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  1. Catherine surprised me and it was a pretty good fun game IMO. It was like watching an Twilight Zone-esque anime with romance as the plot. Puzzle was fun challenging.


    It was interesting to learn that you too were part of the old Game Podunk era. Nice background story.


    I, too would like to try more of that genre and give it a chance.


    Sorry to hear about your bro. It's fun playing with siblings and bond a great team together. I played most of the  co-op games with my bro before playing with people around the net including here.


    Great interview Ciel, glad you participated in one since you're one of the longest running members. :D


    Nice to see Meet the Podunkers back again. Can't wait to see whp's next! Woo!


    It's strange, someone asked me the other day what my favorite game was and I responded with something different. Although I have forgotten what I said... oh well. 


    My brothers and I had this great clan [AM] (Ass Mongoloids) way back in the day. I miss those days. The brother in particular here, Mike,  favored fighting games and it was through him that I developed a love for the genre. He would get us into tournaments back when EB Games was around and what not. Miss those days, too. Now I just participate in tournaments hosted by my friends. These days I do not even bother to purchase a fighting game as one of them will get it.


    Whats the deal with president Obama? xD


    Catherine is a pretty interesting game and I also love GlaDos. Theirs just something about a psychotic robot, thats trying to kill you but does so with witty and funny lines.


    Like how I threw in politics there? Clever me. I would date GlaDos.

  2. Ciel I need help Harry won't leave my town what's your secret


    he's such a creepster ;-;


    I mostly just ignored her, or beat her with my net. If she asked me to do make a delivery, I would open the gift and then confront her. Maybe I was just lucky. I hope she moved to my friend's town, that would be too funny.

  3. Nonsense! There are three other characters of which I have no affinity toward. This is a dictatorship that expects diversity and they will be removed. Though I might keep one around to just beat up. How terrible of me. I'd like a depressed, introverted, villager, please; we would get along swimmingly. I had someone named "Bluebear" move in and I was hoping that he would be one, but no. Which is fine because he is pretty cool. Unless he is actually a she, "it" refuses to talk until it finishes moving in so I'll find out later, I guess as to its sex. Ha.

  4. lol, this was a funny read. I can totally see where you're coming from because I have 3 ducks in my town and I only like one of them, so I might have to try oppressing the other two a bit more to get them to pack up. :lol:


    It is annoying isn't it? Where is the fun in seeing the same animal?

  5. At the outset I believe it is appropriate to applaud you, Schulz, for bringing up such an interesting topic and that this response is by no means a personal attack. It is instead me wanting to present another point of view that merely takes advantage of your perspective in an attempt to provide my own subsequent argument, namely for the sake of Bioshock Infinite. It would appear that it is your understanding that Bioshock Infinite exists in order to tell an engaging narrative and stop. It alone is not a game that merits reflection on the genre, on video games, and on those who play them.


    Rather than proceed ordinarily and contest against all posited conjecture, I will instead aim at the aforementioned allegation made by you against Infinite as it was one that was repeated most often.  


    The nature of this response is on Infinite's manifest and latent philosophy. While I wish time would permit me to address the themes, motifs, and metaphysics of the game, for doing so would convince you of your misconceptions, it simply does not and as such I can only provide you with further reading to provide my argument for me.


    Meditations on First Philosophy by Rene Descartes

    The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus

    Poetry, Language, Thought by Martin Heidegger

    Asylums by Erving Goffman






    PS: (Also, isn't Spec Ops The Line a TPS? Odd to compare an FPS to a TPS...)

  6. "Bioshock Infinite, on the other hand, had all of its aspirations put firmly on its story; it had no grand point to make on the nature of games and players. it simply tried to be a gripping, enjoyable experience. Yet Infinite, to listen to over half the internet, suffers because of that.


    I beg to differ and it is of my opinion that those that assume this notion are not seeing the entire picture. More thoughts when I get home from work. Brace yourself, philosophy is coming.

  7. Your quote at the end brought a tear of nostalgia to my eye. The game is not even that old! Good interview as always. Have you ever wondered about doing a Skype interview? Or are you going to keep it strictly pen and paper? Maybe  a podcast with multiple people answering the same question? I think that would present a rather unique dynamic.