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  1. subert

    Any plans to get new consoles?

    Sony have better RAM then xbox one,is that all ?
  2. subert

    Any plans to get new consoles?

    First time I saw this RetronN console ? What kind of games you can play on console ?
  3. subert

    I'm in Love.....

    Witch GPU is used for this 34' presentation ?
  4. subert

    Any plans to get new consoles?

    Most of you are for PS4 ? Can someone explain why you think sony is better ?
  5. subert

    PS4 Gameplay Videos

    Fantastic ! First time saw this Thanks for sharing !
  6. subert

    What did you think of the PlayStation Experience conference?

    What are the chance to see also Day of the Tentacle on PC again ?!
  7. subert

    Crusader: No Remorse free on Origin!

    When that offer expire ? Best of origin was sims 3 and bf3 giveaway
  8. I would like Urban Trial Freestyle and Viking: Battle for Asgard ,also have some spare and wait to some of you older members to accept it and giveaway when you have time
  9. Wow ,that is larger than my current HD What about microsd ,any news on larger size ?
  10. subert

    PS4 Gameplay Videos

    This content is currently unavailable .What was that ?
  11. subert

    HDD regenerator

    This program recovered my hdd from the unusable state to fully work ! Never used better that this one.
  12. Is there a limit for that small size of card ?!
  13. subert

    Do NOT buy the Sims 4!

    Maybe they are planing to put all little addons separate.Even with out that game is expensive.What is the point of demo ??
  14. My system after crash stop responding.It took ages to load windows ,and then I decided to use hdd regenerator It found 18 bad sectors and said that are repaired.After about 2h of repair I was able to install back my copy backup from 2012 .Anybody knows more about this program ?
  15. subert

    What kind of tablet do you own?

    Don't know much about nexus but I heard that have good hardware.