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  1. Feel free to post YouTube links to songs or simply discuss music from your childhood. I will kick this thread off right with a modern rendition of Hanson peforming "MmmBop." Like it or not, you will nostalgia all over it.
  2. Introduction: ***************** I really need to start either typing these things in Word or saving my drafts. That said, I am still typing this in the awful on-site editor. Sigh. Let me try this again. It is the end of the semester and that means many things, namely Summer. While Summer also means many things, what it means for GamePodunk is Ciel's to-do list can finally be picked at. As such expect me to once again play an active role in the community and earn my invisible dollars. I remember posting an update some time ago, but alas I cannot locate it. I know that things around here can get pretty bleak and as such I figured it was high time to post another blog just to keep everyone up-to-date with the goings on of GamePodunk. So what is on GP's plate for the future, then, huh? Well, I am not so certain myself! But what I do know is what I intend to bring to the table. So let us unpack this lunchbox and try to see how long it takes for me to exhaust this stupid food metaphor. is a nice, instrumental, song to guide you through these slightly intoxicated words. Now kick off your shoes, sit back, and feast on my words! And cue the obligatory anime .gif already! (People are going to start thinking this is a site for weebs--and they would be correct.) Interviews: *************** I have a few interviews lined up. Kind of like a buffet line--OK I was reaching with that one. I hope to have an extensive Realm Reborn interview posted by the end of the month. No, not with Square, but with those who play the game. I have asked numerous people to participate and answer questions about their experience with the game. Not boring questions either (I do not roll like that, you know that). Complete with character photos, too! I am also looking to continue interviewing up-and-coming gaming personalities. I do not care to interview known personalities. They do not need or quite frankly deserve the publicity. As GP is (still somehow) a growing spud, it only makes sense to help others grow as well. Expect one more interview this month before the Realm one. I hope I can do about one a month. I have no idea who it is yet. Time will tell. I do not really care to do video/audio interviews for a variety of reasons so please don't ask and just learn to read. Reviews: ************ I am currently (and newly) unemployed. That means in order to play games I will have to start reviewing them. Expect more reviews from me in the future. I look forward to doing this more often; less for the games and more for the experience. We have lost some great faces over the last year and I will try my best to fill in the blanks. Wish me luck! Let's Play: ************** Probably starting sometime by the end of the week I will post-up my gaming library and let everyone vote on a game they want to see me play. I will then play that game via a Let's Play stream on Twitch. Uh, there might be some giveaways of sorts eventually--but not right away. I am sure by the time I get the whole thing posted I will have some incentive to get everyone to watch. Maybe I will turn it into a drinking game since I will be drinking anyway. Contests: ************ I think these will still exist. I dunno. It was no secret I was pretty bothered with the showing at most of them. I will have to revamp some things. There will probably be more Twitter-based giveaways and less forum-based activities. But take this with a grain of salt. I would rather have less "Do X, Get Y" and have people come join us on Game Nights for cool prizes. Which leads me to my next point. I've got a Destiny expansion pass bundle-thing I am looking to get rid of. Hint, hint. Game Nights: ***************** We already play a lot of Smash and Mario Kart. We did play a lot of CS:GO too. Well hopefully soon people that participate will stand a chance to win a prize or two! I also want to add more games to those we frequent. Not sure what these prizes are. I will make a post in the future asking everyone to post their gaming library. I will then sift through everything and figure out what games most of us have in common. Cause I have nothing better to do with my time. Idea: Prizes = Amiibos. You kids eat those things up. It only makes sense to win an Amiibo while playing Smash. Housekeeping: ******************* There are some other minor things I want to adjust, like... still get us a new and darker skin. I'm trying people, I'm trying! Jason is a hard man to please.
  3. What makes Marvel better than DC? Next question, Bub.
  4. Racism - check Middle East - check Child molestation - check One of the funniest stand-up bits I've seen in a long, long time.
  5. Ciel

    Louis C.K. Monologue - SNL

    Louie is terrific.
  6. It just gets funnier and funnier.
  7. And you didn't play it!?
  8. A return to form for Depp would be his cooky costume characters--just sayin'. He is a tremendous actor though even outside of those roles. This looks great, but that scene is now ruined and will less of an impact now because of the trailer. Cool.
  9. Ciel

    Splatoon Global Testfire - Thoughts From Playing?

    I will be there as well. I won't be able to get the game right away unless I get one of these jobs I have an interview for.
  10. Ciel

    Splatoon Global Testfire - Thoughts From Playing?

    I want to play this real bad. It hurts. I'll pick it up for game nights. I wish I had a capture card so I could make it our first official Let's Play stream thing during a Game Night.
  11. Ciel

    Beginning of the End for The Simpsons?

    Uh not sure what you guys are talking about The Simpsons is still killing it and is far and away better than Family Guy and American Dad (which are the exact same show). This is a shame, yes, but The Simpsons will live on. Not to mention, like the clip says, characters can be replaced with other voice actors and no one will know. I like to think that the network will take the hint and stop more actors from leaving with bigger paychecks. Not to mention his departure isn't indefinite. He can and will stay on if the producers allow him to do other work while he works on the Simpsons... which it says at the top of the article (not sure how late this update was posted).
  12. Ciel

    PSN Flash Sale 5/15 - What Are You Buying?

    I'm so poor, someone buy me Raiden.
  13. Ciel started a blog. This is to help me stay on top of my writing as well as sort of build a portfolio. First "official" post will be up something within the next few days. Please follow, comment, etc!

  14. Cars is far and away the better racer. Both have really poor (small) car lists, but insofar as the racing is concerned given the options and so forth Cars is the winner. I really do like Driveclub though. I mean, its fun and satisfy the racing itch. I only wish I could tune my car, even if its just the option to take both ABS and traction-control off. My friend said IGN's review of Cars is right on the money. My problem with both games is that I do not care about racing super-cars... I'd much rather race and tune older cars. I'm basically waiting around for a new GT.
  15. Hahhahahahahahahahaha. AH HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA hehehehehehehe hoohohohooho AHOIHHfHAHIOHF HHAHAHAHA ahahahahahha lolololl laomloa lamo ahahahahhhh gggjioer COUGH COUGH ahahhahahhah hahah Best news I've heard in a while. God what a crap company.
  16. Ciel

    First look at the Supergirl TV Show

    Is it strange that all I could think about while watching this trailer was how terrible the fashion is?
  17. Ciel

    Mallrats Sequel, Mallbrats, Announced

    Why is this a thing? Mallrats is perfect; leave it alone.
  18. Ciel

    Let's talk about sidequests.

    Sidequests help establish lore and the world you are in. If you're in the game for the story, would it not make sense to also do the sidequests? It just seems like you would enjoy the main-plot more by taking part in its sub-plots. I always make sure to do every side-quest if not for the sake of the story, or leveling, then for the sake of me simply being a bit of a completionist. I didn't spend x-amount of dollars to not get the full experience. If there is a quest or mission to do in an area you bet your sweet saucy behind I'm going to do it before I move onto the next location. If I play an RPG and only focus on the main story the experience is rather streamlined and unenjoyable for me. I feel like I'm just going through the motions and not actually getting a grasp on the world. The whole "no sidequests" mentality is kind of similar to "ok let's get this over with." And if you don't want to do the sidequests in Omega, I'm going to guess the game sucks. (Which is a shame because I kind of want to play it.) The whole no indication thing is a problem, but I mean... why do you need to have your hand held? I quite like when games don't tell me everything. The arbitrary nature of it though seems kind of annoying. I guess they figured most players would do the sidequests. I mean afterall the game is totally weeb. Realm Reborn has some annoying sidequests, in that they are essentially run here, talk to guy, run here, talk to same guy. But there's a lot of lore and world building going on so I don't mind it. What I do mind however is the how boring the actual activity is. Its just busy work. But hey, at least I'm getting story information out of it that I enjoy.
  19. Just want to say that The Division is pushed back because Ubisoft wants to release another Assassin's Creed. Sorry, everyone.

    1. Jason Clement

      Jason Clement

      Pretty much. Watch Dogs was also pushed back from its original Fall release, wasn't it?

    2. John Kidman

      John Kidman

      Low expectations for The Division. I was hyped for it, but serial delays rarely bode well.

    3. John Kidman

      John Kidman

      Also. Cereal Delays.

  20. Pretty much this. I don't believe so. As a big fan of Megaman I am not excited for Mighty No. 9. I'll play it, yes. But meh. At any rate, they have moved beyond the latest goal meaning I want to see online co-op as the next one. Again. Please. This cannot be re-stated enough.
  21. Point is: Castlevania. Who cares what it looks like? And more likely than not they're focusing on a single-player affair given that MP is part of the stretch goals. It is close to hitting local co-op, so I'm hoping another goal is online. Fingers crossed. To be honest, what I hate most is the name; it is awful.
  22. Ciel

    What are some must-own PSP games?

    Fate/Extra of course.
  23. Castlevania that looks like Muramasa. Justification over.
  24. Put $60 right when it started. Going to upgrade if online co-op is a thing. Its almost at 1mil. I am so pumped.
  25. Is anyone else concerned that graphics in games will eventually becoming too life-like? I mean just look at the tech-demo below. It is beautiful, no doubt. In fact, it is up to this point--once this becomes the norm--that I think video-games can quit trying to push for realism. I love this, because it is just at the edge, it is not too life-like and it is not too "gamey." I could go on and on about how it makes me feel and what not, but bleh that'll bore everyone with philo mumbo jumbo. At any rate, at a certain point beyond what is shown here I feel like it will be hard to distinguish between a watching a game and watching a live-action movie. No this isn't going to turn into a tangent about "gaming and morality" or whatever; don't worry. The reason I play games is because they are not life-like in their aesthetic--in fact they are fundamentally distinct in a variety of ways from life which I enjoy. As the line between them starts to blur I grow a little uneasy. And before you ask and just in-case you're wondering: No. I do not want virtual reality to be "of reality." Should we ever truly get to the point of virtual reality I want the words to be just that, "virtual" (i.e. graphics based that is to say on the border of gameic and life). Another topic for another day maybe? Feel free to touch on this in your response as well.