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  1. Andres

    Favorite Video Game Sidekicks

    Totally Agree Ratchet is awesome!!! and so is bently and Murray from Sly cooper =D
  2. Hmm i might this game later on lol.
  3. Andres

    New Xbox 360 Halo Reach - Limited Edition $27

    Oh that's cool for that price. =]
  4. Oh wow the Controller Looks Awesome!!! I like the design
  5. They sure are when you do hahaha
  6. Andres

    Favorite Video Game Quotes

    Hmm my favorite quote is from Star Ocean Till the end of time. When Abel nox during the Victory results says It is not the Great who are strong, its the Strong who are great!!! Also another Quote he says is "The only point is at the end of my sword, Fool!."
  7. Andres

    Favorite Final Fantasy Character

    He was very well made that's for sure lol. His personality was just awesome from beginning to end
  8. Andres

    Playstation Vita 3G Launch Bundle

    Yeah dude the system is already out. Well you still have time to decide to get one. I got the Wifi version and i personally think its better than the 3G.
  9. Me too but most likely Ninja Storm 3 will be out next year and i think Naruto will be finished by then too. Yeah it does get addicting after a while cuz you feel like you need to cream some people with Naruto Characters lmao Yeah it is. Alot of people love buying Storm games!!! There is alot of fans out there that like the series alot. =]
  10. Oh man i hope you do. I want to know your opinion on the game haha lol.
  11. I am really looking forward to this game!!! Anybody Picking it up?
  12. Waiting for Naruto Generations =]

  13. Awesome Contests are fun!!! =D
  14. Andres

    All-time favorite videogame characters.

    Mines will be... Link= Legend of Zelda series Max= Dark Cloud 2 Terra= Final Fantasy 6 Pokemon Trainer= Pokemon series Serge= Chrono Cross Lightning= Final Fantasy 13 Squall= Final Fantasy 8 Sly Cooper= Sly cooper series Daxter= Jak and Daxter series That's it for now lol
  15. Andres

    Favorite Final Fantasy Character

    Yeah Auron was badass and Lulu and Quistis was pretty good characters in their own right =D