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  1. Awesome! Thanks gaiages! I'm kicking off that DL right after this and will break that in this weekend (which just happens to be a 4 day weekend!) :-D cheers!
  2. No worries, gaiages :-) I recognize I don't have the greatest attention span with forums (shock right?!) I use to do more when I could post on an ADD break at work, but our filter got cranked up so now I have to see something on twitter during the day and remember to pull it up when I get home... Or do cumbersome phone text entry as I'm doing now :-D
  3. 1) Avatar, to the left ;-) 2) intro post: http://www.gamepodunk.com/topic/3253-hi-from-a-gaming-papa/ (bit old, I know.. I also made some blog postings before my work blocked most game sites :-/ http://www.gamepodunk.com/blog/29-musings-on-games/) 1) pro: Unique gliding and versatile arcana fighting mechanics which I'm looking forward to since I appreciate somewhat standarized fighting controls, but its nice to have something largely different from time to time (smash is another great example) 2) First off I'm starting with Kamui Tokinomiya. I find the concept of the young teenage girl who is as old as time itself to be ludicrously humorous and she has a special move "thoughts on emptiness" which is a fun philosophical concept :-) Thanks for the chance at a title on the vita! Cheers!
  4. Awesome, I probably do the majority of my gaming on my vita so I can't wait to enter, that said... I have to get up for work in <5 hours so entries will have to come later ;-) cheers!
  5. DontJudgeMyADD

    Gamers need more choices to scale game experiences

    fair point. I've just found some games to be long for the sake of being long. If there's 12 hours of story, and 48 of fetch quests and grinding, it takes a pretty compelling battle engine to redeem the game, otherwise it'll get shelved :-/
  6. <my 2¢> I've been gaming for enough years to transition through several stages in my life where I have varying time available or vacillating interest in particular game genres. Old school JRPGs were my go to games in periods of my life with ample time. Devoting 60+ hours per RPG game was the price of admission and grinding through some levels was just how it was. The grind was unavoidable but I had the time and enjoyed the journey as well as the destination. More recently, I can squeeze in a few hours in between work, parenting, and social life, but picking up a 60+hr title can occupy close to two months of gaming for me. Consequently, I find myself drawn to closed worlds or linear tracks where I know I'll come out of a 15 hour experience having experienced the story and a fair quantity of game play. In the context of a game I purchase for a fixed price it seems to me we're at a stage in game development where the player should have the freedom to avoid grinding or skip all fetch quests and not be hindered in advancing through the game. Multi-player games presumably should start with a level playing field, but even there we've seen double XP bonuses and myriad of "pay-to-win" (or at least "pay-to-save-time") mechanisms where for some cash, you can save time and advanced more quickly. These mechanisms and many more within the creative vision of developers I think would broaden the fan base of many games by letting is control or scale some of the aspects of games. The rate experience is earned, gore level, AI tenacity, quantity/quality of loot dropped, travel speed, random encounter rate, and countless other game variables could all be sliders at the users control so we can scale aspects of the experience to suit our individual interests closer. Game statistics could even be captured showing the modifications people most preferred using and can be taken into account for future games. Naturally, the defaults would be the game as the developers originally envisioned, and I'd be fine with turning all/some of the trophies/achievements off for games once you start messing with some game systems. The long story in short is that I think we're at a development stage where allowing the user to scale aspects of the game would not be very difficult to implement and may open or enhance the experience for many gamers. I, for one, could go from 2-3 RPGs a year to 6-7. And, in games that aren't really resonating with me, rather then shelving them, I could tear through them and be part of the conversation at least and maybe contribute to the game's buzz. I'm sure some of these ideas have been implemented on smaller scale in PC gaming, and I don't want to come off like an entitled gamer, but rather, this is an easy means by which the gaming industry as a whole will get more of my money. Everybody wins :-) Cheers! </my 2¢>
  7. DontJudgeMyADD

    Console generation lengths, how have Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo done?

    From what I read and suspect its comparable with current gen and probably has its strengths and weaknesses like the ps3 v. xbox. Problem is, developers have just gotten their hands on it and don't know how to treat it to maximize its potential. Devs still have trouble with the different choices between ps3 and xbox (hello Skyrim on PS3), so the burden to get familiar with and efficient with programming is going to be a long time coming I fear. So for now, I presume "sucks" is a harsh word for the hardware and it could mean "this element is weaker than xbox/ps3 and we shouldn't have to invest the time/$$ to figure out how or if we can develop around it so as to not provide the user an 2nd rate experience". Possible anyway.
  8. DontJudgeMyADD

    Console generation lengths, how have Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo done?

    Agreed. I can't really fault Nintendo for trying to get the jump on the next console cycle. We can fault them for some decisions made for the Wii-U, perhaps, but I think it was clear that the Wii seriously had tapered off and it was time for action. I think this is especially true for console exclusives. Look to Naughty dog to see what can be done with the current hardware and its still quite impressive and they must know the PS3 like the back of their hand. But when looking at a platform independent game, I think developers aren't developing for consoles anymore but developing behind the limitations of the hardware, releasing its full glory on PC and hamstringing the game to work on the consoles. I think we've seen this year in general, many games are really succeeding with the more style and art to their graphics rather than more photorealism. That said, I hope the next gen isn't focused on graphics (or god forbid 3D), but rather can handle the type of massive open world games that are being demanded now. That it can create significantly more nuanced AI to make the gameplay itself better. I'm terribly underwhelmed by the Wii-U's hardware. I think they invested alot in their unique tablet experience which I can appreciate some of the approach, but Sony and MS will be able to borrow enough functionality via the vita and tablets to undercut the Wii-U so much that it'll just be left with the next Zelda,Mario,Metroid... which is what keeps them alive a few years at a time.
  9. DontJudgeMyADD

    Console generation lengths, how have Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo done?

    I know what you mean. I have a big enough back log to keep me occupied for years. It'll be sad to fall behind the current events in gaming, but I may lag behind when the next gen launches. Maybe more indie bundles to tide me over :-)
  10. DontJudgeMyADD

    blog images

  11. DontJudgeMyADD

    Console generation lengths, how have Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo done?

    Sounds like you're a dedicated console gamer than. I suspect lots of people share your feelings. I agree that Nintendo has lost me for now. It's possible their catalogue will grow to be attractive and I'll bite. I think the PC hurdle is still to steep for many, but if I magically found myself in possession of a top tier PC in the near future. I think new MS/Sony consoles will be a bit moot.
  12. With the Wii-U releasing this year and the next generation of PlayStation and XBOX consoles estimated for release next year I've begun questioning the tight-rope each company must walk to get the most mileage out of their hardware while mitigating risks of it overstaying its welcome or being undercut by alternative means of gaming. I think over the last couple of years, we've all heard our friends and the game media in general pay less and less attention to the Wii. Development and strong titles dwindled and more and more users were defecting to the HD counterparts provided by Sony and Microsoft that had become more reasoanble in price and offered a strong catalogue of games for any who were Wii only gamers. The fascination with the "waggle" wore off and Nintendo lost ground with respect to the other consoles. This is no doubt simplified through my experience, but I think it's fair to say that for many of us who game on a daily basis, our Wii is collecting dust at this point. Now, again from discussions with friends, listening to podcasts, and reading articles from games media, I get the sense that gamers are and have been defecting to PC gaming in increasing amounts. For those of us who have been console/couch gamers for as long as we can remember, there's some fairly substantial initial investment in getting a PC suitable for getting the most out of newly released games, and some headaches that come along with hardware-software compatibility. But the payoff is substantial now. Experiencing multi-platform games with significantly richer visual graphics and significantly lower load times is a big draw. And with PC gaming working hard to ensure controller integration in most games, frequence sales on digital goods, and Valve debuing "Big Picture Mode" to try and bring PC gaming to your TV and couch, there's less incentive to keep that PS3 or 360 of yours dust free. The biggest variable in this is really each individual's brand loyalty. For someone who had a Wii exclusivly for a while because it was within my budget and has subsequently betrayed it for the now reasonably priced HD consoles, I can say my Nintendo loyalty was not strong enough to have me intrigued by a Wii-U. PS3 and 360 however have worked hard to provide value and communities it may be harder to divorce yourself from. 360 is usually offered as the exemplarly model for the community and your friends list, while PS3 uped the ante this year with the PS+ instant game collection which is particularly valuable to late adopters to the console who may have missed many of these titles the first time around. On the other hand, while there may be some gamer attrition factor for a long console cycle, there is also the obvious benefits that come with developer's ever increasing familiarity with the hardware and programming suites. We keep seeing new releases that extract more out of the hardware that we thought possible years ago. From beautiful set pieces and textures to enormous open world games, developers are continually can more efficiently work within an environment the have extensive prior experience with already. So we have the juxtaposition of increasing efficiency in development and lower costs with the competition between media that may offer a better cutting edge experience. With next year's presumed console launches this generation is heading to a close and we'll see next year whether how the market share fairs for each company. Sound off in the comments below with your brand loyalty, excitement for new consoles, or thoughts on this topic. Has Sony and Microsoft pushed there luck with the age of their consoles? Are you dreading new hardware and would prefer to see continued life from your current console? Is the timing about right and you'll just happily upgrade next year?
  13. DontJudgeMyADD

    Gaming's evolving distribution models: Good for gamers... for now.

    I agree, Kezins. For now we'll just have to hope that as we go more and more digital, that their will be some effort at backwards compatibility so you can redownload IP you already own on new platforms, so even though we don't have the physical copy, we keep getting to play what we payed for. And if we're really lucky, DRM free will make a resurgence so at least PC games we can just backup and be able to play in the future independent of steam, origin, etc... (I'm not holding my breath though :-/ )
  14. DontJudgeMyADD

    To Free or not to Free?

    Ha, I was halfway through my first blog post on a very similar topic. Great minds, right? Nice write up. cheers!
  15. DontJudgeMyADD

    Hi from a Gaming Papa

    Hi All, I'm pretty sure I made an intro last year, but who remembers what we've done a year ago? Plus, last year I wasn't a father and now I am! Changes the way I game though. I've currently put most purchases on hold until my wife and I know our budget can handle recreational purchases. Fortunately, I did get PS+ so I have a stream of oldies-but-goodies to play. Also, I fortunately have both consoles so I can play whatever comes my way. I began as a mario/metroid/zelda/final fantasy gamer as a teenager. Now though, I love playing just about everything. If it has a good story and minimal gore, my wife watches with me, and if it's all about blowing peoples heads off or grinding sanz story, I have to do that on my own time (which isn't too frequent anymore). I'm also 90% a single player gamer. I always enjoyed split screen MP or lan parties, but never made the jump to playing with random strangers in matchmaking. Plus, MP are huge time sinks that can keep me from experiencing a newer game. Currently, I'm playing BL1 and gravity rush both care of PS+. So, that's a bit about me. nice to meet you all! Al (@DontJudgeMyADD)