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  1. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/techbench And I had to use this to make a bootable USB: http://download.cnet.com/Windows-7-USB-DVD-Download-Tool/3000-18513_4-10972600.html
  2. mr.me

    Futurama fan film in the works

    As a massive Futurama fan, this looks terrible.
  3. Meh, I'm still iffy on Windows 10, but I decided to do the upgrade anyway (which was a royal pain in the ass). Windows 7 support ends in 4 years and I'm not planning on upgrading my hardware by then, plus I mostly use Linux anyway lol. After I tried the various methods of upgrading with continual failure, I had to do some research and find a direct link to the ISO and made a bootable USB and then everything was fine.
  4. You're thinking of The Walking Dead: Michonne which was a side game that is unrelated to Season 3.
  5. mr.me

    Share your last beaten games here!

    Are there some sales I don't know about? Where are you getting all these PS4 games, TK?!
  6. mr.me

    Yooka-Laylee E3 2016 Trailer

    Looks great! I like the humor, I hope they main game has humor too. Always good to have a new platformer since they are few and far between these days, last one I remember was the excellent Puppeteer. No, I wouldn''t consider those platformers and I have to say you have missed out on some excellent games if you haven't played a platformer since Super Mario Land. Like way too many to name but Super Mario Galaxy, Sly Cooper and Ratchet and Clank come to mind.
  7. mr.me

    TV series Krypton picked up by Syfy

    I don't know... I'm cautiously optimistic. I didn't like Smallville, so I'm hoping it will be better than that. I don't know if it being on SyFy is a good thing. I tried watching the SyFy series 12 Monkeys and it was pretty bad, especially compared to the movie which is really good. SyFy shows are like the really bad B Sci-fi movies from the 50s and 60s. Uh, not really. The show isn't a police procedural and Gordon is really only a small focus and even when they do focus on him it is more about his conflicts, whether or not to do what is right as a police officer or do what benefits him, that kind of stuff.
  8. Ugh... I didn't notice that. It is so stupid when they do that.
  9. Zelda is easily one of the greatest series of all-time, you should definitely make an effort to play it. I would go with Wind Waker first, Twilight Princess second and Skyward Sword third. Whenever I get a Zelda game I drop all other games I have and play it until it is finished.
  10. It looks pretty cool, but wouldn't it still need to be in cardboard so it doesn't get all gross?
  11. mr.me

    Space Jam 2 is actually happening (yes really)

    Yeah, not excited. I liked Space Jam as a kid, but lets be honest the movie is pretty bad.
  12. Looks good. It still resembles the old suits, but looks more realistic.
  13. mr.me

    The Last Man on Earth

    Yep, still watching it. I just gave up posting about it since you and me are the only ones watching, lol. Season 2 has been very good and I definitely feel bad for Tandy. I guess nothing can ever go right for him. And of course Kristen Schaal is amazing as always.
  14. Has anybody else been watching this? I have and I think it is one of the first good comedies since most of the comedies I watch ended (Parks and Rec, The Office, 30 Rock). Plus, Kristen Schaal.
  15. mr.me

    Horizon: Zero Dawn might be delayed to 2017

    Wow, the game is looking great! I hope they actually release it this year. Now I don't know which I want more Zelda U or The Last Guardian.
  16. mr.me

    Gotham Season 2

    I'm watching it. Good season so far. BD Wong as Hugo Strange is excellent. I wish Paul Reubens had been on the show longer, he is such a great actor and hasn't been in much lately. Jim Gordon is going down a dark path and it is hard to imagine him as commissioner one day. Not too excited to see Barbara return. Penguin has been awesome as always.
  17. mr.me

    Horizon: Zero Dawn might be delayed to 2017

    I completely forgot about this game and don't buy games at launch anyway, so I don't really care. The bigger surprise is: The Last Guardian is supposed to release this year?! When was that announced?! I have been waiting for that game for so long!
  18. mr.me

    PS4K/Neo - Interested in buying one?

    I agree. I do not want the PS5 in 3 years. If PS4K doesn't effect current PS4 owners and makes the generation last longer I am all for it.
  19. I don't want to spoil anything, but I thought the boss was very unique and fun... The game did have a bit of filler to make it longer and would have been better without it and certain gameplay aspects wear a bit thin by the end, but I thought overall the game was very fun. It wasn't one of those long games that I was like "This is so looong! When will it be over?!", it actually seemed to go by pretty fast. As for the HD treatment on Wii U, I don't know. It would have to have motion controls because they are so ingrained into the gameplay and having a Wii U game that requires a Wiimote might be confusing for some people.
  20. mr.me

    Change - Love or hate?

    It just depends on the game and type of change really. Mass Effect for example I actually didn't like that much, but I thought it was pretty good. Then Mass Effect 2 comes along and changes the series from a light RPG with shooter elements to a cover-based shooter with RPG elements and I found the game almost intolerable at that point. Now if they had gone the other direction adding more RPG elements I would have liked that. Final Fantasy I always liked a lot, but I would get tired of all the random battles and start running from all of them. This was a problem because when I got to the boss I wasn't a high enough level. They fixed this in Final Fantasy 12 and so it is my favorite in the series and the only one I have beaten. Then there are things like Resident Evil 4 that are considered the best in the series because of the change, but also considered to have caused the downfall of the survival-horror genre in favor of action-horror. Or Metroid Prime which is a favorite of a lot of people, but Other M not so much.
  21. mr.me

    PS4K/Neo - Interested in buying one?

    Besides the fact that I just bought a PS4, I don't even have a 4k tv(I actually only just jumped on the HD bandwagon about a year ago, lol) so I am not interested at all.
  22. mr.me

    Watchu Buyin'? April 2016 Edition

    To be fair, both are excellent and I think the divide is because they are actually fairly different games, not because of differing quality. For example, Up Your Arsenal has this fun side scroller part that wasn't in Going Commando and I believe Going Commando had more of these puzzle mini-games than Up Your Arsenal. Wii U is next gen! Don't feel bad, I've beaten everything I have for PS4 and haven't touched in like a month. I don't buy games at launch either and sadly sales have been pretty lackluster this year.
  23. mr.me

    Power Rangers Movie - Rita Repulsa's New Look

    Eh, it's okay. I think they could have made it similar to the original costume, but changed it enough to match the type of look they are going for. I also hadn't heard of this movie until just now. Are they trying to make a more "mature" Power Rangers movie or something?
  24. mr.me

    Star Wars: Rogue One story trailer ^^

    Looks great! I haven't seen The Force Awakens yet, but it is at least better than the prequels, right?! Yep. He is easily one of the greatest living martial artists.