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  1. Now that you mention all those computer games, I wonder if my first games ever was something like Tetris or those floppy disk games. It couldn't be though, I was too young then to use a computer.


    This reminds me that Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego was a great title. I recalled now playing a lot of Gizmo and Gadgets too, that was so fun. I played that in school and loved it so much I asked my dad to take me to go buy it for home.

  2. TK you truly is a special guy and I'm going to go ahead and say that we all have been lucky to have gotten to know you. You are just a lot of fun to be around and really never let much get you down. That is a really tough quality to find in people. And it really shows what GP and even GDD means to you through this lenghty MTP. It took a lot of time and effort and you even gave us each a little section. Thanks buddy!


    PS: We all need to game together more.

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  3. Again, thanks for doing this. But still, why have I not been interviewed? Should change my name to Lefty for left out. Then again, I doubt anyone wants to read long winded answers.


    Hehe, I do wonder sometimes how Lud chooses his next person to interview. Initially I thought he interview them over skype but now I think he send them the list of questions and they send it back to him with the answers? Maybe he posted how he did this initially and I missed it.

  4. Yes it is :). And no, it's not fixed yet unfortunately. I have more than enough money now, but the problem is that I don't have a credit card and you need one to have Sony fix it. Need to call up my dad and see if he'll let me use his and I'll just give him the cash in return.


    Oh okay. Well glad to hear that you got enough money and I hope what I bought helped. Good luck on getting it fixed.

  5. Yeah that's always an option. :lol: Actually I did play New Leaf a bit when I was installing LittleBigPlanet Karting, which also took a while but not nearly as long as LBP2. If it wasn't for ACNL though I'd probably spend the entire time deciding which game I wanted to play. xD


    While waiting for the install of U3 and the updates, I just went downstair and started a movie with my sister lol.

  6. I understand your frustration man. There comes a point when all you want to do is just play the game and not watch the install screen forever.


    I do miss the old days of cartridge. No load times, patches, or DLC. I agree that it seem to me that games now a days are so buggy. I just feel that if they don't have enough time to finish the game then they can delay it. I'm all for delay released as long as the game are bug free. It isn't like I don't have enough games to play, I don't mind having to wait on another game. But someone told me that because games are so big now a days that developer can't look in every spot to figure out every bug to fix. So you'll always have this problem.


    But at least you were able to find something constructive to do while you wait :P. Next time, do what I do and just find something else to do while it install and update. Play a handheld games while you sit there haha.

  7. Nice interview with Rex. I'm glad you are still collecting games Rex even though you know you won't get to it. I think that is something I just have to accept also. I will continue to get more games but I know I probably won't finish them all or be close to it. But the joy of getting new games and seeing that collection grow is something I truly enjoy.


    And you are dead on with playing MGS with Kojima. It'll be amazing to see what else he can offer you on the story.

  8. Lol there's a reason why Cobra's post level is over 9000!. . .I mean 3000! He's like the Super Saiyan of Posting. xD


    @Gai-still waiting on your interview. :3


    I agree Cobra, people should look at others besides the staff. We have a great community of members who contribute a lot especially for those who make fantastic personal blogs of reviews, games, etc. Glad to see Kezins being the first because he makes a lot of great points with his posts and stuff aside from his personal fun tidbits. He's a wonderful member and glad to know him. :-)


    I'm waiting for TK moment in the spotlight ;).