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  1. FrostedSloth

    Star Wars Is Going To Be A Disaster

    Has there ever been a more appropriate time for this?
  2. Delighted to be back on the GP writing team. Here come the words.

  3. Anyone else hopelessly addicted to Dragon Age Inquisition? It's the biggest game EVAAAA!!

    1. Kezins


      I played 20+ hours of the PS3 version and about 30 hours of the PS4 version so far. I got a little sidetracked with other games but plan to get back to it soon.


    2. barrel


      Nah (since I already beat it), but that is definitely a pretty big game and it is addictive.

    3. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      I keep hearing people say that, though I wonder if it's bigger than Skyrim or Oblivion? :o

  4. Well Santa has been very generous this year! Got Pokemon Omega Ruby, AC Unity, Far Cry 4, WWE 2K15, GTA V (PS4) and Dragon Age Inquisition to work through!

  5. I must say FFXV looks totally amazeballs. That Titan thingy gives me feels.

    1. TKtheknight


      Same! That Titan looked like the Colossal Titan too lol.

    2. Ciel


      What you should do is come kill Titan with me in Realm Reborn first. You know to warm up.

  6. FrostedSloth

    Meet The Podunkers 2 - FrostedSloth

    GamerGaia it was indeed, good for a while but ultimately fell apart at the seams! Being a content editor is alright yeah, I've been in full time employment for nearly 3 years now doing it and it pays well enough to get me my own place and lots of nice stuff so it's well worth looking into.
  7. FrostedSloth


    Interesting about Jamie, I'm sure he's probably doing something else as a main career now. I work as a content editor during the day, I basically write fancy words for websites and stuff. Also dabble in the old freelance, so if you ever need a hand, you know where I am
  8. FrostedSloth


    Wow look at all the old faces coming out of the woodwork! Good to see you all! I believe Jamie went on over to Beefjack for a long time, but haven't heard from him for years now so lord knows what he's up to! So what's going down in Podunkland, what did I miss? Also I've been very well, keeping busy writing those words and generally doing stuffs. The old drill.
  9. FrostedSloth


    Hey all! Wow it's weird to be back on GP, I haven't been here in a very long time and things have certainly changed. Anyhoo, that probably warrants an explanation. My name's Dan 'FrostedSloth' Curtis, and I'm a 24 year old writer and gamer from the merry land of Britainia. A few years back I was on the editorial team here at GP, but left to work for another site that unfortunately didn't pan out. It's great to see GP still going strong and some of the old crowd still kicking around! I'm looking forward to getting back into the GP community, it was a great thing then and still is to this day.