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  1. Ludono

    Kinda back? Sure, let's go with that!

    Eh, it's more a matter of all the users that matter moving from GAF to Reset. Activity on GAF is at an all time low and generally Reset is only "established" users for the time being. evilore's handling of the whole matter didn't help either. Just as GAF emerged from the old Gaming Age site, reset is the next evolution.
  2. Ludono

    Kinda back? Sure, let's go with that!

    Looks like I've not yet been forgotten. Not so much an Ivory Tower as a shared apartment in Madrid, but hey I'm not unapproachable. I generally stick to Resetera and reddit, you can find me there, I'm fairly active there. Resetera is also a decent place after the whole GAF incident... Actually finished Rise of the Tomb Raider and Wolfenstein: The New Order in the past two weeks. But generally I still just play (and watch CS:GO). Never got into Overwatch, it's also quite terrible as a spectator eSport. I only have my gaming PC with me these days, but it's pretty capable so I could play other things should I want to... Pssh, stop pretending we don't send each other steamy messages every other night on Messenger.
  3. Just popping in to say hi and thanks for the well wishes, I'm off to Spain tomorrow for Spring Break and won't have internet for 2 weeks sooooooo bye again xD

    1. TKtheknight


      Man you are going everywhere around the world. Jealous of you mate. Anyways we all miss you and have fun! Woo!

    2. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      You da best, man.

  4. I picked it up launch day but haven't been able to put too much time into it due to school and travel. Fun game so far though
  5. Anyone watch Spectre? Just watched it on Saturday and didn't really like it :/
  6. Ludono

    Post and rate random songs!

    710 It's aight lol Listening to some The Script the other day, love them
  7. Ludono

    Thoughts on the Warcraft movie trailer?

    I mean.... it feels a bit cheesy but definitely has some production value behind it. So I guess I'll wait and see !
  8. Ludono


  9. Ludono

    Do you like pulp in orange juice or lemonade?

    I like pulp, I feel it gives it more of a "fresh squeezed" taste.
  10. Ludono

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    Not really "purchases" since they were free, but a really nice guy on NeoGAF sent me some games he was clearing out
  11. Wish I could've been at TSG again this year :(

    1. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      Wait, you went last year? Man, I totally forgot about that. xD

    2. Ludono


      Yeah I did! I was covering it for BD though... (RIP)

  12. It's very situational. Let's say I want to get Disgaea 5, it's $60 at Gamestop and Amazon but for whatever reason Amazon doesn't offer free shipping, and since Amazon now charges tax for my state it would be cheaper to get it from Gamestop so I'd probably get it from Gamestop. However, let's say there's a limited print run of the game, so I want to guarantee my copy so I'll probably preorder it only, or if it has some sort of a special edition that's ONLY available online. But yeah, Amazon has pretty much spoiled us in terms of free shipping.
  13. Ludono

    Watchu Buyin'? September 2015 Edition

    I've had a day to play around with it so I'll see if I can't post some initial impressions later today
  14. Ludono

    Watchu Buyin'? September 2015 Edition

    Ended up picking up a tablet. Should I post my impressions like I did with the S6 or nah?
  15. Ludono

    Post and rate random songs!

    10/10 Damn, just the kind of song I was in the mood for http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAKmnipYyww