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  1. mindtwang


    Not sure about the reversing but I definitely think the game gets too crazy if you are a popular streamer. Like you just have to take a look at Giant Bomb's QL of it to see what a mess it becomes. Its a blast w/o hashbombs or when they are just a few.
  2. Roundabout (xbox one), Abyss (wii u) and Paparazzi (Wii U)
  3. mindtwang

    Persona 5 Trailer

    Persona 4 Golden is my favorite game of all time so you could say I'm pretty excited for this!
  4. mindtwang


    I think the ID@Xbox stuff is typically exclusive for six months, not 100% sure though. #IDARB is a freaking blast to play tho. Have thoroughly enjoyed it for a month now.
  5. Maybe if its grossly offensive but usually I can see past art design.
  6. mindtwang

    Post and rate random songs!

    6/10 Not a bad song but I can't say I'm a big fan of Kid Ink. Would probably go channel surfing if that came on Hip Hop Nation
  7. mindtwang

    The Amiibo Thread - How Rare, Where to Get, etc.

    I have bought all of these dumb things.
  8. mindtwang


  9. mindtwang


    Jersey Shore is the only show that can rival Arrested Development in terms of humor. Not sure if I have a favorite genre since I pretty much enjoy every type of game but fighting games hold a special place in my heart! Yup those and PlayStation LifeStyle!
  10. Been watching (more like listening) the dub of Shin Chan. Found out it was on Hulu and have been reliving the magic ever since. Haven't really kept up on anime since No Game No Life / Brynhildr / Nisekoi went off the air. Well I watched Free! Eternal Summer but you HAVE to watch that. Don't really have the time to watch sub'd stuff at the moment :-/ As far as manga goes - I'm a few chapters behind in Detective Conan. So slowly catching up. I read a few pages every couple nights before bed. Also slowly working my way through the anime version of that but I'm like hundreds of episodes behind there
  11. mindtwang

    Share your last beaten games here!

    Gunman Clive 2. Really liked it a lot. The new gameplay styles were integrated into the game well and overall it was just a blast.
  12. mindtwang


    My name is Tyler. I like long walks on the beach, firmly believe that Jersey Shore is one of the greatest shows in television history and enjoy playing a lot of video games. Looking forward to getting to know the community here!