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  1. solid-alchemist

    Post and rate random songs!

    4/10 because this song plays on every dang radio station in nor-cal at least 20 times a day. It is catchy but overplayed
  2. solid-alchemist

    True or False?

    LIES!!! When we battled on smash you kicked so much butt!!! I call shenanagins... SHENANAGINS I SAY!!!
  3. solid-alchemist

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    Just bought the Mount & Blade bundle on steam and Trials Evolution on xbla
  4. Happy 4th everyone, go out and blow s*** up!

    1. Venom


      I tried to blow s*** up once. In retrospect, I should have flushed the toilet before I dropped that cherry bomb in. :P

    2. solid-alchemist
  5. solid-alchemist

    Obligatory - What are you playing right now!

    Bought Sims 3 from the steam summer sale...and have been playing it like crazy
  6. solid-alchemist

    True or False?

    No but I have more than 200 console games on disk The next person has performed an act in front of 50 or more people
  7. GOG i'm beginning to like you more and more :)

    1. TKtheknight


      I have a few games on there, but never really installed/use them lol.

    2. Venom


      I do like getting free games from them, lol. I have bought a few but I never play them either.

    3. solid-alchemist


      I've played a few that I've gotten, and bought a few hard to find retro titles from there. I'm liking that they have that retro catalog to go through and some of their deals are matching up with steam

  8. solid-alchemist

    Name That Game

    YAY! Venom got it correct. Your turn kind sir. I actually chose the game because it was free on gog.com a few days ago. I have yet to play it though...
  9. solid-alchemist

    Name That Game

    Ok, here's one. Shouldn't be too hard for a recent title.
  10. solid-alchemist

    Name That Game

    Super 3D Noah's Ark!!! I remember AVGN did an episode on this game
  11. solid-alchemist

    True or False?

    True, this year will be the first year I'll even look at the steam summer sale to buy stuff. My wallet isn't ready... The next person has felt like giving up before.
  12. solid-alchemist

    New Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Gameplay (PS4)

    http://youtu.be/37ZtnR4F-no Hopefully this is still up when GP is awake tomorrow, I'm pretty sure Konami is going to pull it until they reveal the trailer on the show floor
  13. solid-alchemist

    True or False?

    False, I'm always excited for E3 The next person has never been chased by wild dogs...
  14. solid-alchemist

    Beer Thread!

    I don't think I have, but I plan to now!!! If its anything like their Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine then I'm sure it'll be a fun time to be had.