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    Not new, but...

    It it late, is it not? Nevertheless. I am not new, per se, but my (past) activity has not been anything worthy of praise. I was around, I do believe, during the first phase of Game Podunk, and in my desperation and well-mannered loneliness, around again and well here I am around a again. Although this time I suspect the activity to peak and maintain. Cheers everyone and see you around.
  2. Ciel

    Hello all

  3. It looks like Call of Duty. For me, there is no great thrill in that. For the rest of the world I cannot say the same.
  4. Ciel

    Not new, but...

    2008 is about right. I am essentially a ghost everywhere; there is not anything to apologize for. I might have posted under a different username, though for the life of me it is not something I cannot remember. Ciel is one that I have been attached to throughout the years... who knows. School, work, watching films, trying to create films. I am working toward my master's in Aesthetics (philosophy) with a bachelors in Film/Cinema Study as well as writing a few short films to shoot. To be honest I have not played many video games as of late. The last two games I beat were Fire Emeblem: Awakening and Bioshock Infinite. Nevertheless, I keep myself up-to-date through Kotaku. I have been trying to play the launch version of Marvel Heroes this whole week, but alas there has been nothing but issues. I took part in the closed beta events and enjoyed it quite a bit. Looking forward to E3, as always.
  5. Ciel

    Oscars 2012 Thread

    Who will be watching? Is anyone throwing an Oscars party? I'd really like to see Allen win best-screenplay for Midnight in Paris. Other than that the night can do as it wishes. Any predictions before tomorrow night?
  6. Ciel

    Oscars 2012 Thread

    Award winners aside, I really did not like this year's ceremony at all. It felt as thought it had the semblance of a High School graduation, did it not?
  7. Ciel

    Your Top 5 Series

    Cowboy Bebop Trigun Initial D Neon Genesis Evangelion The Tatami Galaxy
  8. Ciel


    I recall being a frequent member of Game Podunk around 2009. Out of my curiosity for the status of the website, and too perhaps bits of boredom, I eventually came here--to something new. What has happened since my last visit so many years ago?
  9. Ciel

    Favorite Apps?

    Games: Sword & Sworcery EP - $4.99 Scribblenuats Remix - $0.99 (I believe this was on sale) Jetpack Joyride - FREE Zenonia 4 - FREE Solitaire - FREE Words With Friends - FREE w/ ads Zynga Poker - FREE Apps: Mind Snacks: French! - $4.99 Fandango - FREE IMDb - FREE MSN Messenger - FREE Yelp - FREE Instagram Camera - FREE Evernote - FREE
  10. Ciel


    Thank you for the explanation and welcomes.
  11. Well, I know what I'll be doing. I appreciate the heads up.
  12. Tim Burton's last efforts I felt were really lackluster and while I am not generally fond of the idea behind this one, I very well may see it merely for general intrigue.