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    heyo, not new just taking a swing by

    I am always around
  2. I also saw Bleach live action. I think it was as best as they could make it to be. Frame for frame for the most part it was very similar to the same as the manga but of course it all can't be. Oh and I don't like the guy they cast as Byakuya haha. I need to rewatch that and also watch the live action too. I heard the live action was good but don't expect it to be amazing.
  3. I finished Terminator 1 and 2. Also I saw The Commuter which was basically taken again. Also got to see John Wick 2. I really like it and I think it was better than the first John Wick. Can't wait for the third movie. Lego Movie Part 2 I think was also better than the first movie. Batman was hilarious per usual.
  4. DarkCobra86

    heyo, not new just taking a swing by

    Derailing thread but we need more activity haha.
  5. DarkCobra86

    GP New Years Resolutions

    And now you are back for a one time visit lol
  6. DarkCobra86

    heyo, not new just taking a swing by

    Pretty cool to still see you doing this. Keep it up.
  7. DarkCobra86

    Happy thanksgiving

    Lol I haven't. But I been exercising more in general. For example, during commercial of Walking dead I'll do pushup and sit ups. My best friend built a ninja warrior training room in his basement. Every night or time that I am over I will work out there a bit. Every little bit will count lol.
  8. DarkCobra86

    Happy thanksgiving

    Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday. Hopefully you don't have to work if you are celebrating and can relax and be with family and friends.
  9. DarkCobra86

    Happy thanksgiving

    lol. I had so much food thanksgiving day. Super super fat now.
  10. Yea watching all these movies takes a lot of my game time lol. I do hope Bohemian Rhapsody would be good but want to say I saw an article that doesn't make it seem like it was good. I didn't read into it though.
  11. Episode 8 was terrible too.
  12. I saw more movies. But last night I finally saw the Exorcist and boy was that a disturbing movie. It was edited out though so I need t one day see the uncut version. But I did not expect that kind of ending.
  13. I saw Phantom of the Opera last night. I did not know Gerald Butler could sing like that. He was great. Very sad story and ending of course. It isn't the same watching it in non HDR haha.
  14. I saw Ready Player One last night and I thought it was good. According to my friend it is very different from the book. I don't want to get into it to much but just the pacing and how they do each event is different. And how the characters are and interact are different. Oh and I saw this in HDR and it is amazing. Don't think I ever want to go back to non HDR. The contrast of the color is amazing. I can't really tell the difference between 1080 and 4k. But I definitely can see a big difference in the jump to HDR.
  15. Recently saw these: Predator - great movie and I am interested in the other predator movies even though I heard they suck. Arnold being Arnold and this movie has some great one liner. Babadook - not scary but still has the creep factor. Definitely a metaphor movie but not as good as rotten tomato think it is. It - more scary but no creep factor. But definitely from the trailer it made me think someone else was the main character and it would focus on that person. Boy was I wrong.
  16. Saw Pitch Perfect 1 and 2. Loved it and I am a fan of the series now. I think 1 was a great intro movie and had a feel good story to it. Movie 2 was the same as one but more funny. I also saw Babadook last night. It wasn't scary. But if you watch it and understand it from the artistic viewpoint I can see why it got such good ratings.
  17. I actually have not and probably will look more into it. I think some of it will be pretty obvious as how things will have to go or at least go in that direction. But I'm sure with all these fan theories, some people are bound to be dead on with all the knowledge they know about the series. I do think I need to watch the movie again though. The second time will help me see more clues and what not.
  18. Finally got to see Infinity War and it was amazing. Everything I expected to happen didn't and the things that did happen I did not expect. Great movie from start to finish. It went straight to the point and never slowed down. Loved the humor as always. Just an amazing movie. I already have my guesses as to what will have to happen in Avengers 4.
  19. I too have a lot of DC shows to catch up on Netflix. The punisher, season 2 of JJ, LC, and IF. Then comes daredevil season 3 as well. So much, not enough time. I get your strange pun :).
  20. I really liked the movie outside of the final boss battle.
  21. I recently saw 12 Angry Men. Amazing black and while film starting Henry Fonda. The amount of things they dealt with in the movie were amazing. Apparently this movie gets a studied a lot in film school. Definitely watch it if you ever get a chance.
  22. I saw Bridge of Spies last night and it was amazing. The pace is definitely slower and there is no action but it was such a great movie and Tom Hanks did an amazing job as Jim Donovan. The ending was perfect. This is based on a true story. If you want to know about a real American hero, definitely watch this movie. Such great play on power and intrigue during the Cold World era.
  23. I don't think it was terrible for me. It was funny but they definitely tried really hard to be Marvel funny and to show the fans that DC doesn't have to be all dark. What really gets me is when Superman comes back it just made the whole build up of the bad guy to not mean anything anymore.
  24. Yes, hew as awesome as always. I loved Ragnarok. I really like how you see more of Hulk and him talking and more of his personality. Of course Banner was awesome as well in his confused state when he first come out of being the Hulk.
  25. I saw How to Train a Dragon yesterday and it was amazing. I see why the film got a 98% score on rotten tomato. That ending though, definitely not kid friendly. I saw Star Wars episode 8 and boy was it bad. Just so many flaws that out weighted the good from the movie.