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  1. Logged 104 hours in Fallout 4 already. Though some of the dialogue options have been stripped sort of bare, I have to say that I like this game nearly as much as I liked New Vegas.
  2. BoyMan

    The Monthly Podunker Giveaway

    Having a Fallout game in your backlog is brutal. That one game alone can easily take up 200 hours of your time and just cause you to fall even further behind.
  3. BoyMan

    The Amiibo Thread - How Rare, Where to Get, etc.

    I am planning on only picking up both K.K. and Nook as well. I'm glad to see how fantastic the whole set looks together though.
  4. BoyMan

    The Amiibo Thread - How Rare, Where to Get, etc.

    Got my Falco pre-order in. He, Greninja and Meta Knight were the ones that I first knew I would buy when amiibo were originally announced so I am glad to have him finally secured.
  5. Crowd sourcing is a scary thing. It's a risk for the investors and a huge weight on the shoulders of the people who run it. It's very difficult to have a project planned out when you have no idea how much money you have to work with. There is a lot of stress involved with not knowing if you will have enough money to complete a project that will meet the expectations of your backers, but there is just as much in having more money than you know efficiently allocate. I imagine that many projects that receive much more backing than expected have taken a nose-dive due to poor handling of the money. I have yet to participate in any form of crowdsourcing, though there have been some things that have gotten me tempted. Yooka-Laylee was the first project that had me on the verge of donating... and then it raised way more money than it needed in an insanely short period of time. I can't see myself being involved in any crowdsourced projects in the immediate future, though - if they were accepting it - there are a few independent mods that I would love throw some money at.
  6. BoyMan

    Watchu Buyin'? October 2015 Edition

    My only solid gaming plan for this month is actually the expansion for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. I am fairly interested in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game and Tales of Zestiria, but I am more inclined to find some reviews on those before playing.
  7. Fallout 4 all the way. Fallout 3 and New Vegas are incredible games, so I can't imagine that Fallout 4 will be a disappointment. If you don't dig how the game feels you can also just wait a few months for mods to start being churned out and you can change the game to your liking. Just be wary of horrible bugs early in the game's lifespan as Bethesda is pretty notorious for that.
  8. BoyMan

    Anime that you don't "get"?

    I was trying to figure out how to articulate my thoughts on the subject but you just did it better than I ever could. Most anime at the moment places heavy emphasis on "cute girls doing cute things" and fanservice as these are the things that consistently make the most easy money in Japan through merchandising and dvd/blueray sales. Beyond any other anime however, Upotte is the one that made my friends and I the most confused. So I guess the draw of the show is that these are not actually girls... they are guns. I don't really understand how it works, but each of these girls is supposed to represent a type of weapon and is in school to "become the best gun she can be!" As far as I am concerned, this show seemed like the laziest excuse someone could think of to put highschool girls and weapons in the same show. Who knows though, maybe I just missed something.
  9. It seemed as though the purpose of Nintendo directs was just as much about allowing the company to have some form of transparency with its customers as it was about building excitement for upcoming games. To that end, it will always make the most sense to have the directs be hosted by the company president. Whether or not Kimishima is a great fit for the job of hosting directs remains to be seen, but I imagine that Nintendo will at least give him a shot at it, as it makes them seem accessible and willing to listen to their more loyal customers.
  10. BoyMan

    Mr. Robot

    I binge watched it as well. Mr. Robot is definitely a difficult show to put down once you start, so make sure that you have the time to get your fill whenever you sit down to watch.
  11. BoyMan

    Mr. Robot

    So Mr. Robot just wrapped up its 1st season recently and I feel that it's a show very much worth discussing. For those who haven't gotten on board with this show yet, it's about a computer hacker who decides to attempt a take down of the most powerful conglomerate in the world. We see the story unfold from his point of view and it quickly becomes apparent that both he and those around him are not completely stable. If anyone here has been looking for a new show to watch, the first season of Mr. Robot definitely has my recommendation.
  12. BoyMan

    Do you like pulp in orange juice or lemonade?

    I actually flip flop between pulp and no pulp in my OJ. All orange juice is good orange juice in my book.
  13. Couldn't be on much over the last few weeks as I was housing a friend from Hawaii. I just dropped him off at the airport today so I'll be able to be more active here once again.

    1. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      Good to have you around again, man. Always good especially to have more people to talk with about amiibo. xD

  14. BoyMan

    What is your favorite amiibo so far?

    This is difficult. My top five at the moment are probably Fox, Dedede, Meta Knight, Charizard and Ike. If I had to pick one, it would probably be Meta Knight. When Falco is released I have a feeling that he will be my new #1.
  15. BoyMan

    The Amiibo Thread - How Rare, Where to Get, etc.

    $40 is a bit much for me to get a single amiibo. I'll be sticking to Ganondorf, Falco, Mewtwo, Roy and one of the 8 bit Marios for the upcoming waves. It's also a bit of a bummer that K.K. Slider will be exclusive to the Animal Crossing 3 pack here in the US. My goal for the Animal Crossing line was to just pick up Tom Nook and KK, but I may skip on both for now since the buying options are limited.