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  1. PoukiSan

    Post and rate random songs!

    9/10 Really liked the song as well Since we're in anime mode I might as well put this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHuS0M6lONw
  2. PoukiSan

    Post and rate random songs!

    7/10 not bad for eurovision.. :-) my main gripe is that it didnt have any German lyrics... One of my favorite game themes...
  3. PoukiSan

    Hello world and checklists...

    Well, I'd say that the erotic part, I mean the scenes, are not really vital for the gameplay. It's mainly about the love story Weird, weird love story... My only gripes with Saya was that it was short and had 3 ending after 3 dialogue options... But it was dark, twisted and lovely! And the "best" ending was truly, 100% Lovecraftian! Although I think that the "worst" ending was sort of the best one you could pick.. Aaanyhow! I am a bit worried about ChaosHead, I generally play things that are on the softer side, but something about it made me set it aside If I do I'll keep Steins;Gate in mind though thanks
  4. PoukiSan

    Post and rate random songs!

    Haha going from Mario remix to Korean rap is more than changing it up I think 6.5/10 (If electronic Mario remix isn't my cup of tea Korean rap is... I don't even know what Still there is some merit there... And the title!) I'll answer with Japanese Punk/Metal (Warning - Some spoilers for people who haven't seen/read Death Note) I just love the scene with Ryuk dancing with the apple! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOZgjPr_3HE
  5. PoukiSan

    Post and rate random songs!

    9/10 That was awesome Only 1 point for the fact that I electronic music isn't my cup of tea I came thinking that I would post another song but you inspired me to post the only song that could ever rival super mario... (mainly because I had them both on Gameboy and they are entwined in my mind! )
  6. PoukiSan

    Hello world and checklists...

    Hello! This is my first attempt at a blog since the beginning of time I never actually considered that I have anything special to blog about (still don't think so) but I decided to create one mainly as a dairy. Now why I would do that I still don't know, I just thought that I might as well try it! Also it's good for office procrastination! So I guess that there won't really be a theme, I'll just make random posts with things that I find interesting - possibly not video game related some times since I'm not that avid a gamer any more (aaand I can mainly play games that run on a virtual machine) - or other random stuff and junk! Feel free to read and comment but I can't promise you that you will be at all entertained To kick this off I decided to write a post with Anime series and movies to watch (mainly as a to do list for myself) and VNs to play Semi-ordered mainly be recommendation order ANIME Watched/ing Death Note */Deadman Wonderland *Fairy Tail *High School of the Dead To watch Air Gear School Rumble Gurren Lagann Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Fullmetal Alchemist Mushi Shi History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi Love Hina UFO Princess Valkyrie Ranma 1/2 Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na: Brighter Than Dawning Blue Azumanga Daioh Excel Saga Pani Poni Dash Code Geass Angel Beats Seto no Hanayome Ouran High School Host Club Clannad Chihayafuru K-ON! Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memories 08th MS Team Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) Higarushi no naku koro ni Kenshin Yu yu hakaso Flame of recca Cowboy Bebop Trigun Bleach MOVIES Watched Spirited Away Princess Mononoke Howl's Moving Castle Arrietty To watch Ponyo Steam Boy The Castle of Cagliostro Metropolis Akira Girl who leapt through time Mamoru Ooshi Redline Summer Wars 5 centrimeters per second Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo Jin Roh Barefoot Gen Visual Novels Played/ing Cosplay Fetish Academy Princess Waltz Family Project Bible Black Katawa Shoujo Saya no Uta *Fate/Stay Night To play Ever 17 Symphonic Rain Swan Song SHUFFLE! 999 Clannad narcissu ChaosHead Yume Miru Kusuri True Remembrance Higurashi At this point I'd like to thank Jared, Jason Clement, barrel, Ludono, Kezins, Number 905, mr. me, chronorayven, DarkCobra86, Jordan Haygood and Leah who helped with the lists! I am a big rookie in these fields and it was really nice of everyone to suggest things! Now to close this, I wanted to ask whoever reads this, should I constrain myself to sort of site related stuff (so mainly animes and games) or go berzerk and write about any random thing that pops up in my everyday life (would include but is not restrained to miniature painting and volcanoes:)) Thanks for reading
  7. PoukiSan

    Where did you get your username from?

    I've been using Poukis in various forums and messengers for the past 10 years or so It's a mixture of Pooky and my last name... Why it happened I don't know, but I do remember the day back in high school when it begun! I actually think that the first time I've ever used it was when playing Pokemon Yellow So perhaps it also had to do something with that... Hm.. Anyhow! I also respond to Pouk. Whenever Poukis is taken ( ) or I just feel bored I use something appropriately close like Poukov (RA3), PoukiousMalleus (DoW), Poukia (Diablo 1&2 - and whenever I play female characters) and the one that is becoming a favorite is Fool_of_a_Pouk Here since I initially joined the site mainly for vns I just went for a little Japanese flavour
  8. PoukiSan

    Favorite Video Game Sidekicks

    Go for the eyes Boo... GO FOR THE EYES!
  9. PoukiSan

    All-time favorite videogame characters.

    That's a tough one ¬_¬ I'll go by genres. Adventure (they did exist ) Guybrush Threepwood!!! Gabriel Knight Larry Laffer RPGs Nameless One (Torment) Minsk (Baldur's Gate) Tali (ME, c'mon she's an elf engineer with a hidden face and glowing eyes, what's not to love ) Safiya (NWN2:MotB - really liked the game as well) Shale (Dragon Age - close to Morrigan) Dog Companions wherever!!! (Fallout3 and DA come to mind) Fighting Paul (Tekken) Kenshi (MK, for the poser factor) Action & Platform Luigi (just because) Raziel (Soul Reaver) Out of the top of my head