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    Post and rate random songs!

    My eyes cannot watch all these girls at once. My other parts don't mind. I bet they all hate each other. Ugh, digress. 7/10. *replays video* Keeping the theme going since the song has been in my head these last few days: She doesn't know it yet, but I will marry the drummer.
  2. Ciel

    What's On Your Mind?

    It is called beer. I'm drinking it now. And now I hate you. Better?
  3. Ciel

    Star Wars Battlefront

    Evidently there is some co-op stuff. But... it sounds like its for two players online. I'm confused by this. By the time the game drops to $10--should it ever--you won't have anyone to play with.
  4. Ciel

    What's On Your Mind?

    (Best new member.) I don't want to write my paper, but at the same time I do. It is pretty hard to write not because it is difficult, but because I respect the material too much and haven't enough time to do it any justice.
  5. Ciel

    Share your last beaten games here!

    You're right. It is the best Halo campaign yet. I finished it in a sitting, the immediacy of the whole Cortana thing drove me to completion. Jesus, that ending. Spoilers for ending:
  6. Ciel

    Batman v Superman Trailer

    Don't forget the obligatory scene where we have to watch Batman's parents die AGAIN.
  7. Ciel

    Batman v Superman Trailer

    I have a habit of counting how many "fade to black" are in each trailer. I have the numbers sitting around in a notebook somewhere, actually. Maybe I'll find it and post it up. It covers about two years of action films. I had nothing better to do at school...
  8. I do not either the manga or the anime (simply because the brown color palette hurts my eyes), but I am interested in seeing this film. One day I will get over it because the characters seem interesting enough. Perhaps the film will push me to actually watch the show or read the manga; most likely watch the show.
  9. Ciel

    Batman v Superman Trailer

    But wouldn't you agree that Superman as a beacon of 'hope' and 'light' would be more effective by placing him in the construct of a dark and gritty narrative; an essentially human narrative. In other words, what he represents means something more--at least to me--if he travels down a dark path, even motions toward it. Even hints at showing he has the capacity to do so. Who is more virtuous? The man that knows he is capable of sin, but does not, or the man who has never thought about sinning in the first place? To me, it is the former. Feel free to replace 'sin' with whatever bad thing you want. Now I do not suspect that is what is really going on here, but still. Jerry Siegel is working on the script, so there's that.
  10. Ciel

    Star Wars Battlefront

    $20. You're cute, Jason. They are promoting 'free' DLC a month after release. The planet is a planet from the new film. Free? What they mean to say is that it is already in the game, it is just 'locked' to avoid spoilers since the game is being shipped a month before the film. Nice try, EA/Dice.
  11. Ciel

    The Amiibo Thread - How Rare, Where to Get, etc.

    Do the Japanese import ones work on the US Wii U? I'm sure most people going through the trouble do not even care to open them and use them (collectors) but I'm curious.
  12. Ciel

    Batman v Superman Trailer

    Why is Superman not allowed to be dark? I'm not a comic book guy, unless its Wolverine or Deadpool.
  13. I see you new members lurking; don't be shy, say hi!

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      I came back even after the contest ended and someone else walked off with my shiny new console :(

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    3. Jordan Haygood

      Jordan Haygood

      It's different with the YouTube giveaways. With the site-based ones, more forum rules work. However, perhaps I should add a fourth type of entry...

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  14. I see you new members lurkering; don't be shy, say hi!

  15. This. Just because a game is "ahead of its time" or "innovative" doesn't mean its any good. Like Roy I cannot think of any good games that were crippled because of bad press. Most seem to flourish because of it. Publicity raises interest. I have been playing video-games since I was a toddler and I have never heard of Night Trap until now. Look at how much negative publicity (if such a thing exists) GTA receives and has been receiving since its conception. Conker's Bad Fur Day got a lot of heat from the media and most gamers know about it. I remember being told I could not play it--and I still did. There is also Custer's Revenge where you essentially just rape an Indian woman tied to a pole. Bad politics keep games alive. Night Trap probably fell to the wayside because no one played it; and not because of the bad press surrounding it, but because it sucked and the actual content that was looked at so negatively actually wasn't that bad. Thus, no one had anything to talk about and the game fell to the wayside. Simple as that. People played it and it was "meh." And there's even this from Wiki: Due to the controversy over the game, Night Trap only sold through an initial print run, but was still considered financially successful.[25] It became a best-seller in the United Kingdom.[26]
  16. Persona Q; it stares at me every day. It is terrific, I just... Realm Reborn doesn't really let me play anything else for too long. OK?
  17. Mortal Kombat X. I like it, but I will never be any good at it. I also have no desire to be. It's a good game, I'm just not entirely sure its for me. Fun though.
  18. Ciel

    Well, I'm a Bit Embarrassed...

    Unless there are only a lot of posts in here because we have no where else to post because its not active. *shifty eyes*
  19. Ciel

    Post and rate random songs!

  20. Ciel

    Post and rate random songs!

    I remember when my class got my Astronomy professor to play the original goat video during class. He had no idea what we were talking about and was so curious to find out. I'm loving this new edit! 9/10 only because I still have to listen to the original Taylor Swift song... I've had this one stuck in my head for a few days. And here is a pretty AMV featuring it:
  21. 200cc Mario Kart makes me want to buy Mario Kart. In fact, it already sold me. Now I just have to wait... :(

  22. Ciel

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    You know its actually not that bad. In fact its quite fun. Just frustrating for all the wrong reasons.