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  1. Wchillinman

    Man dies on a Diablo III gaming spree.

    I heard of people playing for hours on end but they usually eat or drink something. Going over 40 hours with drinking or eating was very extreme. I'm surprised no one at the internet cafe tried to sell or get the guy to eat or drink something knowing he was there for all those hour. Unless he signed some release form or something, I think the cafe should have some liability in the matter. I wonder if he had type of medical condition beforehand though. Well at least he went out doing what he loved. Also, That part about him standing up, walking a feet and than collapsing reminded me of Kill Bill ending a bit.
  2. Wchillinman

    Less than 800K PSVita units sold in Japan in 6 months.

    It doesn't surprise me a bit that the sales are not that good. I agree with what both of you said about if they were to bring down the prices some, that would help with the sales. I also agree with DarkCobra about it needs a better game library. Along with those two reasons another reason that other people including myself are waiting to see if they release a newer version like they had did with the PSP. When Sony released newer versions of the PSPs they had better features with every upgrade so people might be thinking why should I spend this much now when Sony is going to release a better version later. People might also be thinking that what the Vita system is currently offering for the price is not worth it at the moment; other things come first or there are things that will give you more bang for the buck.
  3. G4 TV's Comic Con coverage the other day mentioned something about new things DC was doing so I got interested in what Marvel was up to. Just checked out their site and found out about these future films (a two new movies concepts and a few sequels). Here's the article: http://marvel.com/ne...ilms_on_the_way Here's the logos and more: Logo and date for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art Logo for the Ant-Man movie Logo and date for the new Captain America movie Logo and date for the new Thor movie Logo for the new Iron Man movie that comes out May 3, 2013 I'm glad to see they are working on new stuff instead of focusing their attention only on sequels. Even though there is a long time before any of these movies are released, which are you the most/least excited about? Other thoughts?
  4. I just thought that since more characters and stages keep being added; I decided to make a unified topic where we can compile the current/new characters and place/stages when revealed. Two new characters were just added to the game. Here's the trailers for them: First up Jak and Daxter as a single playable character Second up Cole MacGrath Personally I'm really excited about Cole MacGrath especially after seeing moves from the game such as the tornado and the ice spikes. So this now brings the total number of confirmed characters to 12: -Big Daddy -Cole MacGrath -Colonel Radec -Fat Princess -Heihachi Mishima -Jak and Daxter -Kratos -Nathan Drake -Parappa the Rapper -Sly Cooper -Sweet Tooth -Toro Confirmed Stages: -Dojo! (Parappa the Rapper / Killzone) -Dreamscape (LittleBigPlanet / Buzz) -Hades (God of War / Patapon) -Metropolis (Ratchet & Clank / God of War) -Sandover Village (Jak & Daxter / Hot Shots Golf)
  5. I don't know if this belong in this section. But, here's this miniseries that I don't where I heard about this but it's starting July 17 on Yahoo. It seemed interesting so here's the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3R5rAhOgjc Here's what they say about it under the trailer: "Tom Hanks has been working on a new animated web-series, called "Electric City," which is set to premiere on Yahoo!. The entire series is 90 minutes long, but it will be broken up into 5-7 minute episodes. The first ten episodes will be released on July 17th, with the rest of the series to be released on July 18th and July 19th." Apparently they had a ARG (Alternate reality game) that lead up to it here's the video that seems to sum it up. Here's the information that was below it: "Actor, producer Tom Hanks' futuristic, animated series "Electric City" will premiere on Yahoo Spring 2012. Written by Hanks, the series is set in a city situated in a post-apocalyptic world, with socially conscious themes and topics including energy consumption. To create buzz for the debut of the web only series, Yahoo! brought in San Francisco ad agency Pereira & O'Dell and Venice-based production company B-Reel to concept and developed the ARG and blog "Tap Joint" (http://www.tapjoint.com). The website is a first person view of someone in front of a "tap kit", a similar device to an old Morse code transmitter. Typing certain phrases will yield coded responses or break to a video clip where site visitors learn that the unidentified correspondent on the other end of the telegraph is a member of an underground movement committed to resisting their city's sentinel, the Allied Municipal Patrol. The resistance is hard at work assembling Wave Units—single-channel, one-way broadcasting devices in time for Illumination Day, an annual holiday taking place on March 9th. On this day, visitors who were able to break the code were given an exclusive preview of the show" Thoughts?
  6. This is a Sci-fi movie trailer I saw while watching AOTS a little while back. If you were wondering, no it has nothing to do with the Prototype game series instead to me it seems to deal with this man that is somehow become a machine and is being chased by the one who created him or was part of the experiments on him. I don't know what I think of it to me it is either weird or interesting so I decided to share it. To me, I think it might be a bit to early to judge But, what do you think about the trailer? Do you think the movie has any potential or do you think it will be a bust? Other thoughts?
  7. I was surprised to see this, Black Dynamite is making it's way to Adult Swim this Sunday the 15th as an animated series. I wonder if it is going to be as crazy as the movie was. Here's the trailer: The trailer itself looks like the show is really going to be over the top making it a nice addition to Adult Swim. So what do you think about it? Do you think it is going to be a good addition to Adult Swim or something they should have been passed? Other thoughts?
  8. Wchillinman

    NEW Borderlands 2 Trailer

    I saw this during G4's Comic Con coverage, now I can never think of this song the same way. These trailer alone are starting to get me interested in the game but maybe I need to play the first one first. Heard about it for away but never got around to playing it. I laughed at how weird/crazy this trailer was. Character singing it while things are blowing up to the beat. The crazy explosives expert girl named Tiny Tina looks like she would be a trip dealing with. Favorite part of it was Claptrap dancing and singing through the all destruction at the end like it was nothing.
  9. Wchillinman

    Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker

    I saw the movie screening of this movie at the end of the April at C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) with three of the voice actors. I mainly went their because of the voice actors(Colleen Clinkenbeard, Mike McFarland & J. Michael Tatum) which I got the autographs of and pictures with. And, I agree that it was ok with a lot of corny lines and few decent fights but it could have been more. I haven't really played the games much so I can't say if it complete anything or not.
  10. Wchillinman

    Berserk:Golden Age Arc I: The Egg of the Supreme King

    I just saw this the other day and I have to say I enjoyed it. Can't wait to see the next one.
  11. Wchillinman

    Kevin Pereira Leaving Attack of the Show

    I saw Kevin's last episode and I have to say they give him the greatest send-off in my opinion. Especially the last 10 to 20 minutes were kind of touching where they showed flashbacks, people saying bye to Kevin (Including surprisingly Olivia Munn), clips of alot of Kevin's greatest moments which brought his co-host and people that worked with him especially Sara Underwood to tears. The final walk was great also where he walked by momentos(and they showed more flashbacks) of his career on the channel. Even though at the end it seemed like he was going to have his final walk into the sunset, Dude Manrood showed him how a true man leaves a show. G4 really need to get some more talent to fill the void or new shows because I agree with Jordan about what they would replaced them with if they don't (That or more Ninja Warrior reruns).
  12. Wchillinman

    Berserk:Golden Age Arc I: The Egg of the Supreme King

    Trailer looks interesting. If that trailer is a example of how the series is, it looks interesting and seems like something that I'm definitely going look into it.
  13. Wchillinman

    Gameplay footage of Assassins Creed 3 ^^

    This game looks like it is going to be awesome. The more & more I see revealed of this game the more I want to play it. I really wonder if I have play the other games to fully understand what is happening because I would have a lot of catching up to do. If I remembered right, I believe that they said they made this one from scratch so it has all new gameplay mechanics and maybe tell more about Desmond but I could be wrong. The Assassin outfit probably fits in better when he is in nature especially in the snowy environments they keep showing in parts of the trailers they have shown.
  14. Wchillinman

    Kevin Pereira Leaving Attack of the Show

    I think AOTS might have some problems finding someone that could take his place. To me he really is one of the people that keeps the show interesting. Candance is ok but Kevin helps balance out her random out of place comments on many times. Really is weird a bit disheartening that so many people are jumping the G4 ship, this may not be a good sign for the future of the channel. Hopefully the people that are left around and new shows can carry the channel.
  15. Wchillinman

    Post and rate random songs!

    Johnny Cash's version of Hurt 10/10 especially with the video. Recently heard it again in the Prototype 2 commercial but this is one of my favorite cover songs. With the video it is more touching & meaningful. You know it is a classic when the ones who did the original version said it seemed to fit him. What makes it more meaningful is that it was done not too long before his death & the video show scenes from his life. Now I bring you Hurt by Johnny Cash: