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  1. I really am unsure why they decided on colonial america. To me, he looks so out of place with a white hoodie and an ax while the solider are in their red coat with the wig and guns. I probably am wrong but I haven't seen this guy use the hidden dagger yet. Maybe the ax will be his new main weapon?
  2. DarkCobra86

    Played the SSX Demo Yet?

    I honestly haven't played a snowboarding game before. I wouldn't mine trying this game out, but it isn't exactly on the top of my list to buy games. I would pick this up if there is a nice price drop. I do hope it is fun though, then it would be worth the buy.
  3. Dude there is no way this is the end of AC. They might make it like AC2, where there are sequel to AC3 to finish up the character of AC3. Then AC4 will take place somewhere else as well. If the series still sell well they will continue and try to milk it for all they can.
  4. DarkCobra86

    Win SFxTekken over at Gouki.com!!

    Hey is this still valid? I probably will enter. Just let me know.
  5. DarkCobra86

    The Darkness II Giveaway

    Sucks, I saw this too late. I would have tried to enter. Oh well, maybe another time. Thanks for the posts too.
  6. DarkCobra86

    Traded Out SSX While It Was Still Worth Something

    Did you get a chance to try out jax and daxter then?
  7. DarkCobra86

    Quantic Dream's Latest Tech Demo Revealed

    This demo is really interesting though, but yea maybe this won't be the last of kara.
  8. DarkCobra86

    Favorite Final Fantasy Character

    Well my favorite FF game is FF7 so I always go for Cloud. But after playing crisis core, I actually think my favorite now is Zack. He is just so much cooler, and I mean cloud was so bad in that game, just so weak and pathetic. Just that final scene with Zack in crisis core was so epic, I teared up inside.
  9. DarkCobra86

    Fan-Made Assassin's Creed III Tomahawk

    Wow that looks amazing. I love fan made stuff. He definitely should save that for halloween this year. All they need is the white hoodie and they are good to go.
  10. DarkCobra86

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    The most recent game I bought was demon souls from gamestop. I got a gc from gamestop for christmas as a gift. I looked up and saw that game was new and only $15, so I used it on that. Yet to play it. Maybe this summer I'll get to it and be really really frustrated from what I heard.
  11. DarkCobra86

    Where did you get your username from?

    I used this game way back when I played AAA (alien adoption agency). I spent so many years on it and it just eventually got worse and worse. Too much changes and forcing people to pay to play. Initially I wanted cloud or something generic like that, but I thought about DarkMan. But that was taken so I just thought of Darkcobra and it just stuck ever since.
  12. DarkCobra86

    Share your last beaten games here!

    I got around to playing portal and was able to finish it right before class started for spring semester. Definitely was a good game. Probably one of the best puzzler I played. It is amazing how much you can do with just a blue and an orange portal. I yet to go back and try to do all the extra stuff like least step or fastest time, etc. Can't wait to try the 2nd game.