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  1. DarkCobra86
    What did you love about the game?
    -Learning more about the story of FF7.
    -Being able to play as Zack
    -Battling system
    -Can avoid certain battle if you walk along the edges (a little trick I found)
    -The lady at Shinra headquarter that gives me a potion to drink that puts me on reraise status.
    What did you hate about the game
    -Not being able to skip the cutscene
    -Not being able to choose which DMW to use
    -Missions (I'm actually half and half on them, while they are fun, some are a real pain to go through).
    Graphics – (10)
    The graphics were amazing for a game on the psp. I didn't expect it to be that good, but it truly was impressive. The cut scenes were well done. You can see how well the graphics are when they show the summons.

    Sound – (8)
    The music for this game was good like all the final fantasy games. No one specific song stood out to me. For the most part, I think the music fit nicely.
    Gameplay – (9)
    Similar to many of the final fantasy games, crisis core allow you to move your character throughout open areas, interactions with characters and environment, look for items (weapons, materia), and battles with monster (through real time battle). The game has a new game plus option after completing it.
    Players are allowed to do missions (side quests) whenever you go to a save point. You will be sent to a different area to complete the mission and when completed, reward(s) will be given to you. The missions are usually locating and defeating monsters, they are the ones that will be on the open area for you to walk up and start a battle. More missions can be available as the story progress or completion of other missions. If you fail or complete the mission, it will just take you back to the save point.
    Like ff12, the battle system is real time battle in which you can move, initiate attacks, special abilities, spells, item use, block, or dodge during battle. Zack's abilities in battle are set by what materia he is equipped with. If you stand behind the enemy, Zack will get critical hit every time. There are Digital Mind Wave (DMW). Like a slot machine, it has one part with numbers (1-7) and another with pictures of characters in the game. If the characters matches, then you will do a limit break or get to use a summon. If the numbers matches, then the materia in that slot will power up. To gain a level, the slot needs to match "777." You can also fuse materia in the game. Fusing materia will have improved bonuses and make it more powerful.

    Lasting Appeal – (9)
    I got this game because I wanted to know more about the back story of final fantasy 7. Definitely worth it for me just from the storyline aspect. The ending was so amazing that I would play it to watch the ending again. I definitely would play this again because of the new game plus. I would play it on a harder difficulty though. Also, I didn't get 100% on the missions on my first go around, so that is something I will try for if I play it again.
    Final Comments
    If you are a hardcore final fantasy gamer, definitely get this game and play it. Especially if you are a big ff7 fan. If you have a psp, I would suggest playing this game. It is fun and the graphics are nice to see. And just for the ending, definitely worth playing it.

    Category Scorecard
    Graphics 10
    Sound 8
    Gameplay 9
    Lasting Appeal 9
    Final Score: 9
  2. DarkCobra86
    What did you love about the game?
    -Great storyline
    -Good comedy
    -Puzzle solving
    -Trophy system
    -Nate is awesome
    What did you hate about the game
    -Sometimes it was hard to see the aim cursor
    -Feels like not enough ammo at times
    -Can only carry two weapons at a time
    -Had to worry about enemies during jetski part, so I couldn't just go as fast as I wanted to. Since you have to stop the jetski in order to shoot.
    Graphics – (10)
    I really liked the graphics. You can actually tell after Drake or Elena got out of the water that their clothing were darker because of the water soaked in. I don't have an HDtv, so I believe graphics would be even better if you play it on high definition. The surrounding art was amazing as well. The jungles, ruins, temples, etc. in the game were very detailed The characters look very realistic as well. The lighting was very well down as well. The graphics made this game very realistic when you are playing it.
    Sound – (9)
    The audio for this game was very good. Every character had a distinct voice that fits them very well, even the random enemies has a voice to them, enabling you to know that they are coming for you. The guns sound very realistic as each guns makes it own sound when being fired. The music was very fitting during the game. The music is most noticeable during a fight scene as it begins at the start of battle and climatically finish as you kill off the last enemy. There were even music for the climbing part which happens a lot during the game.

    Gameplay – (10)
    This is a third person shooting action adventure game. Think of it as a mix of Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider (the puzzle solving part, trying to solve a mystery in order to uncover the secret treasure, a lot of platforming) and Gears of War. You get to do a lot of cool action as the main character, such as: jump, swim, grab, shimming across ledges, climb, and swing from ropes. These moves are mainly for the platforming part of the game which is very fun, apparently Nate is a freak of an athlete. You also can fight enemies either by shooting guns or giving them the good old fist fight. Along the way you can pick up grenades to use as well. The fighting aspect of this similar to Gears of Wars in that you hide behind walls and use either blind-fire or covered fire to take out enemies. It also doesn't have a health bar, so after taking a certain amount of damage, you need to rest or take cover for a brief period to regain the health. You also get to ride a jeep and jetski which was very fun, of course all the while taking out the enemies pursuing you. The controls were typical of a shooting game, so if you are not good at these kinds of games you will not enjoy it too much. During the game you can also find treasures that will help you unlock trophies.

    Lasting Appeal – (8)
    This is the only department that I feel could be lacking for this great game. The game is a single player only game, so after you beat the game there really is no other incentive to play it again. This game does not contain anything to play with via online, so you are really playing it for the storyline. The only thing that I see why people would want to play it again is to collect all the treasures and to accomplish all of the trophies. Also to play in different difficulty level to see how hard this game can get.
    Final Comments
    The game was very fun to play. As it gives you a good amount of serious fighting during the game while being able to include fun dialogues from the characters in order to lighten up the mood. The puzzle solving mystery is very fun to go through. I really enjoy this game and I think everyone that has a ps3 should go out and play this game.

    Category Scorecard
    Graphics - 10
    Sound - 9
    Gameplay - 10
    Lasting Appeal - 8
    Final Score: 9.25
  3. DarkCobra86
    May 4th was the Atlanta Regional for AGOT the Card Games. This was my first official Joust touranment and it went really well.
    Joust just means we play 1 v 1.
    They have another format called Melee in which you can play 3-6 players and it is a free for all.
    The deck I chose to play on that day was House Greyjoy. My theme was Winter/Choke. The point of my deck was to make it winter with the white raven card and choke my opponent out of their economy. In the game, you need gold to summon characters to attack. So my goal was to reduce their gold, hand size, location abilities thus choking them out of their resources.
    My Deck:
    House: Greyjoy
    Agenda: Kings of Winter
    Restricted: Kings of Winter
    Plots (7)
    Rise of the Kraken
    A Time for Ravens
    Take Them By Surprise
    Loyalty Money Can Buy
    The Winds of Winter
    Valar Morghulis
    Characters (30)
    2x Asha Greyjoy (WLL)
    1x Alannys Greyjoy (ODG)
    1x The Reader
    1x Maester Wendamyr
    1x Maester Murenmure
    1x Maester Kerwin
    1x Baelor Blacktyde
    1x Balon Greyjoy (KotS)
    1x The Sparr
    1x Wex Pyke
    1x Fishwhiskers
    1x Dagmer Cleftjaw
    1x Moqorro
    2x Newly Made Lord
    2x Kingsmoot Hopeful
    2x Carrion Bird
    3x Distinguished Boatswain
    3x Wintertime Marauders
    1x Sea Raiders
    3x Ice Fisherman
    Events (8)
    2x The Finger Dance
    3x Winter Reserves
    3x Risen from the Sea
    Locations (23)
    1x Longship Black Wind
    3x Gatehouse
    3x The Iron Mines
    3x The Iron Cliffs
    2x Scouting Vessel
    2x Longship Iron Victory
    1x Aeron“s Chambers
    1x River Blockade
    1x Street of Steel
    1x Flea Bottom
    2x Bloody Keep
    1x Street of Sisters
    1x River Row
    1x High Ground
    Attachment (5)
    3x Burned and Pillaged
    2x White Raven
    The regional attracted 20 players. A bit less than half of us were from the area, with most of the rest coming from Tennessee and Florida. Greyjoy was the most played house, with six players. Only one Baratheon, also TLV, though otherwise the houses were pretty evenly represented:
    6 Greyjoy, 5 Stark, 3 Lannister, 3 Targaryen, 2 Martell, 1 Baratheon.
    Matches Report:
    Game 1: vs. Shane, Greyjoy (House of Dream / Longship Iron Victory). Results: Loss
    This didn't start off well when my friend quickly told me that I had to face Shane who is a very good player. I knew this was a bad matchup for me from the get go when I saw him flip over the House Greyjoy card. I made some bad plays and didn't really optimize my turn correctly. I was able to make it winter but just could not overcome his ship characters. I also valar one turn to late and that pretty much gave him the game. I should have done it earlier when he had less saves and clear out his board. Instead I gave him a chance to get more saves onto the field and then valar wasn't as effective. Valar is where you kill everything on the board. He also got really lucky with his draws. He drew 5 out of the 6 cancels he ran in that deck and cancelled pretty much all my marshalling or important plays. It was an uphill battle soon and I just couldn't get pass him. I learned a few things from this match though.
    Game 2: vs. ????, Stark (No Agenda / Kindly Man). Results: Win.
    I never caught his name. Before we even started I was told this guy is another good player. So much for beginner's luck. Why am I facing so many good players already? This guy loss his first match and his friend goes "I think you'll go 4-1." Funny because that meant his friend took me as an auto win for the guy. It actually started off really well for me and he wasn't giving me much problem. One thing though was that making it winter helped him a lot. His restricted card is called Meera Reed. She is a beast. She can blank 2 cards if it is winter and only 1 card when it isn't. So me making it winter helped him blank to of my cards each turn. But somehow I withstand that and just pretty much took it to him and won the game. My winter resevers were big in helping me win. He misplayed as well. He could have blanked my winter reserve and discarded it but he didn't realize he could do that.
    Game 3: vs. Steven, Baratheon (The Long Voyage / Knight of Flower). Results: Win
    This was the type of deck that one worlds last year. So I was a little worried when I had to face it. Of course his first turn he summon two of the three best character he had and went to work on me. But I managed to have an excellent marshal to go toe to toe with him. We went back and forth and pretty much I had the upper hand the entire match. I was able to put him into a bad situation every turn thus making him have to make tough decision on what to do to maximize his chances. Soon he had to valar and I was able to save 3 of my big characters. It turns out that when he valar he did not kill his guys which he should have. So both his Knight of Flowers and Mellisandre stayed on the field and somehow won him the game. After the match, I thought about the match and realized he cheated by accident. So I called him over and asked him how come both Mellisandre and Knight of Flowers didn't die from that valar and he soon realized his mistake. So we went to the coordinator and had the result changed to my win.
    Game 4: vs. Jonathan, Targaryen (Knights of Hollow Hill / Burn). Results: Win.
    I think this game hurt him a lot when he played KOTHH. It doesn't let you have a set up turn so he was behind me in that from the start. Plus with me making it winter he couldn't really get his resources going. My wintertime marauders went to work and got rid of his land that help his deck work. From there it was a quick game. Early on I also was able to cancel his hatchling feast with my finger dance. The hatchling feast would have been able to decrease my guys strenght thus rendering them useless. By canceling that I was able to continue with my attack and take out his guys. He was never able to recover much to summon many characters onto the field. Maybe one or two a turn and that wasn't able to stop me.
    Game 5: vs. Tyler, Martell (No Agenda / Quentin Martell). Results: Win.
    To be honest I got lucky on this match. First turn we both play Take them by surprise. So the downside to this plot is that if you do not win initiative you lose your entire hand. Well both of us played the same exact plot meaning we got the same starting initiative. So it came down to a coin flip to see who would lose their entire hand and I called "dargon" for the coin flip. It landed on dragon and he had to discard his entire starting hand. But somehow he still managed to intrigue my hand for 3 cards making me down to 0 cards as well. But that was a mistake. That activated my agenda "Kings of Winter." This agenda say that when my opponent have equal to or more cards than my hand, I get to discard one card from their hand at random after the draw phase. Well we both draw 2 cards during the draw phase and so we have a total of 2 cards each. Meaning I get to discard one of his cards. Of course luck would have it, I managed to pull the better card he had both time and making sure he had 0 chance of winning. That was my quickest win of the day taking only 3 turn.
    Cut to top 8. 4th seed with record of 4-1.
    Game 6: vs. Nick, Greyjoy (The Long Voyage / Fury of the Kraken). Results: Loss.
    Another Greyjoy matchup for me and I knew this won't be easy. This guy went 3-2 during our preliminary putting him at the 5th seed to have the 4-5 matchup with me. I never was able to get my winter going to choke his resources. He got such a great starting hand. I also had a hunch that he had Fury of the Kraken (his restricted card) first turn as his plot. I should have gone with take them by surprise to win initiative and went first. I decided to use A time for raven to get my white raven to make it winter. He had a great marshalling and brought out a bunch of dudes before I could make it winter. He also brought out a couple of carrion bird that can get rid of my white raven. I never had a chance from the get go after making that mistake. He pretty much just summon more dudes every turn and took it to me. Of course I had to have another Greyjoy matchup in the knockout rounds when it mattered. Oh did I mention he ended up winning the tournament?
    My friends that came with me didn't make to the knockout round so we left after I loss. I saw they posted that I ended up 5th place after the tournament ended. So one spot from making it to top 4 and having a shot at ranking top 3 and getting a granite house greyjoy card as a prize.
    Overall I had a lot of fun with my deck. The tournament was awesome with great turnout. I really want to try more tournament and see if I can do as well as my first time in this one.
    I think if I was to use this deck again I would definitely change the plot blockade up. It can help me when I'm winning but when I'm losing it doens't really do much for me. I probably would add in another high ground to stand my army. Add in 3x Seasick to have the ability to cancel more triggered effects.
    Prizes I got:
    Deck Mat for making it to top 8

    Valar Morghulis plot card for losing in top 8

    Front and Back of Regional edition House cards - first 16 players that signed in got these because they didn't have enough for everyone.

  4. DarkCobra86
    What did you love about the game?
    -Storyline (but don't expect something amazing as it is only their first game)
    -Leveling up
    -Turn base battling system
    -Memo Saving (a life saver)
    -Being able to speed walk in the dungeons.
    What did you hate about the game
    -Very hard monster
    -Hard to get money at the beginning if you wanted to pimp out your characters
    -Landing on a map with an airship is a pain. Only certain spots allow you.
    -Dying, it just messes things up. If you ever die. Just restart.
    Graphics – (7)
    Even though the playstation version was redone to make it the graphics better, the graphics are still not that great. At least there were added CGI FMV cut scenes, and an art galleries. Obviously you aren't going to play this game for the graphics. The graphics is definitely an upgrade but by no means was it mind blowing.

    Sound – (8)
    The music for this game was very good. Like every FF games, each dungeon, area, and boss has their own music. I thought that the music was great overall. The music was updated for the playstation verison was well, being done by Nobuo Uematsu.
    Gameplay – (9)
    Like man FF games, this game contains many of the same things you will see in the series. It has an overworld map, town, dungeon maps, a battle screen, and a menu screen. Traveling in the game starts out on foot but eventually you can gain a canoe, a ship, and an airship. Also, all the battles are randomized except for preset battles with bosses or monsters. This game has a class system, so at the beginning of the game you are asked to choose a party of four players and you will keep their class throughout the entire game. So certain weapons, armors, and magic can be used by certain classes. Near the end you can also upgrade your classes. Another different thing about this game is your level will be maxed out at 50 (don't worry, it isn't easy to level up). So like all FF games, you must battle to gain experience to level up. The battle system is turn based and it gives you the usual option of fight, magic and item.

    Lasting Appeal – (8)
    I personally got this set (Final Fantasy Origins) was so that try to play all of the FF games. I felt it was worth my time. It was worth the money since I got two games in one and I enjoy both games. Personally, I don't see many people or myself replaying it much since it is a hard game to go through and will be time consuming.
    Final Comments
    If you are a hardcore final fantasy gamer, definitely get this game and play it.

    Category Scorecard
    Graphics - 7
    Sound - 8
    Gameplay - 9
    Lasting Appeal - 8
    Final Score: 8