It'll have to wait until I'm rich and famous though.
  4. Jared

    The Flash

    I thought it was amazing with a few little gripes here and there. All in all, great season. Best cape show on TV, bar none. I'd say it was even better than Daredevil, but both shows were good. I might come back and edit this post some more since all of this was written on the fly, and the more I can think about it, the more I'll probably change.
  5. Jared

    Avengers: Age of Ultron: What Did You Think?

    I still put The Winter Soldier as being the best Marvel movie so far, but Ultron was good. Can't wait to see what the Russo's do with the Infinity Wars.
  6. All week we had 60+ degree temperatures, Halloween it reached 25 degrees. Tomorrow it'll be back in the 60's. Screw you, mother nature.

  7. The only sporting event I watch is the Super Bowl, and even then I'm not invested in either of the teams. Its just a fun thing to watch with friends. Whenever I rewatch any of the Rocky movies though I kind of have to pop in a boxing game. You just ain't normal if you don't want to box after watching the Italian Stallion.
  8. Ever since video games were first introduced to the masses well over one hundred years ago, the people working behind the scenes on them have been tasked with a never ending mission to make those games even more amazing than anyone ever thought possible. And so far, they've done a pretty great job at that. But the people behind the scenes of the behind the scenes people? They seem to hate you but love your money, and will stop at nothing to take it from you. With that in mind, let's take a look at some games released in the last decade that could end up costing you a fortune in the event that you wanted to own the full game for some reason. But who really wants that? Team Fortress 2 Surely this will protect me from snipers. In development for nearly a decade, Team Fortress 2 finally saw it's release in 2007 with it's inclusion in Valve's Orange Box bundle. The game saw a constant stream of updates over the years that added new weapons, levels, the ability to craft items and most importantly, hats. While normal players are able to craft most hats with enough time and effort, there are special hats known as Unusuals. The only way to get an unusual is to pay actual money to get a key which is then used to open a randomly dropped box to have an extremely slim chance at getting one. These unusual hats are identical to normal hats, except for the fact that they're given one random visual effect. These can range from smiley faces to flames shooting from your character's head. Some of these effects are rarer than others and make them even more desired. Why is all of this so important? Well, Valve released a store where you can use real money to buy these unusual hats from other people instead of going through hundreds of keys looking for your own random drop. These hats can range in price from about fifty dollars up to a few thousand each. If you wanted to own every single hat in the game, you could either drop the cost of a house on the virtual market, or gamble it all on keys that cost $2 a piece and just hope you get them before you run out of money. Dead or Alive 5 Hey, I'm not happy about this either. Now, I've got no problem with fan service. If you want your character running around in a bikini or loincloth, then so be it. But there comes a point where people start to realize that you're really milking it, and that can't be more obvious than with the game Dead or Alive 5. In the old times before downloadable content you would have more than twenty costumes waiting on the disc for the playable characters. Of course, that wasn't always the case, but the fact is that they came included with no strings attached. With Dead or Alive 5, this changed drastically. The average character had about seven costumes in the newest release of the series which was understandable due to the new engine being used and all of the assets being remade. But then came the DLC costumes. Just around $115 worth the first time around. Including the cost of the game, that is $175 altogether. Then Team Ninja went and released Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. The same game with added costumes and game balancing tweaks. Instead of making this an addon or DLC pack in itself, it was considered a totally new game. So if you bought that $60 version, you officially no longer mattered. To get access to the rest of the game, you now needed to spend an extra $40 for stuff you already bought with a few extras thrown in. Then began the second round of DLC costumes. It is difficult to add up just how much these new ones cost because of different bundles containing the same costumes multiple times and as of yet unreleased DLC, but the number is already over $250. That is after buying what was supposed to be the ultimate version of the game that included everything! NOTE: These prices were obtained by going through the PlayStation 3's digital store and adding the cost together manually. Dungeon Keeper EA still thinks this is something to strive for. Back in the 90's, Bullfrog was a niche studio that pumped out some of the best city management games ever created. Theme Hospital, Startopia, and of course, Dungeon Keeper. Electronic Arts saw this company of plucky do-gooders and promptly destroyed them for no reason at all. Thanks a lot for ruining everything as always, EA. But there was a glimmer in this story of death and destruction. Dungeon Keeper actually got it's long awaited sequel in Dungeon Keeper 2! Only, it was on iOS devices and terrible in every single conceivable way. Garnering an impressive zero out of a possible ten on it's review, I've never seen a fanbase react so poorly to a game before, not even a truly awful game like Big Rigs is as hated as the new Dungeon Keeper, and for good reason. At least Big Rigs understood it was one of the worst games ever and embraced it's fate. EA is just covering it's ears and ignoring everyone's criticisms. And what criticisms are those? Once again micro-transactions rears its ugly head. In an effort to squeeze every bit of dollar out of players, it takes actual real life hours for you to complete even the most simple task, and the only way around this time barrier is to spend gems. Gems of course cost real money, and the cost of about 100 actions is $60. Don't want to spend $60 for an hour or two of gameplay? Then just the act of clearing out eight blocks will take you as long as 48 hours. That is before you even start building the room. Do yourself a favor and just buy the original Dungeon Keeper games. They're less than $12 combined and hours of fun. The Sim 3 Sims 2 Pets? Sims 3 Pets?! Its the same thing! I invented the piano key necktie! I invented it! Have you ever wanted complete control over someone else's life, but didn't want to have to deal with all that stalking and law breaking stuff? Well then, The Sims series is absolutely for you. In the span of a few hours you can raise an entire family and then laugh as you lock one of your eighteen sons in a windowless room so Death can't take him from you. Or you can go to college, there's that too. At least if you're willing to pay, that is. The Sims series has been no stranger to add-ons and expansions. Going all the way back to the year 2000, the original Sims saw seven expansion packs before The Sims 2 released. The Sims 2 was then followed by eight expansions. The Sims 3, however, has seen a whopping eleven expansion packs so far, and it is currently unknown if it will get more before The Sims 4 releases with it's own series of expansions that will end up being nearly identical to the expansions released for the last Sims game. Now, just how much do all these expansions end up costing the average gamer? Try an amazing total of $370. All money spent to watch your fake family go to new towns and do new things. Money that could have easily been spent doing new and cool things with your real family. Of course I'm not one to judge, seeing as I have most of those expansions myself... but you get the point. It is a lot to spend on just making your ants happy. Rock Band A fake guitar made to look like another fake guitar. If you have a closet filled with tiny plastic instruments, then you probably know about the music game fad that hit in the mid 2000's with games like Guitar Hero and, of course, Rock Band. While you probably hung up your guitar years ago, the genre is still going strong and new DLC was released on a weekly basis for the games up until a short while ago. Remember, I said that this fad started in the mid 2000's. That's a lot of weeks passing by with new songs coming out. Just how many songs can you buy?! While the Rock Band series has stopped releasing DLC, they left behind a list of DLC that numbers in the thousands. And with each song averaging a price of $2 each you can see why this is going to get expensive, very very quickly. Of course, you also have to buy the instruments that come with each iteration of the game and pay a fee to get the songs you already bought for the previous game into the new one so the price you have to pay is rising all the time. Thankfully, you don't have to buy all these songs, but if you want the full Rock Band experience, be ready to shell out close to three thousand dollars on songs alone. At that point I'd suggest just buying a real guitar and getting lessons. EVE Online We're all having so much fun! Let's raise the stakes, shall we? EVE Online is a massively multiplayer online game that puts you in the seat of your very own ship to do whatever you want to do in the galaxy. What this means is that you'll be mining a whole lot and hoping that pirates don't wipe you off the Galactic map because, of course, there are pirates. It's space we're talking about here. The special thing about EVE Online, however, is the fact that it has a real money system. The profits you make in the game can be converted to real world funds and vice versa, though the exchange rate of in-game funds is obviously far less than USD worth. But if you do well enough in the game, you can actually make yourself wealthy in the real world as well. While that sounds great, it also means that things in the game can have real world prices as well. Say, a heavily guarded ship filled with supplies could be worth more than fifteen thousand dollars. If it gets blown up, that is $15,000 down the drain with no way of getting it back. Things like this happen a lot in the game of EVE Online, and just recently a very large war broke out. The game's stock market momentarily nose dived as two factions fought it out in the cold dark reaches of space. At the moment, their battle has cost the two sides the insanely high sum of nearly $300,000 in real money. This is due to all of the supplies and ships being sent out to battle. Each ship has a real cost, and the most powerful can get into the tens of thousands of dollars. When one of those goes, its a big deal. And quite a few have been lost already. There is no other game in existence that can boast that wars actually have an impact on the userbase in the same way that EVE does, and that is why it is so fantastic. Do you want to become an intergalactic spice baron? Then be prepared to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars. I'm sure it'll be worth it. As always, thanks for reading.
  9. Future so bright I gotta wear shades. But not really. Sunglasses are tacky.

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      The sun is in our eyes! Ah! This heat! ~Wears the sunglasses like The Rock and does the people's eyebrow~

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      Is this a failed attempt at rapping?

  10. Microsoft dug up more than just an old urban legend out in that New Mexico desert. Back in April of this year, Microsoft funded an expedition into the desolate New Mexico wastelands to search for the long fabled trove of E.T the Extra Terrestrial cartridges buried in an ancient landfill in the hopes that it would help advertise an Atari documentary that the company had in the works. Their expedition was a success, but reports coming out of the electronics giant have revealed that the cost was far greater than they could have ever imagined as it becomes more and more clear that the curse placed on the crypt of Atari games was as real as the trove itself. The ancient curse had first manifested itself as an ominous warning to the archeologists the moment they had broken through the concrete that sealed the games and curse in their endless prison. Gamers are advised not to open Xbox One boxes if they are hissing. The long, shrill scream that was heard was written off as "the wind" at the time as the crew continued excavating until they had undeniable proof of the treasure trove that had lay beneath them resting in their hands. Now, two months after the fact and a startlingly large rash of disappearances over such a short period, Microsoft is finally admitting that their company just might have a problem with the supernatural. While different members of the board have admitted poltergeist type activities going on, Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella continues to dismiss the curse as a bunch of hokey pokey and the many disappearances as nothing more than coincidence, he has had a much tougher time explaining why so many Xbox One consoles have transformed into bundles of snakes and locusts, or why such ominous clouds have been hanging over the Microsoft headquarters seemingly suspended in space, unmoving despite how windy this last month has been. How the curse might effect Microsoft's E3 presentation or investors is still unknown, but journalists and game designers have been advised by the tech giant to bring any luck charms and protection spells they might have into the conference hall with them, and to know where the exits are at all times.
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    Beer Thread!

    May I have a near beer please?
  12. So, school is ending for the kids next week. I've got that going for me.

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      Which is nice.

  13. The most uncomfortable feeling is knowing you can take a nap, but not doing it so you'll sleep better through the night.

  14. I've been a fan of Godzilla forever. That one American version left a bad taste in my mouth, but this looks like it'll be dynamite. Hopefully it'll do well in the box office so we can get sequels and other big monster/robot movies. I'm stil holding out for Big O.
  15. Had some more computer issues. Just got my stuff installed again.

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      Boo Jared's Computer! We need him to be active again!

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      I have an annoying freezing issue >__< the power supply gets way to hot.

  16. EA hasn't been the most well-liked company in recent years as evidenced by their Golden Poo award wins for worst company in America two years in a row. A third win just wasn't in the cards for them this year, but it can be argued that the only reason they lost was because of the poll's new voting system. In light of recent events however, I think they should be on the list of most improved companies this year for their work in identifying health problems in gamers across the nation. It might sound crazy, but EA has teamed up with a company known as Living Essentials to advertise their new Xbox One game Titanfall while also opening the eyes of gamers who might not be aware they have a serious health problem that makes them in need of some sort of medical intervention. The plan they've put into action is simple while genius at the same time. They're going to sell energy drinks to gamers. Now I've never taken one of these 5-hour Energy drinks or any sort of product that boasts it's ability to boost your energy throughout the day, but I know plenty of people who have. They say it works for them and they will routinely take a shot of the product before an abnormally rough day at their job. A job is a daily event where you do work that can be stressful or taxing on your body for upwards of eight hours or more at a time. This is where the 5-hour Energy product does it's supposed magic as intended. Leaving CD's out of their cases? Disgusting. The act of playing a game is widely regarded as a leisure activity that people do to unwind and escape the troubles of their life and job so they can just relax. This is where EA's newest partnership comes into play. Their newly endorsed product asks the tough question that everyone else is too afraid to ask - "Have you ever felt tired and worn out by the act of playing a video game?" The hope with this new ad campaign is that when a gamer sees the product they'll think one of two things, such as, "Playing games doesn't tire me out; I don't need this," and the much less hoped for but entirely expected, "My God, why is this in my shopping cart?" Am I really so out of shape that I need to drink special formulas to play games so I don't pass out from the physical stress? I need help." Much like the poison dart frog, the package's design just screams danger. In the very rare event that a person actually goes out and buys a Titanfall Five Hour Energy for the express purpose of playing games longer, EA and Living Essentials included a fail-safe in the product's packaging. Doing away with the energy drink's usual bright and flashy design is a new eye catching color scheme with the words "TITANFALL" in large bold letters across the front. While the packaging does have the TITANFALL name emblazoned on the front of the drink, there is little else to imply that it has anything to do with video games. This has been done purposely in an effort to get people to ask their ailing loved one as to what it all means. Someone who is beyond the point of understanding that they're horrifically out of shape will gladly explain what they're using it for and their loved ones will then be able to seek help for them. The only downsides I can find in all of this is that the ad campaign will only be active for a limited time and is currently found exclusively in Walmarts around the country. And maybe all of that other stuff about marketing energy drinks to people who clearly don't need it so they can complete tasks that don't require energy. *To all of the EA and Living Essentials executives undoubtedly reading this right now, I'd just like to point out that I'm not claiming the Five Hour energy shots are doing damage to people as I have no proof of that nor do I care to investigate it. The joke is that advertising energy shots to people that don't need it is evidence that the people buying it are so out of shape that they can't even stay awake to play games and are terribly unhealthy human beings. Sorry for losing the Golden Poo, but there's always next year! And thanks for reading.
  17. I am in a rage that can best be described as violent. Computer just shut itself off, now it is giving me a blue screen every time I restart it.

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      Windows installed and I got to the desktop, but I've made it that far before. Just going to turn it off for now...

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      I've had it running for the last hour, but I seem to have 16mb of RAM for some reason. Working on fixing that.

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      Ah hope you get it fixed soon! Missed ya buddy lol.

  18. I have Peter Molyneux's phone number. Time to call him at 4 in the morning to remind him that B.C and Project Milo still haven't released.

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      You should know venom. Kiky told me she farted and that's why Roysauce broke up with you lol.


      Anyways Jared you should tell him your fable stories about your family and life. They are quite fascinating tales.

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      You should know Kiky. Kagome told me she watches Inuyasha on a daily bases to watch you fall off cliffs.


      Anyways Jared you should tell him your ideas you've been creating from gamemaker. They are quite fascinating ideas to become a game.

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      John Kidman

      He'd probably use them. Lord knows, he hasn't been involved with a truly good game since 2004 or 2005

  19. I'm not dead, I just got bumped off my shift and had to change my schedule.

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      Jason Clement

      But did you get turned into a newt?

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      Yeah, but I got better.

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      ~Tucks Jared to Bed~ I know you have to sleep early now, but you'll do great with this new schedule! :D

  20. I just stumbled upon this game today, and its two months from release with almost nobody talking about it. So, lets all take a look. Coming out on Steam with Oculus Rift support, The Forest is an open world survival horror game that lets you build houses, hunt and forage for food, set traps and probably a lot of other things I'm assuming. Just watch those trailers and tell me that doesn't look at least a little bit cool. Some of the trap animations seem a bit stiff and the fight sounds in the trailer don't sound all that great, but I'd be more than willing to look past that for an open world game like this.
  21. Before you rush to the comments section to agree with me completely, I want to make things clear. The idea of virtual reality gaming is a pretty cool one to me that I believe will be a viable thing in the very near future with products like the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus releasing. But just because I think it'll be viable soon, that doesn't mean I think it will be viable right now. Especially for Project Morpheus. Of course, I know pretty much nothing about the actual peripheral at the time of this writing other than the fact that it will be a VR headset for the PlayStation 4. Even with such little information to work with I can still say with little doubt in my mind that the headset will be an overall failure, no matter how cool I think it may or may not end up being. But just because Project Morpheus will most likely be a failure, that doesn't mean Sony will have failed at pushing VR. Let me explain. No Matter What, It is a Peripheral Take your Playstation Move out of your Sharpshooter, close your Wonderbook, and put away your uDraw tablet. We need to talk about the fact that you probably have none of the things I just mentioned. Actually, the odd thing is that other than the sharpshooter, I really do own all of those peripherals. And you know what? They're pretty gosh darned cool. Don't you look silly for not buying them now? Somebody gave me one of these as a gift. It's the thought that counts. Well, no. Because you know what else I have with those peripherals? One game for the uDraw tablet, one game for the Wonderbook, and a handful of games I would never play with using the Playstation Move as opposed to the normal Dualshock controller. That isn't because I hate these peripherals. Its just that in the case of the Move, I've found the normal controller has always been the better and more comfortable choice. In the case of Wonderbook and the uDraw tablet? There really is just nothing else for it outside one other game that might be worth a rental. Why are there so few games for it? Because it is a peripheral that didn't come packaged with the system originally. It doesn't matter how great of an add-on the thing might be; if it doesn't come with the console day one, it will never survive on it's own. Just look at the circle pad pro that came out for the 3DS. A great product that sold so well you now have to buy it from specialty stores or directly from Nintendo because hardly anyone sells it anymore. And even then, just like the Wonderbook mentioned earlier, only a few games actually take advantage of it due to it not being a mandatory peripheral to develop for. The Price I lied earlier; I read one other thing about the Project Morpheus device. I don't know if it is true or not, but the headset will use the PlayStation 4's camera as a head tracking device. Now correct me if I'm wrong here, but the PlayStation Camera does not come bundled with the PS4, does it? And just how much does the camera cost? $100? Yeah, that is a problem. Why are the Google results for man covered in money so terrible? Already we're at $100 for the camera. But lets just assume that it will be bundled in with the headset. Exactly how much is this thing going to cost? I wouldn't put it any less than $200 at the very least, and even then I think that would be pushing it. It will more likely be in the $300-$350 dollar range if the Oculus Rift is anything to go off of. And to me, I see no problem with that price. Things are going to be expensive no matter what when you start trying to innovate and release newer technology. But when the average consumer has dropped $460 on a PS4 and game, they aren't going to throw another $300 at something that will more than likely only be supported by a few games. This is, however, a necessary evil. Everything has to start somewhere. And those first few tries are going to be expensive and will inevitably lead to failure. Oculus and the Future Now it may seem that I've been pretty hard on the Project Morpheus while ignoring the Oculus Rift completely. The reason it seems that way is because that is exactly what I've been doing. Now I'm not completely sold on the Oculus yet, but there's one good reason I can think of as to why it will fare better than the Morpheus, and that is because it was built with the PC in mind. This took me twelve hours to make While I doubt many major game studios will go out of their way to develop around the Oculus Rift, there is virtually nothing stopping modders from making any first person game they want into a compatible title. Of course there will be plenty of hurdles, but the fact is that the option will still be there. On the PS4 the only people you can rely on are the game studios themselves, and they aren't going to be spending extra money to go back to all of their already released games to make them compatible unless the impossible happens and the device sells like hotcakes. While I don't have faith in the Project Morpheus doing well, I do have faith in the future. Look at this new device as a stepping stone. While it might fail today, who knows what it will become six or seven years from now when Sony undoubtedly unveils the PlayStation 5. And if they're really serious about this VR stuff, there is no doubt they'll have one bundled with the PS5 after all of the kinks have been sorted out. As always, thank you for reading.
  22. Jared

    Final Trailer for Amazing Spider-Man 2

    It is hard to tell from what I've seen, but there is a leaked featurette going around that shows a slightly extended scene in the basement of Oscorp that hints at other future villains. Spoilers, obviously.