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  1. Guys go buy Super mario RPG...Check out Gaiages club nintendo thread for info :P

  2. Slayn Bacon

    The "Official" Club Nintendo Thread (Updated 8/4/14)

    Super Mario RPG makes this the best month! everybody should 'buy' this right away!
  3. Slayn Bacon

    Obligatory - What are you playing right now!

    Trying to beat Lost Odyssey.
  4. Happy Barrel Day everyone!

  5. Slayn Bacon

    Everything Wrong With The Hobbit In Four Minutes

    I didn't like the movie, but it was't because of any of the things listed in that video.
  6. Never trust a Kojima trailer : P
  7. Minecraft is sucking away all my free time D:

    1. Rex705


      Let's play together! Do you know how to set up a server?

    2. Slayn Bacon

      Slayn Bacon

      I don't know any more since all this tekkit stuff.

    3. Kezins


      I play portable Minecraft on my iPad all the time. The full computer game would probably destroy my social life so I avoid it.

  8. Also what are some of your favorites? Me I'm really only reading SAGA, but I'm loving it. (waits for the walking dead storm of people)
  9. Winner: Marcus :P

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Rex705


      How much did Marcus pay you?

    3. Kezins


      Congrats Marcus! Marcus paid me $3,000. Gaiages only paid me $2,000. The entire contest was seriously closer to judge than most realize. It really came down to small details in most cases.


    4. Pikachu


      Yeah it was tough to judge the final two articles. Both did a fantastical job. Glad to see this contest became a success. :-)

  10. Slayn Bacon

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    Bayonetta and Hyperdimension Neptunia...We can see what kinda person you are.
  11. I'll be announcing the blog contest CHAMPION tonight.

    1. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      *Prepares to blast out Queen when the winner is announced.*

  12. Slayn Bacon

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    picked up Pokemon Konquest.
  13. Slayn Bacon

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    picked up Valkyria chronicles 2
  14. I seem to have a serious problem with car puns...

  15. Slayn Bacon

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    Got it for $17