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  1. Not too into schmups, but there are a few side-scrolling action platforming schmups that I have liked over the years.


    One is Sparkster for the SNES, and the other is Gunstar Super Heroes on GBA (still need to play the original Genesis game). But if we're talking bullet-hell-types, I'm trying to remember if I've actually ever played any legit games from that genre. Do early arcade games like Galaga or Xevious count? xD


    You have to play a bullet-hell. I promise they are easier than they look. I have a problem where I cannot play any of the games on 'normal.' I find it more difficult than 'hard.' The whole thing is really a means of meditation for me.

  2. I can promise you that being a comedian is far more work than any other job we can think of. Let's Players (and the like) are not comedians. Most things take effort to some degree, but effort is relative is it not? For me there is no reason to have an argument based around "the amount of effort" one exerts in the process of "creating." But since you are wondering, it does in fact take "more effort" to write and deliver a good joke than it does to edit a Let's Play video.


    Why do we have to see Let's Players anyway? (The ego is real.) I have my own theories of course. Loving the commentary here though, I shall have to post another something at some point. 

  3. If you look at the biggest channels on YouTube, a good chunk of them are gaming channels, people who make their livelihood off of videos like this. Don't get me wrong, I don't want anyone to lose their source of income, but in cases like this if your source of income is based entirely off of someone else's labour? You might need to rethink your strategy....


    I like to think that eventually society will reach the point where we realize not doing this is a waste of our time. As a result everyone will just be streaming videos of their opinions, commentary, etc. Eventually, that is to say by the end of all this, no one will be doing anything that is actually productive or beneficial. It will get to the point, I like to think anyway, where even the companies themselves stop creating anything at all and simply give commentary on other companies who are themselves doing nothing at all. Everyone will watch. Everyone will make money. We'll all be rich. World peace! WORLD PEACE!


    S4S (sub for sub) will become, like it isn't already, the new MySpae PC4PC (picture comment for picture comment).

  4. So do you favor the notion then of say, not permitting Let's-players and other gaming 'personas'--since a lot of it is also pseudo-journalism--to make any money at all? I certainly am. I am fairly certain the extent of Nintendo's reach only goes so far as to imagery. I am a fan of words; I like them more or less. If you cannot discuss something with words alone then you probably shouldn't be talking about it in the first place. I tossed photos in my post here to capture your attention--and amuse myself. To make up for the fact that I am a moron. I admit that. If people want to "cover Nintendo" all they have to do is exactly that, "cover Nintendo." With prose. It is just a lot easier to hold audience attention--and generate hits--when you have a video running along side banal commentary. Now is it helpful to read about something and see examples? Yes, absolutely. But "theory of" work on YouTube--as it pertains to Gaming anyway--is marginal. No one is deconstructing a shot--that I know of--of a cutscene and breaking it down compostionally, for example.


    I still prefer to listen to podcasts over let's play commentary simply because there is a lot more craft involved and the discussion is, more often than not, richer. 

  5. Also, for some reason I don't really care about the GitS anime, but I'd be very curious to hear the music..


    That is probably because the Arise OVAs are insofar as GITS is concerned quite poor. Any other anime? Great! But I mean its never really met the standard set my GITS. Not sure if you watched any Arise. However I'm hoping the series stands out a bit more. Also there is a newer, larger, film that is coming out which looks to be  return to form.


    And yeah, between playing all those JRPGs no time for anime. At least watch Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken (I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying); they are like 5 minute episodes and so, so good. The ending to the first season was fantastic.


    Kekkai Sensen is by the same creator of Trigun and Gungrave so if those were/are your thing, keep an on on it.

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  6. I'm not sure I understand the argument. If a game is designed to be played co-op at the outset, of course playing it alone is going to be a diluted experience. Does this create a niche market? Sure I guess.


    Perhaps its dis-analogous but it sounds like you're ordering a cheeseburger and then complaining about there being cheese.


    Why would you buy a game knowing that you will have to suffer through everything you listed? It seems odd to me that a lone-wolf type would pick up a co-op game in the first place. Someone sounds masochistic. 


    Now if we look at games like Diablo and Borderlands--these are games that with more players, the difficulty and enemy count is scaled. Are the games fun alone? Sure. But there is no denying how much more fun they are with others. So there are games that do what you are asking, you just happen to be playing the wrong (read: bad) ones.

  7. BUT YOU ARE ON A DIFFERENT SERVER! Also, I don't want to renew my FFXIV sub right now, but... when the new classes show up, probably.


    If and when you do renew and you do intend to play often... I might be willing to front your server transfer... maybe. I just bought an FC member 60 days, so its not entirely out of the question. Just depends where I am sitting financially by then.

  8. Pretty cool new stuff! The new forum skin is nice, but I still like the current skin as well. 


    Yup. My re-iteration is a bit too "drastic" so we are trying to find a middle ground between what we have currently and what I have designed. I am sure everyone will be pleased when all is said and done.