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  1. There are some more official things going on that I'll be filling the staff in on soon; including one that Ciel is going to like a lot (no, it doesn't involve pay, sorry).


    I do like the Amiibo giveaway for Smash tournament thing, though I can imagine only GP members will enter (because generally most people want an easy opt-in to contests), but I'm more than okay with that since I'd rather they win something like that than someone coming in randomly for the contest and disappearing.


    CAG also has money and more than likely hired professional web designers to do the theme.



    But in all honesty, yes, a dark version of the current site is something I could theoretically do. The issue is it would take some time to get everything right, and that's something that's sorely lacking these days.


    But yeah, it's something I'll add to my list of things to do when I can spare some time. Personally, I'd like to fix the footer first.


    True CheapyD got that mad affiliate money after all. But CAG is maintained by a single web designer (Cheapy's friend), though I don't know how much time and effort he spends on it. (Possibly a lot!). So yeah I see where you're coming from. :)



    Just wanted to comment real quick on that dark skin idea (das racist). Wouldn't it be cool if we did it as sort of a day theme and night theme? Like, not based on the time of day, but if you chose the day theme the site has a blue sky at the top with the logo of houses or whatever, and if you chose the night theme the blue sky becomes a starry night sky with the lights on in the logo. Just a thought to bring more of that podunk theme into play.



    That's actually a neat way to approach it. I like it! :D

  2. Ah here we go. I found it! http://www.gamepodunk.com/blog/58/entry-608-gamepodunk-house-keeping/


    Let's see here...


    Christmas stuff - nope

    Random prizes - nah (still fond of the idea, however)

    Game Night prizes - still working on it

    New skin - still working on it

    New Members - still working on it

    My play - canceled


    We're doomed. I would be great at E3.


    Making a dark site skin seems to be the easiest thing ever since we're on a templated site...CAG uses IP Board as well and they have a dark skin option. GAF has a dark skin option. Cmon GP, behind the times!


    Hey you wanna come to TGS with me? ;D

  3. Ciel for Site Admin 2016!!!!!


    (I'm starting your campaign train early!)


    A lot of lofty ambitions and it will be impressive you follow through with even half of them considering how many ideas have fallen by the way side these past few months. Looking forward to see what you can cook up for our buffet oh Master Chef.

  4. Hmm, I haven't played too many in recent years but some ones I enjoyed off the top of my head.


    Triggerheart Excelica - Xbox 360



    Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer - PS3



    Liberation Maiden - 3DS (Not really a schmup but...kinda?)


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  5. Is stand-up comedy not real content? It's just a dude standing on a stage talking. He's not "creating" anything other then jokes, so why should he make any money off of it? Before Kiwi gets any sillier with analogies, the point he's trying to make is that you're kind of creating an artificial divide here. How's it take more creativity to string together 3 minutes of video game footage and put it to a song, then it does to make entertaining commentary on the spot for an hour (Or however long they do the game for at a time). The good stuff will take effort and creativity no matter how you slice it. The Let's Play can go through editing and such just as the montage can.


    Kiwi was getting somewhere with that stand-up comedian bit... what was it? Oh yeah, commentary is pretty simple and straight forward as far as "effort" or production values go, but how is it any different from sports commentators? They're not the one making the stuff they're commentating on, but they still make money from it. Kiwi could probably type more on this but he's forgetting half the bullocks he thought of so he'll leave at this.


    Fair points but a comedian creates his jokes or "commentary" as you call if from his own collective creativity. Sure, Let's Play commentators might have to do the same to be able to talk over top the game for an hour but the difference is their commentary can't stand on it's own without relying on the real content, aka the game. Sports Commentators sure, they're providing commentary on something they didn't create but they're doing so because they are being paid to do so by the ones "creating" the content. If Nintendo were to pay or ask Pewdiepie to do Let's Plays then it would the same ballgame.

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  6. Great post and excellent read!


    I've always stood on the same side of the fence on this topic. I can see both sides of the argument for sure, but on one hand you have the company that spends money to create products which in turn produce the content you are watching for entertainment, why should a person who is broadcasting their product make any let alone ALL of the profits off of it?


    And let's be real, it takes no talent to create a Let's Play, which is the core offender for these arguments. It's very different than a montage, or a parody video or any other sort of video where production and creativity are critical. It's literally some person playing a game from start to finish - and no, reaction cams are NOT creative - which makes playing the game ultimately pointless in most cases, especially for story intensive games.


    If you look at the biggest channels on YouTube, a good chunk of them are gaming channels, people who make their livelihood off of videos like this. Don't get me wrong, I don't want anyone to lose their source of income, but in cases like this if your source of income is based entirely off of someone else's labour? You might need to rethink your strategy....


    Of course we all like to fight for "the little guy" because the big scary corporate machine sucks right? Would I take the chance to make money off of uploading playthroughs of Zelda? Sure! Who wouldn't? But does that make it right? Not really, and it's sad that we've come to a point where we feel entitled to it.



  7. If you're playing a game that's absolutely meant for co-op, do you just find someone to play with and have a ball, or do you not really care and take it on by yourself? 


    Well if it's ABSOLUTELY meant for coop then yes, I will try to find a partner.


    When you play through certain games alone, do you wish you had a co-op partner, or wish the developers had made the game a little more kind to a lone wolf like yourself? 


    I'm of the opinion that co-op makes every game experience more fun! Of course some games don't need it but often times a game can be infinitely more fun if a buddy could jump in and play with you :) 


    Gaming is a social thing for me so... yeah :)

  8. I've backed three games and two albums...the albums are out and I've got my rewards, and of the games Shovel Knight is out. The other two are Adventures of Pip and Soul Saga...I get fairly regular updates on Pip, but since I'm not in the beta for Soul Saga I don't seem to hear much out of it (then again, I never used my forum key, so maybe it's all in there.)


    Not that I haven't seen plenty of games that caught my eye, but some of them (Mighty #9 for instance) didn't need any help and others I just couldn't convince myself it was worth it to "reserve" the game so to speak. I'm also getting a little weary of games that are "here's what we're going to do once you give us money" and not "here's what we have done, we just need some money to make it even better." I don't want to back concepts anymore, and that's what most of the popular ones seem to be.


    Yeah, the Soul Saga stuff sort of gravitated over to the forum, though he does answer you if you send him a message which is pretty nice haha


    I don't know, theres many reasons to back stuff. For the "little guys" its often times to help them realize a dream and if I like their concept enough I'll chip in a bit to hopefully make it possible.For big projects like Might No. 9 it seems much less likely that they will fail to deliver or whatnot and is more of a question of if I want to buy into the hype and get some sweet limited edition stuff that might be cool to have later down the road...

  9. Heavenly Sword is easily in my top 10 games, possibly even top 5 games on PS3 this past generation. I LOVE Ninja Theory and while I enjoy all their games (Enslaved was great!) I'd love to see a Heavenly Sword 2 on PS4....


    MAG was great in concept, but simply had no support for its lofty ideas. I think someone like DICE could pull it off support wise but I doubt they'd ever try to work in support for that many players.


    Lair was...okay...ish....not really but hey, launch title! Fun concept though... Afrika and 3D Dot should have sold more, those games were awesome.


    In terms of what else should come to PS4.... Perhaps another Warhawk game? I sunk endless hours into it (and Resistance 1) when I first got my PS3 but somehow its successor, Starhawk, did not manage to live up to the hype.


    A title that is oft forgotten due to releasing so early in the PS3 life cycle (when no one owned one :( ) is Folklore, a wonderful RPG that I'd love to see more of on the PS4 (ALSO TRUSTY BELL 2 PLZZZZ)


    My favourite type of game this past generation was the weird artsy indie type stuff we saw with Flower, Rain, Journey, Papo and Yo, Unfinished Swan and many many more. We need more of that on PS4~


    Also, what about PAIN? :D

  10. It seems like you've seen it all in 6 months from a lot of protests, nearly dying (the trailwalker), good food, clubbing (which, yeah, like me found to be whatever after the 1st time), selfies, and Christmas...kind of. Still, sounds like it was exciting at the very least and it looks like you finally got your footing after all of that difficulty of finding a place to live initially.


    I was almost going to ask why you didn't wait until Chinese New Year to write this, and then I realized that is like 2 months away.


    Lastly, VITA HAS NO GAMEZ.


    Oh there's still plenty I want to do and see, but overall I've had an eventful time for sure. The hardest part was probably just being less of an introvert and be more outgoing and suddenly I've been making friends left and right, which has really helped keep me going :)


    Well, I've *sorta* got New Years plans and then probably will have plans for Chinese new years as well so maybe that'll be another post? xD


    Oh definitely. Just a few terrible weaboo games.

  11. I've had my PS4 since launch and I've played....


    Favourites (Not in order)

    -Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Loved it!

    -Assassin's Creed IV: Freedom Cry - More of the above but with a twist :D

    -inFamous Second Son - Loved playing this, but so forgettable haha

    -inFamous First Light - Fetch is so much cooler than whatever his name was

    -Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - AHHHHH METAL GEAR<3<3<3

    -Final Fantasy IV: A Realm Reborn - This is where much of my life went :(

    -Super Motherload - Best indie game on PS4 :D


    Meh / Haven't played enough to have an opinion

    -Killzone Shadowfall - Solid enough I guess but...bleh
    -Drive Club - Great racing....if it would freaking work.
    -The Last of Us Remastered - Already played this.... but still good I guess?
    -Yakuza Ishin - Eh, it's good but I prefer modern day setting
    -Shadow of Mordor - Seems good, have to play more than 2 hours worth haha
    -Akiba's Trip 2 - I...think I like it? Need to play more to decide...

    -Road Not Taken - Barely played

    -Flower - Already played this >_>

    -Contrast - Twas alright

    -Resogun - Not my cup of tea

    -Daylight - Meh, pretty lackluster horror game :P

    -Doki Doki Universe - Quirky but haven't played much

    -Strider - Barely played, but seems fun

    -Towerfall Acension - Fun but didn't play much of it

    -Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition - Already played this, meh


    Least Favourites

    -Mercenary Kings - Hated this for some reason

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