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  1. DarkCobra86

    The Official "Post Your Black Friday Buys" 2017 Thread

    So my sister already bought me the Xbox 1X. I think we will definitely get at least another TV, maybe 75 inch if possible. Not sure what else, maybe ps4 pro?
  2. DarkCobra86

    Free Ebooks

    Oh okay. I have a tablet. I just download ebook into the computer using the .pub extension and then put it into the kindle. Never used the app. I just prefer an online account to store things as a backup too.
  3. DarkCobra86

    BRÜTAL LEGEND is free for a limited time via Humble Bundle

    thanks, I was going to post this as well.
  4. DarkCobra86

    Free Ebooks

    I don't have a kindle. But that is fine. I'll just put it on my computer haha.
  5. DarkCobra86

    Free Ebooks

    Yea that's cool. I wish we have an account somewhere were we can just store it there as well.
  6. DarkCobra86

    Free Ebooks

    Is there a account where you can see what you get for free and keep it? I signed up for both.
  7. I still haven't seen the first one. Guess it is time to watch it.
  8. They got deals for xbox 12 months subscription for $40 last I saw on slickdeals. Might be worth it if you want to or plan to game on Xbox. But my sister did get me the Xbox X 1S Or whatever the new one is called. Didn't even know she did that haha.
  9. DarkCobra86

    Oh, carp!

    Welcome back and glad to hear about the good changes for work.
  10. Probably not, I'm sure if I wait long enough most of it will be on GWG.
  11. Yes, I never have seen the series. I can't wait for the next 2 and even the one with Shia. I love the music. I didn't know about that rolling ball chasing him down was a scene in this movie. I saw that scene at Universial Studio when I was younger when they acted it out lol. But Indiana Jones is just awesome. He is what you want to be. By day a professor with college girls drooling over him. By night going on adventure to search for lost treasure. He is scrappy, gets to ride a horse, uses a whip, can't recall how many times he escaped death, oh and he gets the lady. Just what you want. Pretty much what we saw with Nathan Drake who is another character I really like. Fun fact, did you know there was only one female character in the whole movie and she really didn't do anything but to be there as the girl for Indy to save and look pretty.
  12. Just saw Indiana Jones and Raiders of the lost Ark and that was such a great film. Steven Spielberg doesn't disappointment. Harrison Ford was amazing. Can't wait for the other movies in the series. I can see where Uncharted and Tomb Raider gets their idea from.
  13. DarkCobra86

    Disney had been in talks to buy a large part of FOX

    I read about this last night. I think it is possible if the money makes sense. Disney obviously see this as a chance to make more money. They would get a larger share of TV and this will help with their launch of streaming service. But there are some legal issues that will have to be finalizes. As Disney has ABC, they can only have one TV network so they can't take FOX. The monopoly will be bad but I do want to see that Xmen and FF can join the Marvel universe haha.
  14. DarkCobra86

    Games With Gold November 2017 Lineup has been announced and...

    Awesome for me, I don't have Tales from Borderland and I really wanted to play it. I doubt I'll play it anytime soon but ya for me. And I always loved Nights into Dreams so I'm glad for this. Pretty good month for me.
  15. Saw Jaw and Spider-man Homecoming. I love Jaw. Really surprised me how good and scary that movie was. If you haven't seen it yet and want to see a scary movie this halloween. Just watch it. The ending was surprising to me as well. Homecoming was great. It was funny and I thought Tom Holland did a good job. I can't wait for the next installment. And I think this is an origin story but of just the origin of him learning how to be a superhero and becoming an avenger versus the how he got his power that we are so used to.
  16. DarkCobra86

    Hello everyone!!! The new site looks great!!

    Welcome back. My best friend games with his two boys too and I do when I drop by his place. It definitely is pretty fun haha. Mainly the boys just watch us game though since they are 4 and 2 haha.
  17. Don't get me wrong. I think microtransaction is bad, very bad. But it is a great cash grab and some of them know how to do that model and keeps on luring the people in. Even able to convert some F2P as they continue to play the game. But yes a lot of people don't like the practices which I hope will eventually help the companies tone it down a bit.
  18. I don't know if the microtransaction and open world will implode. It seems to me there are many people that are willing to pay up in a game through microtransaction. Look at FFBE on mobile. The amount of money whales drop in that game is incredible to me. People spend over 1k per banner, just insane.
  19. Saw What Lies Beneath and that was such a good movie. That ending was incredible and I never saw any of that coming. Go watch it if you haven't.
  20. DarkCobra86

    The Han Solo movie title has finally been revealed!

    Lol, they could have done better. I mean I understand the title but yea it could have been better. I think A Smuggler's Story would have been better or something with Smuggler's in it would have been cool.
  21. DarkCobra86

    What is your TV-watching schedule like every week?

    Oh shoot Gotham is back? I didn't know it has returned. I been watching TV shows but just on demand after it have aired. Since I'm raiding or playing D2 at night. But I am watching Fear the Walking Dead right now and next up will be Walking Dead. Also going to start season 3 of Mr. Robot and Gotham for sure. Suits just finished recently so I'll have to wait for that to come back.
  22. Oh yea, good call. For some reason I just thought Nick Cannon instantly when I saw him. Oh okay, I have a feeling maybe he'll become a good guy later on after he realizes that they weren't wrong by T'Challa's haha.
  23. Just saw The Foreigner and it was okay. It was more of a political movie than a Jackie Chan movie. Honestly it could have been any action star playing that role instead of Jackie Chan and it would have been fine.
  24. This look amazing and should be another great installment for marvel. So is Nick Cannon character is someone with a similar suit to black panther. So they'll be rival basically throughout the movie I'm assuming.
  25. DarkCobra86

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer #2 is here!

    I don't know, I don't particularly hate Kylo Ren but I am not exactly a fan of his. He is clear from episode 7 that he is struggling to want to live up to Vader or in a sense become what Vader was and even more. But that is a big shoe to fill and maybe the weight of that is also putting him and his potential down.