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  1. DarkCobra86

    Steam Summer Sale 2017

    I think you should be able to.
  2. Just finished the Matrix Trilogy and boy that was amazing the second time around. Didn't get any of this the first time around. But I'm glad I saw it again. So much symbolism and biblical reference it is insane.
  3. I saw Minority Report recently and it was amazing. Great movie that will get you thinking when it is done. Just saw The Matrix again and boy it was so much better the second time. I was able to talk through all the messages in the movie with my best friend and it is just mind blown.
  4. Just saw Edge of Tomorrow last night and it was really good. If you haven't seen it, go watch it and don't look up anything about it.
  5. DarkCobra86

    Obligatory - What are you playing right now!

    I think they will and can. My only disappointment is them jumping on the mobile bandwagon. Instead of doing that they should focus on a really really good and polished Diablo 4.
  6. I loved Shazam. I wasn't expecting to like it but I'm glad I got to see it. I totally agree with you and this is a great origin story for him. I also didn't expect how that fight in the end would have gone in the movie and that surprised me. It was a fun cool movie to watch. I though Aquaman was great.
  7. DarkCobra86

    Obligatory - What are you playing right now!

    Anthem will improve. Bioware knows how to make a good game. Diablo 4 will be awesome whenever it drops. Just got to remember Destiny was even more grindy when it first came out. And look at how far the game has come.
  8. DarkCobra86

    Obligatory - What are you playing right now!

    Man you are making me want to play diablo 3 again. But I'll wait for Diablo 4. With Anthem, it was clear that EA rushed Bioware to release it. With still so many bugs and things they need to fix. Give it time and I think it will get better. Destiny offers a lot more for me right now but it took them a lot of time to get there as well. Anthem right now needs a great fun raid that keeps you coming back for the grind. Right now it is literally just grind for skins and decal which is fun and all but that shouldn't be the end game. I want to grind for top end gear. Guns need to be better. At GM3 you have to rely on combo. So if you have a bad team comp it takes too long to finish.
  9. I recently saw both Creed 1 and 2. I love it and it parallel the original rocky very well. Captain Marvel was really good for me. Don't need to see it for Endgame though.
  10. DarkCobra86

    Obligatory - What are you playing right now!

    Yea it isn't that fun. I mean I have fun playing with my friends but still it needs better end game content, like a really fun raid. Also started playing Quantum break with my friend and overcooked. Both excellent game. I love watching those tv episodes for quantum break.
  11. DarkCobra86

    Obligatory - What are you playing right now!

    I started playing Anthem with my friends. I think I like Destiny better though. Anthem really needs a raid.
  12. DarkCobra86

    heyo, not new just taking a swing by

    I am always around
  13. I also saw Bleach live action. I think it was as best as they could make it to be. Frame for frame for the most part it was very similar to the same as the manga but of course it all can't be. Oh and I don't like the guy they cast as Byakuya haha. I need to rewatch that and also watch the live action too. I heard the live action was good but don't expect it to be amazing.
  14. I finished Terminator 1 and 2. Also I saw The Commuter which was basically taken again. Also got to see John Wick 2. I really like it and I think it was better than the first John Wick. Can't wait for the third movie. Lego Movie Part 2 I think was also better than the first movie. Batman was hilarious per usual.
  15. DarkCobra86

    heyo, not new just taking a swing by

    Derailing thread but we need more activity haha.