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  1. Man why does Sony always make the spending limit $100 when it comes to spend this amount to get this amount back. I can't think of $100 worth of stuff. Why not do $50 instead of $100 lol.

    1. TKtheknight


      I didn't buy them, but did my math of what I wanted. If only they do $50 instead of $100. I came up with $50 stuff w/HZD DLC, Little Nightmares Expansion, and Life is Strange prequel. Everything else I've bought in previous sales and flash sales. :-/

    2. Steve Bitto

      Steve Bitto

      Do pre-orders count? Sounded like many of our commenters planned on pre-ordering stuff. When you have GCU, no deals really compare though.

    3. TKtheknight


      I'm not sure. I clicked preorder and it didn't go to the cart. It just says purchase. Yeah GCU is pretty much the best deal for preordering since Amazon got rid of the discount for collector's edition stuff.