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    What are your 2018 resolutions?

    It's definitely hard to follow your resolutions. The best way to achieve them is not make resolutions and wing it as you go like doing something you never achieved. Few years ago I finally got my driver's license and last year finally getting a job when I made those resolutions long time before. Late resolutions will achieve eventually. More like life goals in general. This year I already failed my resolutions in buying less games due to that darn PSN Holiday digital sales and preordering some games this year. My resolutions were pretty generic like lose weight, but obviously I can't resist pizza. Another resolution I can easily do is just beat more games from the backlog. Mostly gaming goals are easy to do since it's the best hobby out there. Also I want to game with you guys more. Felt we haven't done much of that last year besides Overwatch w/Venni, barrel, Laddie, dyeknom, etc. Anyways my resolutions this year is more of gaming goals. Personally I wish I can be better in communication or speak more. I'm not much of a talker in real life cuz my hearing is terrible lol. I prefer listening and just keeping a simple mind lol. I'm soft spoken and do want to speak up more. Anyways good luck to everyone's goal and lets have a great 2018! Woo!
  2. Being an adult really sucks these days lol. Man I remember being active a lot when I first joined and having fun. After getting a job it feels tough to keep up with things lately. Work, sleep, play games, have time to catch up with friends, etc. I come in here and there to check up on things and twitter as well. I may not be active a lot, but the place will always be in my heart. On a side note I wish I have time to make a thread or blog to contribute to the GP Top 2017 games of the year. This is the first time I played a lot of released games in a year! My list is definitely mostly PS4 games and 1 XB1 game lol. Anyways glad to see GP still kicking despite not much going on. I can understand that because being an adult sucks the life out of ya. Anyways thanks Jason! Time sure flies by fast since joining GP 6 years ago.
  3. TKtheknight

    The Official "Post Your Black Friday Buys" 2017 Thread

    I saved up tip money for months to prepare for this moment. I uh spent about $500-600 I think. I lost count and had one of the best BF experiences because I actually had enough money. Games Best Buy -Wolfenstein 2 ($25) -Ghost Recon Wildlands ($20) -GTA V ($25) -Animal Crossing New Leaf ($15) -Fire Emblem Echoes ($30) -Pokemon Omega Ruby ($20) -Codename STEAM (Around $2) *Cyber Monday Deal -Dragon Quest VII ($16) *Cyber Monday Deal -The Last Guardian ($16) *Pre BF Deal -Nioh ($16) *Pre BF Deal P.S. I don't have a 3DS. I bought the games for my bro who's getting a 3DS, but I'll eventually get one Gamestop -Dishonored Death of an Outsider ($15) -Yakuza 0 ($30) -Injustice 2 ($15) -Halo Wars 2 ($20) -The Evil Within 2 ($25) *Pre BF Deal -Fallout 4 GOT ($25) *Pre BF Deal -$10 PSN Card Wal Mart -South Park: The Fractured But Whole ($30) PSN -7 Days to Die ($5) -BF1 Premium Season Pass ($15) Movies Best Buy -4K UHD Titles -Wonder Woman ($10) -Pacific Rim ($15) -Transformers TLK ($10) -Power Rangers ($15) -The Secret Life of Pets ($15) -Watchmen Ultimate Cut ($15) Amazon -4K UHD Spider-Man Homecoming Mask Case Edition ($18 Lightning Deal) Other Gamestop -$20 Funko Mystery Box 8Bit (Got Ryu) Amazon -Legend of Zelda Arts and Artifacts ($18) Used the giftbook coupon to knock it off $5 of a book $20 or more LootCrate -Bought a bunch of stuff 50% off from Loot Vault which includes Splatoon Plush, Cowboy Bebop Ein plush, Futurama Express Delivery Ship model, shirts, Ratchet and Clank Wrench pen, other various stuff. Pretty neat. It was over $100 of stuff brought down to $50 with the 50% off code. Anyways that's what I got. Pretty sure I might get something last minute if there's a nice Cyber Monday deal.
  4. Been a while since I've been here. Oui! I'll do my best to visit more. Usually use my time playing games, catching up with shows, movies, and resting my body from work. Happy Holidays! :D

    1. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      Hope you're doing well, TK!

    2. Laddie13


      Hey! Same with me TK, I will be back to a more bearable work schedule for the next couple of weeks until closer to the holidays.

  5. TKtheknight

    PS Plus October 2017 Games: Metal Gear Solid V??

    I totally love it! I still haven't played Phantom Pain on PS4 yet so it's a good thing I haven't bought the Definitive Experience. Sad I missed out on Ground Zeroes being free years ago, but then again I didn't have a job and money for PS+ at the time. Excited for Amnesia as well since it fits the horror month. Wish there was more horror titles like Roy said about Evil Within. Would've been a great buildup for the release of the second game. I'm pretty sure there's gonna be a horror themed sale sometime in October to make up for no horror games on PS+.
  6. TKtheknight

    MoviePass Week 1 Impressions

    Wait so for 10 bucks a month you can see as many movies just one a day? So like I can see 30 movies in 30 days? If that is how it works then sign me up! I'm interested now. Is there a sign up link anywhere or is it just on mobile? I can watch movies on my days off from work for sure!
  7. TKtheknight

    Watchu Buyin' September 2017 Edition

    I got Knack 2 and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. I didn't realize Cuphead is finally here! Anybody know if there's a special discount prepurchase anywhere? I got some Microsoft credit/points and definitely would like to get it now.
  8. Jason we're gonna have to team up for this. Maybe barrel and Venom as well if they still have the game unless they traded it in lol. I couldn't get into the beta due to server issues, but this looks promising. I always wanted to explore the events during Noctis's absence and how it affected everyone for many years.
  9. TKtheknight

    Monster Hunter: World is set to release in January 2018

    After seeing the trailer at TGS I got hooked. Never played the series, but this one looks bigger and more fun bringing the world together. I would definitely be getting this on PS4 and can see co-op adventures together. I kinda want to get the collector's edition, but it's Gamestop exclusive. Was hoping for Best Buy as well to use the GCU. This may be the first Monster Hunter game I ever played. Considering preordering it actually!
  10. This is quite the fascinating upgrade. It's like a brand new knight quarters. Welcome home gamers! It's blue with a colorful feeling of positivity. Testing testing @setaimx am I doing this right? Just seeing if the notification is awesome. Sounds awesome that you can tag people via Twitter. EDIT: Uh @Jason Clement guess this is how to use it lol. I was thinking differently. So the twitter thing only works for the users on the site then. Pretty nifty upgrade feature. This is quite a nice way instead of replying or quoting in a way.
  11. TKtheknight

    GP will be upgrading our forum software

    Sometimes I get this weird error when I try to get on phone so glad to hear the upgrade is gonna be awesome. Also uh any chance bringing the GP chat back? I know nobody has the time anymore, but wasn't there a free version instead of a paid one you did before? It be nice to bring back memories sometime. It sucks when we grow up and move on, but I'll still be here and there!
  12. I love their 99 cent deals. They actually had a 50 cent one earlier this year with Arrival and Assassin's Creed I think. I ended up getting this since I haven't seen it yet. Power Rangers and Logan were definitely awesome films! Also the latest one they add is Boss Baby. I kinda want to rent it, but dunno how good that movie is lol.
  13. TKtheknight

    Watchu Buyin' August 2017 Edition

    Hoo boy I spent a lot this month. I ended up getting the Adult Swim starter pack from digital sale, Hellblade, Batman Kotobukiya figures, Blood Blockade Battlefront anime, Preordered all on PS4 ; Sonic Mania CE, RE Revelations, Uncharted Lost Legacy, Yakuza Kiwami (gonna be my first Yakuza game), HZD DLC, and LiS Before the Storm. Exciting purchases!
  14. TKtheknight

    Deadlight: Director's Cut (PC Digital Download) Free

    I read that as Dead by Daylight and got excited lol. I already have Deadlight and it's pretty good. Go and get this free guys!
  15. TKtheknight

    39.99 XBL Gold

    Pretty good deal and lowest so far this summer. I'm currently using a year of gold and I still haven't make use of it besides the free gold games. Mostly play on the PS4.
  16. Man Gary Oldman is such a phenomenal actor. There are so many roles that he plays that puts up great makeup and work that is unrecognizable. Movie magic and makeup artists are such amazing works in the business. When I saw the title I thought it sounded like a horror movie lol.
  17. TKtheknight

    First look at the new XCOM DLC

    I've never played the XCOM series, but I did enjoy the demo on PS3 and won a copy of the game for it. Just too many games from the backlog. I'll get around to it eventually.
  18. TKtheknight

    Here's all the big stuff that was announced at D23 2017

    I am overwhelmed about all this. So much hype and so much excitement! Just glad to be alive for this time! Oh man I can't wait Jason!
  19. TKtheknight

    Watchu' Buyin' July 2017 Edition

    Just FFXII for me this month which is on my Birthday (7th). Pretty excited to play it again. One of the most underrated FF games out there.
  20. Had a blast with my Birthday the other day. Saw Spider-Man Homecoming ant it's awesome and went to Dave and Busters for the first time! :D

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    2. TKtheknight


      Thanks Steve-O! I need to go to Dave and Busters more. There are games I still haven't played like Mario Kart!

    3. Venom


      Mario Kart Arcade GP is basically the only reason to even go there!

    4. TKtheknight


      They even have Luigi's Mansion too. I was bummed I didn't get to play it since people were on it and the place was closing. Rock em Sockem Robots was down too. Ugh. At least I played the Batmobile game lol.

  21. TKtheknight

    Anyone play Crash N-Sane Trilogy yet?

    I've never played the originals on PS1 and only played Warped that time. I got the game Friday and it's definitely a tough challenging game. I beat the first game and it gave me a lot of rage and anger. Some of the levels were tough and most of my game overs/death have been on wonky jumps/landings and thinking you hit the enemy from behind, but somehow you freaking die from that lol. I enjoy the challenge, but man I'v never cursed so much playing a game. I finally beat that thankfully and started the second one. So far the second one is a bit easier and I die less, but still got that angry/rage thing from stupid deaths lol. If you do get it Jason just be prepared for Dark Souls anger.
  22. TKtheknight

    Happy 4th of July

    I beat Crash Bandicoot and saw Baby Driver. Excellent movie and the game was pretty darn tough.
  23. TKtheknight

    Steam Summer Sale 2017

    I ended up getting Portal 2, Half-Life Collection, Deus Ex: GOTY, Deus Ex: Invisible War, Silent Age, Bird Story, System Shock Enhanced, Refunct, Stanley Parable, Her Story, Reus, and A Story About My Uncle. Mostly stuff from my wishlist. It's nice to have money to spend having a job. Prob won't play these until I get a new laptop or all in one desktop.
  24. TKtheknight

    GWG July 2017 Lineup

    I kinda forgot lol. I stopped using Bing for a year and saw a CAG thread about XBL being on sale for a certain amount of points. I logged in and saw I had a lot saved up and got it. I'd say if you keep up with the daily goals every day you might get enough in a few months. Bing rewards have some random sales here and there so I'd use my points on them. I used to use them on Amazon GC, but they kinda raised the price now. I think nowadays just use the points on XBL stuff or credit.
  25. TKtheknight

    Should Sony do a Playstation Classic/Mini? Would you buy it?

    I'd definitely get one if they do trophy support like they do on PS4. Gotta have some incentives other than just playing it since they're available digitally or just play original on original console.