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  1. Natalia Korda.... I'd be dead I stand less of a chance against her than I do with Barry Burton. Because... Spoilers for Revelations 2 below
  2. Ludono

    So... Street Fighter on PS4 is broken?

  3. Ludono


    I half expected you to be a spam bot hahahaha Welcome.
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      @BoyMan - We just dropped out though because of their new policies we don't agree with.

    2. Ludono


      @Khorne That's because I had a stand-in playing for me that match!

    3. BoyMan


      Esea always had some pretty weird stuff going on behind the scenes. A few years ago someone found a bitcoin miner in their anticheat client and they got in huge trouble for it. Always have been sorta shady.

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  4. Ludono

    Post and rate random songs!

    8 / 10 I like it, bit generic but still good. One of the few times I'll post a "mainstream" song haha but it's what just came onto my shuffle play so whatevs
  5. Yeah the Wii had quite a few, the chronicles games were exclusives for a while as well. Resident Evil Archives - Resident Evil Resident Evil Archives - Resident Evil 0 Resident Evil 4 - Wii Edition Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles
  6. Yeah I'd like to consider it more of a per game basis. REmake and RE 0 are what I'd consider "real" remasters in that there was at least some effort put in to take an older game with no widescreen, no HD and bring it to HD consoles with updates for the modern gen whereas Devil May Cry HD whateverthehell is a game that is already in HD and really seems more like a cash grab... But of course it doesn't really affect us, buy what you like and don't buy the rest. They're going to make these regardless as long as they make money so... nothing we can do really except vote with our wallets haha
  7. Don't play with those losers! Ciel and Roy are cooler! Well.... Ciel is anyway > It's okay, I think you'd at least have a 50-50 chance against the Lets Fish protagonist.
  8. Errrrrrr When did TK become female?
  9. Depends on what you play, like... I was playing some Hohokum and I could totally take on the rainbow worm thingy
  10. He's probably killed a lot more zombies than you to boot. Just sayin.
  11. Ludono

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    What systems btw?
  12. Yeah, Fall 2012 with Resident Evil 5 having been released in Spring of 2009, so I'd say we'd be due for another one this fall or next spring... And yeah 0 was Gamecube only, though it had been ported to Wii through the Resident Evil Archives collection same as REmake.
  13. Seems to be a split opinion here, some are looking forward to it and some aren't too happy with more remasters. At least they're better than Konami...right? right? But I'm also hoping for Resident Evil 7 to be announced at this years E3.... :/
  14. Ludono

    FINAL FANTASY XIV - Dragonsong

    Sure but you're still within healthy limits... he has an unhealthy obsession at this point xD
  15. Granted, I'm not the local XIV fanatic here (cough*Ciel*cough) but how can you NOT love this?!
  16. Mad Max: Fury Road 10/10 Flipping AWESOME. Watched in 4DX and I want to watch it again! Best part of them movie was THIS GUY. when the War Party charges in with the guitar guy rocking out and blasting fire out of his guitar while he shreds metal? AWESOMESSSSS
  17. In for a copy, seems neat enough and people are mad hyped. Back Might No.9 for the same amount and I was annoyed that I forgot to back Project Phoenix Holy S*** I've got to stop spending so much on empty promises
  18. Polygon gonna Polygon Didn't they said consoles were dead earlier this month? They're almost as bad as Kotaku
    1. TKtheknight


      So true! Hope EA learns this and have until release date to do all the stuff BF2 had.

  19. I.... saw some of these at a gaming cafe in Indonesia LOL