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  1. DarkCobra86

    Kinda back? Sure, let's go with that!

    Welcome back man. It's good to see a familiar face around again. Glad you are getting to do what you like and can still enjoy life at the same time. You still try to play some SF? I saw a little of the Evo battles and i immediately thought of you.
  2. Recently I just saw Saving Private Ryan. Great movie. Very sad though but great movie. War doesn't end well for some.
  3. DarkCobra86

    Here's all the big stuff that was announced at D23 2017

    I'm pretty excited for live action alladin and Lion King. I can't wait. So excited. What is a wrinkle in time about?
  4. Definitely looks like a really really good movie and possible Best Picture for a best actor. I'll definitely have to remember this movie to catch it one day.
  5. DarkCobra86

    Watchu' Buyin' July 2017 Edition

    Nothing interesting for me. Next game I'm buying will most likely be Destiny 2 in September.
  6. DarkCobra86

    GWG July 2017 Lineup

    If you are decidated with Bing and use it to get points daily, I say about a month should be easy. Probably 2.5 week is doable. I use my bing points to get amazon gc and I get it at least monthly.
  7. DarkCobra86

    Anyone play Crash N-Sane Trilogy yet?

    Didn't know this was released. I never played the original back then and feel like I definitely need to take advantage of this trilogy. I heard it was great series growing up.
  8. DarkCobra86

    Happy 4th of July

    Hope everyone is off today and can get some rest and time with friends and family. Enjoy some good food . I'm going to my aunt place and definitely pigging out.
  9. DarkCobra86

    Happy 4th of July

    Sounds like we all had a good 4th except for Jason. Sorry man, hopefully work wasn't too bad for you.
  10. DarkCobra86

    Ninjak Vs The Valiant Universe

    I like Ninja so maybe I'll watch this. But the trailer is pretty violent. I guess this series won't really hope back.
  11. DarkCobra86

    First trailer for Marvel's The Inhumans

    Man, I think the dog will steal the show. Don't know anything but it seems like this is a classic younger brother trying to take over because he feels like his people could do better on earth but the Big brother is like "nope." And so he runs to earth to basically make a fight back? I wouldn't mind watching it. But not sure if I really will remember to catch it live though.
  12. Yea I think this movie could be good or at least I am hoping for it. The trailer doesn't have me that excited outside of seeing Jack Black being a teenage girl. I think he'll be the funniest person in the group because of that role.
  13. DarkCobra86

    GWG July 2017 Lineup

    I'll take them all as well. Why would people not ever take free games? You don't have to download it or install it. It doesn't take up space. Just get it and on the off chance you'll play it you'll have it. Totally forgot we getting new games with July coming up so fast though.
  14. It certainly look fun. I wouldn't mine playing it. Make a GP clan and go wreck some people would be nice haha.
  15. DarkCobra86

    Should Sony do a Playstation Classic/Mini? Would you buy it?

    I would do my very best to buy it. They need to make this for all consoles. I guess with X1 having BC they don't need to do that. But make it for PS2 as well. Then we need gamecube, etc. These are a gamer dream come true.
  16. DarkCobra86

    Free Killing Floor

    https://www.humblebundle.com/store/killing-floor this was fun the last time we had game night
  17. Yup and with Clive Owen. Very very good. Definitely go watch it.
  18. I seen a few movies lately but the most recent one was Inside Man. Very good and I did not expect that ending. Great movie. I also saw Mama Mia the musical and that was freaking awesome. Never saw the movie but that musical was really funny and they all did a great job.
  19. DarkCobra86

    Would you pay to go to E3 next year?

    No, they need to pay me to attend. Outside of free swags if they give any out. I don't really care. Playing demo don't matter either. I can wait for the actual game that is more polished.
  20. DarkCobra86

    How do you deal with your backlog? 2017 Edition

    Yea I have those 2 lists as well. I however can't stick to either list lol
  21. DarkCobra86

    Obligatory - What are you playing right now!

    Also recently started playing Starbound. It is pretty much Terraria but in space. So far it is awesome and fun.
  22. DarkCobra86

    Free Payday 2 on steam

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/218620/PAYDAY_2/ great game, very fun.
  23. DarkCobra86

    Free Payday 2 on steam

    Another good game for GP game night. But only up to 4 players at a time.
  24. DarkCobra86

    How do you deal with your backlog? 2017 Edition

    Tell me about it. Soon it'll be the grind in Destiny 2.
  25. DarkCobra86

    How do you deal with your backlog? 2017 Edition

    I used to just go game by game. Won't start a new one until I beat the current one. But really the problem is work and lack of time. Work takes over 13 hours a day. And then on my off day I'm just too tired to play games. Plus, now that I am pretty much grinding all the time in FFBE it takes up most of my time. I'm on the forum for that game too. I still try to play games that I had on my list to get to and buy new one sthat are cheap. But yea, growing up has taken gaming out of the equation.