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  1. KrazyKamek

    Game Podunk's Secret Santa ”“ 2015 Edition

    Actually, ignore this. I think I can do physical.
  2. KrazyKamek

    True or False?

    Yep, did some on Black Friday. The next person is considerably older than me, and I say that with confidence.
  3. KrazyKamek

    Game Podunk's Secret Santa ”“ 2015 Edition

    You can enter my name if I have upwards of 60 posts, though I'll probably only do digital both ways.
  4. KrazyKamek

    Do you use 3DS streetpass fuctionality much nowadays?

    Eh, it's typically not all that useful. If I want to use my 3DS, I rarely ever consider any of the other applications on the system are there and go directly to the game. Whenever I do look at StreetPass, it never manages to hold my attention for very long anyway. It's also very situational. You can only make actual progress with the puzzles and other features when there are several other people around with 3DSs, and that typically only occurs (for me) at gaming conventions. Admittedly, it's a quite useful time-waster for times like that, but they only occur a few times a year at best in my experiences. Imagine if an app such as Trivia Crack that can allow you to play with any player around the world only allowed you to play with those nearby you. There are only a few occasions where you can actually use it properly.
  5. KrazyKamek

    Post your Black Friday 2015 Hauls Here!

    Ended up picking up a Little Mac Amiibo which will virtually end my collection. I was insanely close to purchasing an Xbone, but I couldn't get past the yearly Xbox Live payments and settled on a New 3DS XL. Along with the DS I also got Ace Attorney as well as Yoshi's Woolly World. About $250 total, so I got some pretty good deals in there.
  6. KrazyKamek

    Post your Black Friday 2015 Hauls Here!

    Just a portable phone battery charger 75% so far. I'm thinking about getting an Xbone though.
  7. Yeah, I was considering buying WW until I realized I was really low on cash, but then I saw some of the level design. It looks quite creative like the original Yoshi's Island so I'm sure I'll enjoy it, I'm just debating whether it's my top priority. As for the Layton question, haven't played a game in the series this far. Thinking about the Unwound Future, though.
  8. KrazyKamek

    True or False?

    False, never was a huge WoW fan. The next person is frustrated that they can't refund/sell downloaded games on consoles excluding Steam.
  9. Probably not, Black Friday isn't probably going to be much of a shopping day for me. I've wanted to buy a new console, and if there's one for significantly cheaper than usual, then I'll consider it, but otherwise I won't buy much. Plus, I'll probably have a decent amount of free time in December, so it's doubtful I won't buy a game then. I'm thinking about Woolly World of a Professor Layton game.
  10. KrazyKamek

    The Official Super Mario Maker "Play My Level!" Thread

    Alright, here are all of mine: 2bular: 0ED8-0000-0029-1698 - A considerably difficult level inspired by the infamous Mario World level "Tubular". This time, instead of using P-Balloons, you must use Lakitu Clouds to navigate the level. It's very short, but it's a level that'll keep you on your toes. The Wooden Maze: 2475-0000-0034-5A7D - A two-part level, one requiring you to move up and down on a vine, and the other requiring you to navigate an Airship maze. The first part's much harder than the second. Stay Still, Mario: 4079-0000-0047-C166 - My most liked level (17 stars!), yet probably my least favorite. It's just a generic auto level, and it's not even foolproof. The only reason I kept it up was because of the shear amount of stars. Gotta Go Fast: 97AC-0000-0048-D565 - A castle level where you must make several accurate jumps while finishing the stage in just 40 seconds. Somewhat challenging. 20 Second Sprint: Fire Bars: 9274-0000-004D-655B - Exactly what it sounds like; a level where you must sprint though a path in 20 seconds, with several fire bars in the way. Will take some tries, but not too bad after figuring out the pattern. Don't Move, Mario: 9A07-0000-005E-B592 - Another auto level I uploaded as an apology for Stay Still. This one's completely foolproof and pretty ridiculous. Indiana Jones-io: DDD5-0000-006A-80B2 - A level where there are several trap-like obstacles, and you must think very quickly in order to outrun them, hence the name. Now that I think of it, I might want to rename it Super Indiana Jones. Yoshi in the Cage: 72E3-0000-0094-B99A - An Airship/Castle mix-up where you must take one path to save Yoshi, and need Yoshi to finish the second path. Rides, Rides, and More Rides: EF82-0000-0099-D71D - Probably my hardest level yet. As the title suggest, you ride a bunch of obstacles you come across. You're given a Fire Flower at the start, but you'll be taking damage a lot. Not even a single finish yet!
  11. KrazyKamek

    State of the Podunk 2015 Late Summer Address

    Awesome, seems like you guys are really going to out to make this place enjoyable for the members. I'll try to to be as much help as possible!
  12. KrazyKamek

    What is your favorite amiibo so far?

    Relatively tricky question, as they all have extremely different features, but I'd have to give it to one of the more cartoony characters, specifically all three from the Kirby franchise. If we're talking intricate, Ganondorf by far seems like the one that mastered the source material the best. It's feels like you have a copy of the actual Smash Bros character, without any part feeling tacked on. Looking at the other side, Zero Suit Samus and Marth seem like a lot of points were just not focused on enough, mainly their facial features, and it just looks off. Not terrible per se, but they're probably what I think are the weakest of the bunch.
  13. KrazyKamek

    The Amiibo Thread - How Rare, Where to Get, etc.

    Apparently, an Ike Amiibo was the very first item sold on the new Amazon Mexico. http://nintendoeverything.com/ike-amiibo-is-the-first-physical-item-sold-on-amazon-mexico/
  14. KrazyKamek

    The "I Just Don't Get" Thread

    I just don't get why people act as if it were cool to simply disagree with the popular opinion, or rather, start to dislike a game they genuinely enjoyed solely because it's "overrated". Your opinion should never be affected by anyone else's, whether it's popular or not.
  15. Wow, I feel awful for the developers of this game. Yes, I'm most likely not going to purchase it, Metroid Prime Hunters was a mediocre game in my opinion and this looks like an extension to that. But we haven't even seen a minute of gameplay, yet people are already acting as if this game were a re-release of Superman 64. If you look at the video as of this moment, at has just under 7K likes and a whopping 65K dislikes. Not only that, but there's a petition set out to cancel it with already over 20K signatures. I'm betting, even if it is in no way fan service, the producers of this game actually worked to make it halfway decent.