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  1. ICYMI, Nintendo announced they're doing one more hour-long Testfire session on May 23 from 3-4 PM PST. Pretty sure I'll be there so to ease the wait until my copy that I decided to pre-order arrives. :D


    I will be there as well. I won't be able to get the game right away unless I get one of these jobs I have an interview for. 

  2. Uh not sure what you guys are talking about The Simpsons is still killing it and is far and away better than Family Guy and American Dad (which are the exact same show). This is a shame, yes, but The Simpsons will live on. Not to mention, like the clip says, characters can be replaced with other voice actors and no one will know. I like to think that the network will take the hint and stop more actors from leaving with bigger paychecks.


    Not to mention his departure isn't indefinite. He can and will stay on if the producers allow him to do other work while he works on the Simpsons... which it says at the top of the article (not sure how late this update was posted).

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  3. Yeah plus Project CARS might be the better racer if you're looking to get a racing game on PS4.... has anyone made a comparison yet?


    Cars is far and away the better racer. Both have really poor (small) car lists, but insofar as the racing is concerned given the options and so forth Cars is the winner. I really do like Driveclub though. I mean, its fun and satisfy the racing itch. I only wish I could tune my car, even if its just the option to take both ABS and traction-control off. 


    My friend said IGN's review of Cars is right on the money.


    My problem with both games is that I do not care about racing super-cars... I'd much rather race and tune older cars. I'm basically waiting around for a new GT.


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  4. One. And it's Gary like you said. Unless you count Team Rocket. In fact they are the only "Team" that I can remember. Is there Team Magma or something? Problem is that they make these new "rivals" and "teams" and then get rid of them. I never cared enough to learn or know the gym leaders names. I would just beat them and move on. Their presence in the Poke-verse is really insignificant. Pokemon is really good at introducing characters and then not doing anything with them be it in the game you're playing or a game in the future. I wonder what the timeline looks like... 

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  5. Sidequests help establish lore and the world you are in. If you're in the game for the story, would it not make sense to also do the sidequests? It just seems like you would enjoy the main-plot more by taking part in its sub-plots. I always make sure to do every side-quest if not for the sake of the story, or leveling, then for the sake of me simply being a bit of a completionist. I didn't spend x-amount of dollars to not get the full experience. If there is a quest or mission to do in an area you bet your sweet saucy behind I'm going to do it before I move onto the next location. If I play an RPG and only focus on the main story the experience is rather streamlined and unenjoyable for me. I feel like I'm just going through the motions and not actually getting a grasp on the world. The whole "no sidequests" mentality is kind of similar to "ok let's get this over with." And if you don't want to do the sidequests in Omega, I'm going to guess the game sucks. (Which is a shame because I kind of want to play it.)


    The whole no indication thing is a problem, but I mean... why do you need to have your hand held? I quite like when games don't tell me everything. The arbitrary nature of it though seems kind of annoying. I guess they figured most players would do the sidequests. I mean afterall the game is totally weeb.


    Realm Reborn has some annoying sidequests, in that they are essentially run here, talk to guy, run here, talk to same guy. But there's a lot of lore and world building going on so I don't mind it. What I do mind however is the how boring the actual activity is. Its just busy work. But hey, at least I'm getting story information out of it that I enjoy.


    All I really needed to back this was knowing that Iga was involved and that Machiru Yamane was on the soundtrack. Speaking of which:


    Pretty much this.


    Did Mighty No. 9 even do that much that fast? 


    I don't believe so. As a big fan of Megaman I am not excited for Mighty No. 9. I'll play it, yes. But meh. At any rate, they have moved beyond the latest goal meaning I want to see online co-op as the next one. Again. Please. This cannot be re-stated enough.

  7. I don't want to be that guy but... it is concept art. And, well, Mighty No.9 is a good reminder of how much that can change.


    That said, I definitely have much more faith in it than No.9 and I'm certainly looking forward to it. I hope they don't try to make the game multiplayer focused like Harmony of Despair and it is just something you can do... not something that feels like the game was designed entirely around. I think I'll get the digital version regardless but I'm glad it destroyed its goals so quickly.


    Point is: Castlevania. Who cares what it looks like? And more likely than not they're focusing on a single-player affair given that MP is part of the stretch goals. It is close to hitting local co-op, so I'm hoping another goal is online. Fingers crossed.


    To be honest, what I hate most is the name; it is awful.