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  1. 1 minute ago, Jason Clement said:


    Yeah, it's been crazy to watch Resetera overtake GAF this last month or so. Good on them for putting their feet down on trolls and generally bad people/discussion.


    Eh, it's more a matter of all the users that matter moving from GAF to Reset. Activity on GAF is at an all time low and generally Reset is only "established" users for the time being. evilore's handling of the whole matter didn't help either. Just as GAF emerged from the old Gaming Age site, reset is the next evolution. 

  2. On 7/19/2017 at 8:33 AM, Jason Clement said:

    You should convince Ludo to come down from his ivory tower and mingle with us peasants as well, haha. Nah, I'm kidding; I know he's been a busy boy, gallivanting over Europe and whatnot. I think he said he literally hasn't played a game in forever (except CS:GO and Overwatch, maybe). But yeah, adulting is tough; there's room for little else once you start working.


    Looks like I've not yet been forgotten.


    Not so much an Ivory Tower as a shared apartment in Madrid, but hey I'm not unapproachable. I generally stick to Resetera and reddit, you can find me there, I'm fairly active there. Resetera is also a decent place after the whole GAF incident...


    Actually finished Rise of the Tomb Raider and Wolfenstein: The New Order in the past two weeks. But generally I still just play (and watch CS:GO). Never got into Overwatch, it's also quite terrible as a spectator eSport. I only have my gaming PC with me these days, but it's pretty capable so I could play other things should I want to...


    On 7/19/2017 at 5:45 PM, Royzoga said:

    Hah, Ludo and I barely even talk anymore as sad as that is. The time zone differences really mess with us keeping up with each other. That and I don't think he games much anymore. If he does it's just CS:GO like you're saying, so yee. And uh, yeah, definitely not gonna be a manager any time soon. I'm working in schools doing IT support, which is apparently a retirement position, dunno! I'm pretty happy with how things are with that so I doubt I'll be rocking that boat much anytime soon. 


    Pssh, stop pretending we don't send each other steamy messages every other night on Messenger. ;)


  3. It's very situational. Let's say I want to get Disgaea 5, it's $60 at Gamestop and Amazon but for whatever reason Amazon doesn't offer free shipping, and since Amazon now charges tax for my state it would be cheaper to get it from Gamestop so I'd probably get it from Gamestop. However, let's say there's a limited print run of the game, so I want to guarantee my copy so I'll probably preorder it only, or if it has some sort of a special edition that's ONLY available online.


    But yeah, Amazon has pretty much spoiled us in terms of free shipping. :P

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  4. Well seeing as I've been blowing a bunch of cash on school supplies and stuff I don't really have much money for games at the moment, nor do I have much time to play it seems. 


    Still, I am considering picking up MGSV. Though I would have to get it on PC since my PS4 is currently several thousand miles away from me. Apparently it's super well optimised for PC though so it'll still work on my laptop (admittedly, it's a gaming laptop, though a few years old)

  5. I gotta be honest here, as soon as that Zelda New 3DS XL was announced, I gave in to the urge and preordered it. I JUST COULDN'T RESIST. Yeah, the face plates on the regular one are cool and all, but I planned on getting an XL regardless simply for its size. So I was excited to see that I wasn't too late for the Zelda one. JUST LOOK AT IT:




    As someone who owns both this




    and this




    I am very tempted to get this NEW one as well but I wonder if my budget will allow for it D:

  6. Yeah this is a terrible idea. Currently we get random games that often times I hadn't heard of or would never have tried as well as making sure we don't get a game we've already gotten, with this I feel like we'll be getting people voting for the same triple A games we've already gotten....