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  1. Ah, yes! I am really excited that this is getting responses from you guys. I promise to shed light on points being brought up in the second blog post which I hope to have done by tomorrow evening, or the Saturday night. So within the next two days. I did not say anything about talking and non-talking players in the initial blog post here, I am not sure why that keeps being brought up, but again it is something I am going to talk about as it is important--fear not! However, it is not at all the main crux of the series.

    A working, and hopefully universally accepted definition of "multiplayer" will be put forth by myself and expanded on throughout. To perhaps be more clear, what I hope to convince people of is that despite being "human" their lack of communication online (language or otherwise) has them, ironically, playing alone despite the fact that they are playing with others. In this odd sort of way they have become AI, controlled not by autonomy, but driven by some other force all-together (which is also going to be talked about).


    More simply, human qualities tend to be lost when gamers get online. "Online multiplayer" is playing with humans, is it not? So if those we are playing with do not have human qualities (i'm not talking about anger, the fallibility, etc.) then who exactly are we playing with? Oh don't worry I'll talk about "what" makes us human, although I probably won't go into too much philosophical detail as I haven't time for that.


    Your Dark Souls experience, Kikyou, is the result of a player communicating, non verbally--a player of human characteristics and conscious. He is playing multiplayer correctly so to speak. I would have sent him a Friend Request. 


    Like I said a few times already, all this will be addressed and brought up again in clearer detail so if things are cloudy now you'll have to wait. 


    The Call of Duty Ghosts logo there is a perfect metaphor. Death. Players as the ghosts within the machine. 


    Oh yes, this also pertains to MMOs because there's nothing more lonely than an MMO. Haha.

  2. Interesting list thus far. I am glad that Haim and the Acrtic Monkeys are listed for part two as in my opinion those two records are better than what you have here.


    I am curious to know your thoughts on and hope to see the following:


    Paramore - Paramore

    Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City

    Volcano Choir - Repave

    Iceage - You're Nothing

    Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork

    Kelley Stoltz - Double Exposure